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Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
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As you may know, Zero/Phoenix made a MMPU script that isn't EXACTLY MMPU, but similar in style. Here, you can do the same thing he does! The main character can be whoever you want him to be.
Phoenix may step in to do his own story here as an example, or I may do my own to do an example, we shall see what happens.
If it's ACTUALLY Mega Man Powered Up, go to this RP.
Some random storylines based upon Mega Man Powered Up
Posted by Beta Shadow on March 4th, 2015 at 10:26pm
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Posted on March 5th, 2015 at 8:43am
Posted 2015/03/05 at 8:43am
I guess i could do it...
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on March 5th, 2015 at 9:25am Edited on 2015/03/05 at 12:11pm
Posted 2015/03/05 at 9:25am Edited 2015/03/05 at 12:11pm
I guess I can do an example.

The year was 20XX. Dr. Wily has plotted to take over the world once more. He had kidnapped Mega Man and hypnotized 8 robot masters. Bt Man had to take Mega Man's place. However, the robot masters he faced were familiar to him...

roll What's going on!? Where's Rock!?
mega-man Not sure, but I'm going to have to do his job for him, I guess.

Bt Man travels through a field of the basic mets. The weapons he has is his buster, the Shadow Blade, and the Skull Barrier. He ends up inside the lab, where Sargent Man is seen protecting Dr. Light.

proto-man The mechas here are getting in fast! They are multiplying! But it makes me wonder why Wily would send these creatures instead of his own robot masters.
dr-light Bt Man, we're going to need you to find Proto Man and bring him here. We also need you to make Wily leave the lab before it collapses!
mega-man Got it!
proto-man There is a whole lot of mets out there. You'll need this.
Sargent Man tosses his shield in front of Bt Man.
mega-man Your shield? You sure about this?
proto-man With these weaklings coming at us? The ones outside are way bigger in numbers. You might need it more than I do. Besides, who knows WHAT Wily has up his sleeve.

Obtained Sargent Shield!

Bt Man faces more Mets and even a Big Eye before finding Proto Man facing a robot that looks Similar to Dr. Wily, which is in a red version of the Wily Saucer. Wily appears in the screen that is on the top.

dr-wily MUHAHAHAHAHA! How do you like my new creation, the Wily-tron?

The robot has a buster for an arm, in which it uses to fire a fully-charged shot at Proto Man, who didn't block the attack in time, shutting down and becoming severely damaged, but not fully disabled.

mega-man Proto Man! What is your plan this time, Dr. Wily!?
dr-wily Hahahahahaha! You think you could stop ME!? HA! If you MUST know, I have hypnotized 8 of your little friends and I'm using them for my evil purposes! You also might be wondering about Mega Man... Heh. That is why I was here. I wanted to DISTRACT you so I can get away with KIDNAPPING him! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
mega-man You aren't getting away with this!
dr-wily I already have. Wily-tron! Destroy him!

The screen turns off. Bt Man faces Wily-tron. Before Wily-tron and the Red Saucer was destroyed, Wily-tron fires a quick and powerful shot at Bt Man, destroying his buster. Then the Wily-tron does the all-so-familiar blowing up thing.
Bt Man returns, carrying Proto Man with the arm that wasn't destroyed.

dr-light Bt Man! What happened? And Proto Man?
mega-man Wily created some robotic buster-arm clone of himself that blew off my buster and disabled Proto Man. Luckily, he isn't too terribly damaged, or else he could've been destroyed. Or worse, his Nuclear core would destroy the whole lab!
dr-light I see. I may be able to fix Proto Man. I, sadly, only have extra parts for Mega Man and Proto Man, and Mega Man's buster is the only weapon to fit you.
mega-man And that's good, actually. Wily kidnapped Mega Man and made all my friends evil. They are not the type of Robot Masters to be taken down easily, either. I may need to use the extra firepower.
dr-light Alright. Roll, I need your assistance for this...

Screen fades to black. Dr. Light and Roll gives Bt Man a copy of the Mega Buster, and started on fixing Proto Man. Sargent Man was sent to make sure no other mechas were at the lab or near it. The scene is skipped to when Sargent Man re-enters.

proto-man No sign of a mecha anywhere. Wily must've sent them back to his lab or to other areas.
mega-man Good. The lab is safe, but who knows what my hypnotized friends are doing.
dr-light I actually managed to find their location.

And this is where the rest of the story depends on where you go, but the scenes are all the same.
Bt Man goes through a field called Abbandoned Chamber and faces Zero.

bass Maverick Spotted!
mega-man Z-Zero!? What are you talking about!?
bass Wily changed his ways, and warned me that you became Maverick! I won't allow this! I'm taking you down!

Bt Man takes down Zero. His artificial buster reacts.
Obtained Zero Blade!

More on my next post!
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on March 5th, 2015 at 9:25am
Posted 2015/03/05 at 9:25am
Bt Man goes through a field called Waterfall Wells and faces MetaKirb.

bass Well, well, well, if it isn't Bt Man! (Credit goes to MetaKirbSter himself for the line)
mega-man MetaKirb, you don't have to do this!
bass Come on, Bt Man, I only wanted to fight!

Bt Man takes down MetaKirb. His artificial buster reacts.
Obtained Bubble Lead!

Bt Man goes through a field called Abandoned Simulator and faces EnderMan.

ring-man Ah, Bt Man, you have arrived!
mega-man EnderMan!? Do we really have to fight!?
ring-man I guess this was destiny, to meet up face-to-face!

Bt Man takes down EnderMan. His artificial buster reacts.
Obtained Ring Boomerang!

Bt Man goes through a field called Steel Laboratory and faces MegaBoy.

mega-man So, you managed to come all this way, Bt Man.
mega-man MegaBoy, this doesn't have to happen!
mega-man It HAS to happen, and it WILL!

Bt Man takes down MegaBoy. His artificial buster reacts.
Obtained Fire Chaser!

Bt Man goes through a field called Clock Tower and faces Mikey.

bright-man You have fought good. Then you came across that guy named Mikey.
mega-man Mikey!? Even a guy as smart as you...
bright-man Hm. And I've ran the numbers, and I know a way to win, no matter what you do!

Bt Man takes down Mikey. His artificial buster reacts.
Obtained Bright Burst!

Bt Man goes through a field called Reflection Tower and faces Tails.

gemini-man I have a mission to destroy you!
mega-man Tails... don't do it!
gemini-man This is a mission, a purpose, I will not fail to complete!

Bt Man takes down Tails. His artificial buster reacts.
Obtained Gemini Laser!

Bt Man goes through a field called Underground Warehouse and faces MegaBossMan.

quick-man Hmph. You fell right in the hands of the law!
mega-man MegaBoss... This isn't like you!
quick-man Correction: I'm still the same, crazy old me. I have just seen the true light!

Bt Man takes down MegaBossMan. His artificial buster reacts.
Obtained Quick Boomerang!

Bt Man goes through a field called Underground Greenhouse and faces Spinstrike.

top-man Well, well, well, seems that you finally arrived!
mega-man I don't like doing this, but it seems I have no choice.
top-man Heh. Even trying causes your defeat!

Bt Man takes down Spinstrike. His artificial buster reacts.
Obtained Top Spin!

With all 8 of his friends defeated, Bt Man heads off to the lair of Dr. Wily to- wait, what's this?

mega-man Dr. Light, what's the problem?
dr-light It seems that Wily had a back-up plan! He sent the Mega Man Killers out with another robot with each of them! Find them and stop whatever plans Wily has for them!
mega-man Got it, Dr. Light!

So, Zero is on the top left corner, and MegaBossMan is on the top right. MegaBoy is in the middle of them. MetaKirb is on the bottom left corner, and Mikey is on the bottom right. In between them is Spinstrike. Between Zero and MetaKirb is EnderMan, and between MBM and Mikey is Tails. The places where Zero, MBM, Mikey, and MetaKirb were is the loctation of Enker, Punk, Ballade, and Quint respectively. Once again, the choice is yours, but the scripts are the same.

Bt Man goes halfway through Abbandoned Chamber and faces Enker.

enker Not so fast! Your journey ends here!
mega-man Out of the way, Enker!
enker Just try and attack! It'll just come right back at you!

Bt Man takes down Enker and continues on. At the end of the stage, he faces Dark Man.

dark-man-1 M-my mission is to face you... I fear of my own end...
mega-man Is Wily RECYCLING? That's a first.
dark-man-1 H-hey! I may not be strong, but that gives you no right to be mean!

Bt Man takes down Dark Man and leaves.

To be continued in the next post.
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Posted on March 5th, 2015 at 9:26am
Posted 2015/03/05 at 9:26am
@Bt Man : This seems good. I'll do my story when i feel. Meet up in the chat if you want. Anyway, I already have a couple things planned.
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on March 5th, 2015 at 10:47am
Posted 2015/03/05 at 10:47am
Bt Man goes halfway through Underground Warehouse and faces Punk.

punk Hahahaha! Wily sent me after YOU!? This must be a joke!
mega-man It seems you are too much reliant of your strength.
punk Wha-!? Was that a sort of INSULT!? Oh, you're gonna get it now!

Bt Man takes down Punk and continues on. At the end of the stage, he faces Mega Man?.

mega-man-copy Ah, Bt Man, you made it! Sorry to say, but I work with Wily now.
mega-man Copy Mega Man, what kind of idiot you think I am!?
mega-man-copy Darn it, I thought it would work this time! I won't go down so easily!

Bt Man takes down Mega Man? and leaves.

Bt Man goes halfway through Clock Tower and faces Ballade.

ballade Bt Man, you have arrived on time.
mega-man Ballade. We come face to face.
ballade Yes, and you will not win!

Bt Man takes down Ballade and continues on. At the end of the stage, he faces Retro Pikachu.

proto-man Bt Man! It's time I dismantle you!
mega-man Retro Pikachu? Finally, a challenge!
proto-man Just call me that one person you can NEVER DEFEAT!

Bt Man takes down Retro Pikachu and leaves.

Bt Man goes halfway through Waterfall Wells and faces Quint.

quint Hmph. I just knew you'd be here.
mega-man Quint! This ends now!
quint I'd disagree, but if you lose, would I no longer exist? Would I have been the one trapped instead?

Bt Man takes down Quint and continues on. At the end of the stage, he faces Liquid Spinstrike.

top-man So it seems you already defeated my brother. HA! I should thank you, honestly.
mega-man Wily will pay for what he done, even if I have to face you!
top-man Let's see you try!

Bt Man takes down Liquid Spinstrike and leaves.

With all 8 of his friends defeated, and with no other threats left, Bt Man heads off to the lair of Dr. Wily to save Mega Man.

Bt Man goes through Wily Castle 1 and faces Yellow Devil MK3.

mega-man A yellow devil that can actually speak words? Is that your only upgrade?

Bt Man takes down Yellow Devil MK3 and continues on.

Bt Man goes through Wily Castle 2 and faces Retro Pikachu once more.

proto-man You were lucky to defeat me once. Try to do it again! RAAAAH!
Retro Pikachu transforms into his Ultimate Form.
mega-man Retro Pikachu!? But I thought-
proto-man-copy HA! You really thought you could beat me THAT easily!? This ends here!

Bt Man takes down Retro Pikachu's Ultimate Form and continues.

Bt Man takes down all the Robot Master rematches and faces Copy Robot.

mega-man Heh. So you made it.
mega-man A copy of ME!? Smart move, Wily, but it won't work!
mega-man We'll see about that!

Bt Man takes down Copy Robot and continues on. In Wily Castle 4, he faces Dr. Wily in the Wily Machine 10.

dr-wily H-how were you able to defeat my robots!?
mega-man Remaking Yellow Devil with an actual speaking voice? Smart. Sending Retro Pikachu at me in his Ultimate Form? A really good idea. Reusing ALL the Robot Masters I already faced AND making a clone of myself? Not so much of a smart idea. It ends now, Dr. Wily! You will pay for what you done!
dr-wily Wha- How dare you! The Wily Machine 10 won't fail this time!

Bt Man takes down both forms. Wily, however, escapes, but Bt Man follows behind to Wily Castle 5, where he fights and takes down the Wily Capsule. But as it turns out, Wily was in a safety room, and it was Wily-tron riding the capsule all along! The Wily clone's legs replaced with jets, Bt Man faces off against the robot once more, and the Wily-tron was defeated once and for all. The room lightens up, and Wily steps out. Bt Man spots him.

dr-wily Uh oh. This calls for a retreat!

Dr. Wily runs away, but Bt Man chases him to the cage that contains Mega Man in his neutral form of Rock. Wily, of course, begs for mercy for about the 12th time when his castle starts falling apart!

Continued on my next post.
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Posted on March 5th, 2015 at 10:57am Edited on 2015/03/05 at 11:35am
Posted 2015/03/05 at 10:57am Edited 2015/03/05 at 11:35am
@Bt Man : Nice. XD dont forget that in the game i can PWN you with my toad. i guess i could make a fight with you. bassLets do this.... Oh boy... I'm ready!

mega-manOk... Lets get Ready,


After facing BT Man and obtaining the shadow blade, MetaKirb goes off to fight... And faces Rhythm_BCA!

bassSo you are the acclaimed Rhythm_BCA.

bassLet's settle this in a Duel...

bass Easy. Weapon Get: Search Snake!
After the supreme victory against Rhythm_BCA, Meta Goes of to fight... ThatOneEnderMan.
bass Hey, It's my Pal ender. How about we go to a Duel and settle it?

ring-manAlright, Be prepared, I just faced like, 5 different people.

bassA little harder, but alright. WEAPON GET: Needle Cannon!
After facing EnderMan, Meta Decides to face... Early Boss Battle??!?!?!?!?!?!!!
bass This is random... Uh, who am i facing exactly?
dr-light There's nothing i can do, I'm the announcer, but the rules For you are that you have to face some Boss battles. Your the stronger of the two people who are doing the thing right now! You need some more power for the battles To be even better! Also, your facing... Quint, Later you'll face the others...

quintSo.. You've came to challenge future Mega?!?!!
bass*Ahem* *Ahem* Boss battle, Give it your all. I'm facing you.
bass So he really IS Simple! :P Gained: Sakugarne!

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Beta Shadow
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Posted on March 5th, 2015 at 11:48am
Posted 2015/03/05 at 11:48am
Normal Ending:
Bt Man and Rock teleports out. Wily, of course, managed to sneak out while the place was crumbling. The credits plays.

The ending for completing Wily-tron's 2nd Battle with no damage:
Rock teleports out, but a random Quick Boomerang hits Bt Man, disabling his teleporting! Bt Man heads for the nearest exist, but a robot stops him in his path: Ninja Man!

bass I don't think so! I'm not letting you leave unless you defeat me, Bt Man!
mega-man Ninja Man!? Are you insane!? You're gonna get us both crushed!
bass Don't worry about that. I'll have enough time to escape after I destroy you!

Ninja Man can switch randomly between two forms: Swift and Cutter. After Ninja Man's health bar goes all the way down...

bass It's not over yet!
Ninja Man pulls out 4 shadow starforce and transforms into his Shadow Form.
mega-man No I will not! I will not back down!
bass-copy Time to say goodbye!

Bt Man takes down Ninja Man. Ninja Man reverts to normal.

bass How did you... Bah, forget this! I'm running out of time! You win this round, Bt Man, but I shall return!

Ninja Man teleports out. Bt Man manages to leave before the building collapses.

Proto Man was rebuilt, Mega Man was returned safely, and Bt Man's buster and teleporting system (For no damage against Wily-tron rematch) was repaired, and the extra Mega Buster was returned to storage when ever needed again.
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Posted on March 5th, 2015 at 3:25pm
Posted 2015/03/05 at 3:25pm
@Bt Man : this looks intresting maybe i will join soon when i bit get some ideas!!
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Posted on March 5th, 2015 at 4:35pm
Posted 2015/03/05 at 4:35pm
snake-manWell Dr light seend me her so i have to find the objective and eliminate it
Snake man stared walking sundely shadow blade strikes front of him!1!
shadow-manStop it right there Snakeman im her to eliminate you WIly orders traitor

snake-manWait what are you talking about shadow man im not a traitor im your feind sight
Shadowman did not lisen to snakeman words it fully charged at him and throws an shadow blade but snake man dodges it

snake-manAlright you want to battle Shadowman you will get one shoots Three Snake Search

Shadowman gets biten by one of the snakes but he Attacks with multi clones snake man looks around

snake-manArgh i cant find the right one wich one is???
Sundly somen slashes the right Shadowman falls on ground half of its body is cuted down Cutman stands front of snakeman

cut-manWell snakeman i helped you so Wily is achiving all robots what he stolen long ago again on its side

snake-manWell thanks for help cutman lets get the stolen parts

Shadowman knew taht he made a mistake and he asked for forgivnes snakeman asked cutman to stop

snake-manAlright we gona rebuild you so you guessed to join on our side freind

shadow-manI guess you were in right carry me on your back im damaged badly we need find wily and stop him

Snakeman and cutman and damaged shadowman head to the basse and retriving the Stollen robot parts what shadow man stoled but shadowman joins the good side whats going to happen next you will see
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Posted on March 5th, 2015 at 6:37pm
Posted 2015/03/05 at 6:37pm
@MetaKirbSter : Sorry for the little interruption, but what you did with me gonna be the greatest thing ever. "Alright, be prepared, I just faced like, 5 different people"
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Posted on April 27th, 2015 at 9:28am
Posted 2015/04/27 at 9:28am
bass glad your taking my idea and using it for something awesome as this...thanks Bt-Man
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Posted on April 27th, 2015 at 5:01pm Edited on 2015/04/28 at 9:29am
Posted 2015/04/27 at 5:01pm Edited 2015/04/28 at 9:29am
and for ALL... my Storyline,..WITH INCLUDED THEME! Determined Eyes Mega-Man ZX Advent

(the storyline will be presented soon)
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