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Mega Man RPG: Lab Defense

May 26th, 2016 at 6:31pm
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Trying something a bit different from the normal RPG type stuff. The three Doctors you know very well are looking to expand their effort in making the Prototype a safer haven against invaders. They have begun building additional labs in order to develop experimental robots and maintain peace in the various areas. In this RPG, you and your friends will be defending your Doctor's new labs from intruders. The intruders' goal is to reach the Mother Computer and destroy it to shut down the lab, endangering the nearby robots and upsetting the efforts of the Doctors to expand their research.

The battles take place in a maze-like area (a map of the current "turn" will be shown on each post), and you must carefully decide what enemies to take on or what other actions to do (more on those to come as labs are successfully defended). Each robot in the field can move a certain number of spaces per turn, and when two robots meet in the same square, something will happen.

If the robots are on opposite teams, a battle will take place. Each "turn", both robots will attack each other once. The battle is over when one robot is disabled, and the "spoils", so to speak, will go to the survivor. If a player is disabled, that player is out for the rest of the defense, but will be repaired and ready to go for next mission. If an enemy is disabled, that player gains experience and may level up at the end of the mission.

If allies meet on the same square, they may exchange items, team up, or do both. Consider every now and then exchanging items since any items a player is holding onto are lost if that player is disabled (though disabling the robot that took the items will get them back). It could also be, for example, someone is low on health, but does not have any healing items, so the player may seek help from other players, who can only give items to them once they meet. The enemies can also exchange items, so view the battle log carefully!

Allies can also team up, acting as one unit. Teams are much more a threat to the enemy, since they both can attack in the same turn in battle. A side effect to this, though, is that the team is forced to move as fast as the slowest member in the "party", so teaming up might be left as a last resort...or done early on to avoid a drawn out battle. That's your team's call to make.

Wipe out the enemy party quickly before any robots get to the Mother Computer! The computer can take some damage, but it cannot heal itself and it cannot fight back. If the computer's health hits 0, the lab is finished and any items or experience gained in the mission is lost.

There may be more added to the game later, but for now, this is all you need to know. As far as the missions themselves go, obviously there will be some restrictions placed on you since the labs are still being developed, but that just adds to the strategy the team as a whole has to make. The guidelines for each mission include:

-Number of holdable items for each player
-Number of NPC Allies (and who you get, as well as their stats and abilities)
-How many robots per player can join (expect most early defenses to be 1 per player)
-Number of enemy waves (and a rough estimate of how many robots in each wave, as well as each robots' stats)
-Any notable gimmicks (what you may need to watch out for)
-Reward for Lab Survival (different depending on the doctor)

Now, for characters. Just your name and elements (I'll accept Dual Cores, list your primary element first) will do, as well as your starting stats. You have 20 stat points to spend on your overall stats. They are LE, WE, ATK, DEF, and SPD. The damage formula will follow the basic Player ATK - Enemy DEF = Total Damage, and everything else is self-explanatory except for SPD: highest SPD starts first in battle, as usual, but the formula (SPD/2) is also how many spaces you can move per turn, so a Speed of 4 is good enough for a movement of 2 spaces per turn. You will get 2 stat points per level up, and there is no level limit. You will also get the abilities Buster Shot (base damage is your ATK), plus an elemental Buster Shot of your primary element (base damage is your ATK, affected by weaknesses and resistances). You will get more abilities as time goes on, and I'll let you know how that'll work when the time comes.

I think that'll do for now, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. I'll wait for a few signups, then I'll get you guys going on Mission 1 with Dr. Light.

EDIT: Because of the number of players this game has attracted, I will only allow one robot per player. If you wish to change your robot at any time prior to leveling up/in battle, let me know. Once you have finished a mission, you will be stuck with the robot you have chosen.

Current Mission Map:

Mission 1: Turn 7

Waves Completed: 1 out of 2

A big thanks to MegaBoyX7 for making for me the original image, which I then will edit from here on out to show the current mission progress.
Mega Man RPG: Lab Defense
Posted by TailsMK4Omega on May 26th, 2016 at 6:31pm
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(Just gonna put this here to see if tails responds. Hey tails, can I take over this abandoned thread. Just because I loveeeeeeee this place and all. Its my fave thread. So I want to take it over. Is this okay?)
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