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MMRPG Fighters

May 11th, 2015 at 8:48pm
Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
35,627,300 BP
38 TP | 2100 PP
Kind of like a Marvel vs. Capcom/Street Fighter/Ect. fighting game.

1. You can ADD characters, but in order for others, except me ("Developer" spoils :P), to play as them, you must purchase them with "DLC Points", which are earned from winning Player Battles or CPU Battles.
2. No cheating! You guys are gonna have to help me with the Special Attack gauge stuff.
3. You can have up to 3 people at the same time, not counting the other player's characters.
4. DLC Characters can ONLY be based off of Mega Man or the RPG, NEVER can it be based on outside characters like Iron Man, Ryu, and ESPECIALLY Scorpion.

Game Modes:
Story Mode: Fight against 8 robot masters, as well as the Killers and Retro Pikachu, and stop Dr. Wily! (This site was used for picking robot masters, using the top 8 from the list.)
CPU Battle: Fight against up to 3 CPU characters. (Controlled by me)
Player Battle: Fight against another person. (DLC Characters NOT owned by the other person can't be used, sorry)
Training Mode: Practice on a random person that will do nothing, and won't lose health. You can leave at any time. (Suggested by Meta)

Character Roster:
mega-man Mega Man (Special: Buster Beam)
proto-man Proto Man (Special: Big Bang Strike)
bass Bass (Special: Bass Baroque Overdrive)
cut-man Cut Man (Special: Super Cutter)
guts-man Guts Man (Special: Guts Dozer Transformation)
ice-man Ice Man (Special: Icicle Drop)
crash-man Crash Man (Special: Crash Bomber Scatter)
heat-man Heat Man (Special: Atomic Fire Blast)
wood-man Wood Man (Special: Leaf Tornado)
magnet-man Magnet Man (Special: Magnetic Shockwave)
gemini-man Gemini Man (Special: Omega Gemini Laser)
dust-man Dust Man (Special: Reverse Vaccum)
gyro-man Gyro Man (Special: Gyro Blade Frenzy)
napalm-man Napalm Man (Special: Napalm Missile)
freeze-man Freeze Man (Special: Giant Freeze Cracker)
turbo-man Turbo Man (Special: Strength Overdrive)
shadow-man Shadow Man (Special: Sneak Attack)
elec-man Elec Man (Special: Thunder Laser)
dive-man Dive Man (Special: Dive Torpedo Barrage)
stone-man Stone Man (Special: Power Stone Sandwich)
air-man Air Man (Special: Air Tornado)
quick-man Quick Man (Special: Hyper Speed)
pharaoh-man Pharaoh Man (Special: Supernova Shot)
enker Enker (Special: Lance Fury)
quint Quint (Special: Giant Sakugarne Stomp)
ballade Ballade (Special: Core Cracker)
punk Punk (Special: Spike Ball Drill)
mega-man Bt Man (Special: Shadow Buster Combo)
proto-man Sargent Man (Special: Powered-Up Sargent Missile)
bass Ninja Man (Special: Afterimage Clone Team-up)
bass Zero (ZeroDXZ) (Special: Giga Attack)
bass Meta (Special: Starforce Buster)
proto-man Retro Pikachu (Special: Sun-Moon)
dr-wily Dr. Wily/Gamma 2.0 *Story Mode Final Boss*

DLC Characters (And who has them):
bass Zero (MMX Series) (Special: Giant Z-Saber Slash)-Bt Man
mega-man X (Special: Charged Shot Barrage)-Bt Man

DLC Character Sign-ups:

Origin (Game/Series or RP) :
Character Icon:
MMRPG Fighters
Posted by Beta Shadow on May 11th, 2015 at 8:48pm
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Retro Pookerchu
25,113,900 BP
30 TP | 691 PP
Posted on May 20th, 2015 at 11:25pm
Posted 2015/05/20 at 11:25pm
Retro Pikachu avoids all the attacks except for the first Shadow Blade, leaving his HYPER METER at 80%. Ready to win this, Retro Pikachu unleashes the Thunder Beam Omega.
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Beta Shadow
35,627,300 BP
38 TP | 2100 PP
Posted on May 21st, 2015 at 7:11am
Posted 2015/05/21 at 7:11am
@Retro Pikachu :
Thunder Beam being too long to jump over, as well as projectiles being impossible to block (without hacks, which I should really ban), his Skull Shield disappears right before the attacks hit him... Unfortunately for the Hyper Combo, Bt Man was defeated at that moment... Good thing it's best 2 out of 3, because there is still a chance to win this!
Round 2!
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Retro Pookerchu
25,113,900 BP
30 TP | 691 PP
Posted on May 23rd, 2015 at 2:12pm
Posted 2015/05/23 at 2:12pm
Retro Pikachu starts off with 3 buster shots, hoping to beat BtMan quickly
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14,180,200 BP
54 TP | 1664 PP
Posted on May 24th, 2015 at 12:56pm
Posted 2015/05/24 at 12:56pm
...I'll Continue My Battle With Zero. (CPU)

bass       bass-baroque       bass

I'll use Bass Baroque 2 Times.
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Beta Shadow
35,627,300 BP
38 TP | 2100 PP
Posted on May 27th, 2015 at 7:21am
Posted 2015/05/27 at 7:21am
@Retro Pikachu : Bt Man blocks off the buster shots with a Skull Barrier and charges towards Retro Pikachu, going for a hit on contact.
@Meta : Zero, due to the attack's delay, was able to jump over both of them and use his Z-Saber for a slash attack.
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