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MMRPG and the Uprising of the Blank Robots

February 15th, 2016 at 12:23am
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OK, I'm not good at hosting Roleplay threads, but I think I can manage this. My story writing skills are Sub-par, so...

Slur has broken into the Prototype, she stumbles upon the Blank Templates of Mega Man, she studies the Templates, they can assume the form of a Robot, they can also take on the robot's personalities, so they can perfectly take the place of those they copy and no one would notice any difference. Slur dubs them "Blank Robots". She gains a Bloodlust, and decides to release the blank robots into the Prototype and destroy those who inhabit it.

I'll try to explain who the Forum Game goes the best that I can. The Host controls Slur, who summons the Blank Robots and choose what forms they take. The person who's form is taken cannot attack, they however, can announce on PM or Chat saying something like " Hey, Mettaton A is me, Mettaton B is the Clone" The objective is that the people who join the Forum Game shall eliminate the Blank Robots and Slur. However, the players will not know the difference between the Blank Robot and the person it assumes the role of, if a player is eliminated, their character is out of the Game. A Character can only attack once a turn, a turn starts every 8:00 PM PST or when all characters have acted. When a player acts, it will look something like this:

Ron Swanson 13 LE, 3 AT, 1 DF

Goose A 8 LE
goose B 8 LE

Ron Swanson attacks Goose B, inflicts 3 LE

A player's arsenal includes a skill, a Regular Attack, and a Pass

Skills are unique attacks with unique affects, they cannot be used twice in a row

Regular Attacks just inclict as much damage as the number of the AT stat

Pass means the player doesn't do anything this turn, if someone that signs in and isn't active for Two days, the player will not be in the game until they notify me that they have returned

If you use one of these, you have to clearly state so, like:
"Goose activates Skill"

But since I'm a strange person, if you use a Regular Attack, you can Ad Lib and say something like "Ron Swanson Attacked the Goose with a Frying Pan" or "Ron Swanson stares into Goose's soul" as long as you make the command clear.

Now, the harder part (for me)

Each Player gets 15 points they can put to their character's stats, the stats are:
LE or Life Energy (Value starts at 8) How much damage a character can recieve before being eliminated

AT or Attack (Value starts at 3) Regular Attacks inflict as much damage as the AT stat is (ex: A character's AT stat is 6, thus, his Regular Attack inflicts 6 LE) and how much additional damage Offensive Skills inflict (ex: A character's AT stat is 4, thus, using the Mega Buster skill would inflict 7 LE)

DF or Defense (Value starts at 1) The eequation for using an attack is "User's AT+ Additional Damage- Target's Defense" (A character with an AT stat of 4 uses his Regular Attack on the Target with a DF stat of 2, the attack inflicts 2 LE) if the target's DF is higher than an attacker's AT, the damage the attack inflicts is 1.

Now, I am terrible at explaining things (you say this now from reading this entire thread) so here is what it should look like when a Player decides to act:

guts-man Ron Swanson 13 LE, 3 AT
-Goose cannot attack, since a Blank Robot has assumes its form and attacking would reveal its identity-
disco Mettaton 12 LE, 6 AT

Chooseable Targets:
-The Blank Robot has assumed the role of one of the characters in this player's arsenal, so it can't be attacked by this player-
pharoah-man Cleocatra 8 LE, 1 DF
Mr. Krabs 10 LE, 4 DF

Ron Swanson stares into the soul of Cleocatra. Inflicted 2 LE
Goose cannot attack
Mettaton drops a Glamour Bomb on Mr. Krabs, Inflicted 2 LE

Now, I know that I'm not good at explaining things, so I'll just answer some questions that'll most likely come up
Q: How many times can a player attack per turn?
A: Once

Q: How will a player know who's a Blank Robot and who's his character
A: Before a Blank Robot assumes a form, it will look like:
Blank Robot

After it assumes a form, it will look like:

Character A
Character B

After this happens, I notify a Player Via PM stating something like "Character B is a clone"

Q: How does the Game progress?
A: After we decide that the game starts, I make a post showing Slur, after each turn, Slur will summon a Blank Robot and it will take a form (There can only be 2 Blank Robots out at a time) the game ends when Slur's team is defeated, or all players are defeated

Q: Skills?
A: At the end of this post, I will make a list of Skills that a player can choose from, each character can only have one Skill, please state what Skill your characters will have when you sign up. Skills can't be used twice in a row, and "additional damage" refers to how much more damage than your Regular Attack it Inflcts

Q: Are there any character restrictions?
A: Um, a player can have 1-4 characters, it is recommended to have more than one though, so you won't be totally comprised if a Blank Robot assumes your character's form

Mega Buster An attack that inflicts an additional 3 LE
Roll Bustter doesn't inflict additional damage, but user recovers 50% of the LE the user inflicts (rounded up)
Scan When used, at the end of the turn, I will reveal who the Blank Robots are
Revival When used, you can Revive a characters that has been eliminated, the user loses 50% of its current LE (rounded up, and the amount of LE the user loses is what the target is revived with) You cannot revive a player twice, and you cannot revive a player without his consent
Endure When used, the user's LE cannot go under 4 LE (if the user's LE is under 4, then the user's LE is now 4, and the effect is still there)
Heal Choose a target, that target will Recover 5 LE + The user's DF stat
Rolling Cutter Inflicts 4 additional damage. When Used, the user suffers recoil damage (3 LE)
Super Arm Choose who to throw and who to throw the first target at, the profectile is inflicted 2 LE, the target is inflicted an additional 3 Damage
Hyper Bomb When used, the bomb detonates a turn after it is used, but inflicts an additional 5 LE
Fire Storm Inflicts an additional 3 damage, the next turn, the user will take 2 less damage per attack

I know this seems quite complicated but I think things will go well if enough people sign up

Speaking of sign up.
Sign Ups are Opened!
MMRPG and the Uprising of the Blank Robots
Posted by Musical on February 15th, 2016 at 12:23am
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