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June 2nd, 2016 at 9:37pm
Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
36,893,732 BP
38 TP | 2129 PP
I actually managed to ran out of space for everything on the main thread, so here we go!

First, a few rules from the main thread:
-A single card is 25 zenny. A deck is 50 zenny and consists of up to 5 cards.
-If you buy a deck, the cards you get is randomized. I will use's list generator if more than 5, and the top 5 will be your cards.
-Bt Ghost sells Special Cards here for 50 zenny per card. You can only buy single cards using the zenny, however.
-You can also SELL cards here. Each card you decide to sell will be placed in a lot. Support Cards are 5 Zenny, RM cards, Field Cards, and Special Support Cards are 10, and Special RM Cards and Special Field Cards are 15.

And an additional rule...
-This thread is for buying cards ONLY! Do NOT make cards or battle in this thread!

-If a rule is broken around here, it will count for their rule-break "counters" in the TCG entirely. There is an order for how punishments go, which go like this: Warning, loss of 10 Zenny, loss of up to 50 Zenny, loss of ALL Zenny, and probably loss of all Zenny AND a week-long ban.
I ran out of space in here, so I'm slowly turning the sets into Pastebins! Woo!
Dr. Light Starter Set
Dr. Light Master Set
Dr. Wily Starter Set
Dr. Wily Master Set
Dr. Cossack Starter Set
Dr. Cossack Master Set
Mega Man Killer Starter Set 1
Mega Man Killer Starter Set 2
Genesis Unit Starter Set
MMK/Genesis Unit Collision Starter Set
Slur Starter Set
Mecha Starter Set
MM1 Set
MM2 Set
MM3 Set
MM4 Set
Minus Infinity Set: Minus-∞ Skull Man (RM), Minus-∞ Pharaoh Man (RM), Minus-∞ Bright Man (RM), Minus-∞ Dive Man (RM), Minus-∞ Shadow Man (RM), Minus-∞ Drill Man (RM), Minus-∞ Ring Man (RM), Minus-∞ Dust Man (RM), Minus-∞ Toad Man (RM), Chimerabot #1 (RM), Chimerabot #2 (RM), Chimerabot #3 (RM), Shadow Core (S) (x2), Swift Core (S) (x5), Flame Core (S), Electric Core (S) (x2), Laser Core (S), Earth Core (S), Space Core (S), Wind Core (S), Impact Core (S), Water Core (S), Cutter Core (S) (x2), Nature Core (S), Crystal Core (S), Minus-Infinity Core (S), Pharaoh Shotgun (S), Water Cutter (S), Shadow Kunai (S)
MM5 Set: Gravity Man (RM), Star Man (RM), Gyro Man (RM), Wave Man (RM), Dr. Wily (S), Electric Core (S), Space Core (S), Wind Core (S), Water Core (S), E-Tank (S)
Stardroid Set: Terra (RM), Sunstar (RM), Mercury (RM), Venus (RM), Mars (RM), Jupiter (RM), Saturn (RM), Uranus (RM), Pluto (RM), Neptune (RM), Starforce (S), Field Star (S), Fusion Star (S), Laser Core (S), Electric Core (S) (x2), Flame Core (S) (x2), Time Core (S), Freeze Core (S), Crystal Core (S), Explode Core (S), Water Core (S) (x2), Missile Core (S), Wind Core (S), Shadow Core (S), Impact Core (S) (x3), Earth Core (S) (x2), Swift Core (S), Black Hole (S), Energy Mouse (S)
MM6 Set: Plant Man (RM), Centaur Man (RM), Flame Man (RM), Dr. Wily (S), Nature Core (S), Time Core (S), Flame Core (S), E-Tank (S)
MM7 Set: Freeze Man (RM), Slash Man (RM), Dr. Wily (S), Freeze Core (S), Cutter Core (S), Nature Core (S), E-Tank (S), W-Tank (S)
MM8 Set: Aqua Man (RM), Clown Man (RM), Dr. Wily (S), Water Core (S), Electric Core (S), Evil Energy (S)
MM&B Set: Dynamo Man (RM), Electric Core (S)
MM9 Set: Galaxy Man (RM), Plug Man (RM), Dr. Light (S), Space Core (S), Electric Core (S), Nature Core (S), Earth Core (S), Cutter Core (S), Flame Core (S), Shadow Core (S), Water Core (S), Crystal Core (S), Coin Hold (S), E-Tank (S), W-Tank (S)
MM10 Set: Sheep Man (RM), Solar Man (RM), Dr. Wily (S), Electric Core (S), Flame Core (S), E-Tank (S), W-Tank (S)
MMRPG Originals Set: Blossom Woman (RM), Desert Man (RM), Cosmo Man (RM), Color Man (RM), Nature Core (S), Impact Core (S), Space Core (S), Crystal Core (S), Mercury Orb (S), Pluto Orb (S), Prototype Armor (S)
Beta Man Set
MegaBoy Set: MegaBoyX7 (RM), MegaBoy (2) (RM), Legacy Old MegaBoyX7 (RM), EEKADO (RM), Mega Man (RM), Proto Man (RM), Laser Core (S) (x2), Copy Core (S) (x3), Twin Blades of Power (S), Dr. Cossack (S), Proto Man's Shades (S), EEKADO (S), Beta Man's House (F)
Beta and Mega Set: MegaBoyX7 (RM), MegaBoyX7 (2) (RM), Legacy Old MegaBoyX7 (RM), BtMan MODEL-1 (RM), Beta Man (RM), Ninja Man (RM), Legacy MegaBoy (RM), Legacy Bt Man (RM), Skull Suit Wily (RM), Dr. Light (S), Laser Core (S) (x2), Shadow Core (S) (x4), Copy Core (S) (x3), Swift Core (S), Copy Shot (S), Bt's Lost Old Helmet (S), EEKADO (S), MegaBoy's Support (S), Beta Man's Support (S), Bt Man's Old Armor (S), Empty Skull Suit (S)
Ender Set: Ender Man (RM), Blaze Man (RM), Skeleton Man (RM), Tom Nook (RM), End-Ball (S), Dr. Cossack (S), Earth Core (S), Cutter Core (S), Wind Core (S), Flame Core (S), Shadow Core (S), Swift Core (S), Nature Core (S), Bomb Arrow (S), Dr. J (S), Ender Labs (F), Tom Nook's Shop (F)
Musical Set: Musical (RM), Theatre Man (RM), Lark Man (RM), Lightweight Armor (S), Heavyweight Armor (S), Note (S), Rest (S), Bad Box Art Fire Man (S), Chorus (S), Shooting Star (S), Lark Rocket (S), Crystal Core (S), Space Core (S), Flame Core (S)
Tails Set: TailsMK4 (RM), Space Core (S), Electric Core (S), Field Star (S), Fusion Star (S), Recovery Core (S), Energy Armor (S)
SSN Set: Phantom Man (RM), Chorus (RM), Orchestra (RM), StupidStudiosN (RM) Shadow Core (S), Copy Core (S), Time Core (S), Space Core (S), Impact Core (S), Tactical Retreat (S), Super-Charged (S), Spectrum Beam (S), X-Tank (S)
TobyJoey Set: Tango (S), Barrier (S), Nullify (S), Buster Overheat (S), Haunt (S), Power Production (S), Backup Plan (2) (S), Self-Destruct (S), Blinding Light (S)
Brimstone Set: Brimstone (RM), Reaper Man (RM), Daemon (RM), Shadow Core (S) (x3), Flame Core (S), Burnt Emblem (S), Firebomb (S), Baptism by Fire (S), Haunt (S)
Retro's Cards (goes to Retro's Pastebin "Profile")
Smash Bros. Set: Mega Man (RM), Pikachu (RM), Mewtwo (RM), Lucario (RM), Charizard (RM), Mario (RM), Link (RM), Shulk (RM), Robin (RM), Mr. Game and Watch (RM), Snake (RM), Meta Knight (RM), Captain Falcon (RM), Copy Core (S), Electric Core (S), Crystal Core (S), Laser Core (S) (x2), Flame Core (S) (x2), Cutter Core (S) (x2), Shield Core (S), Neutral Core (S), Shadow Core (S), Earth Core (S), Swift Core (S), Assist Trophy (S), Metal Box (S), Super Star (S), Franklin Badge (S), Cucco (S), Timer (S), Smash Ball (S), Final Destination (F)
Pokemon Set: Pikachu (RM), Mewtwo (RM), Lucario (RM), Electric Core (S), Crystal Core (S), Laser Core (S), HM-03 (S), TM37: Sandstorm (S)
Legacy Set: Legacy MegaBoy (RM), Legacy ZeroDXZ (RM), Legacy Bt Man (RM), Legacy X DXZ (RM), Legacy TailsMK4 (RM), Legacy Super TailsMK4 (RM), Copy Core (S), Shadow Core (S) (x2), Flame Core (S), Freeze Core (S), Electric Core (S) (x2), Space Core (S), Legacy Dr. Light (S), Legacy Dr. Cossack (S), Legacy Starforce (S)
Duo Set: Duo α (RM), Duo Ω (RM), Space Core (S) (x2), Evil Energy (S)
ZeroDXZ Set: Phoenix Wright (RM), Maya Fey (RM), Apollo Justice (RM), ZeroDXZ (RM), Flame Core (S), Swift Core (S) (x4), Space Core (S), Laser Core (S), Cutter Core (S), Evidence (S), Attorney's Badge (S), Phoenix's Phone (S), Pearl's Magmatama (S), Mia Fey's Attorney Badge (S), Supporting Evidence (S), Apollo's Wristband (S), Apollo's "Monster Hair" (S)
Mega Man X Set: Mega Man X (RM), Spark Mandrill (RM), Boomerang Kuwanger (RM), Copy Core (S), Electric Core (S), Cutter Core (S)
Undertale Set
MegaBound Set: Hera (RM), Terri (RM), Apollo (RM), Crystal Core (S), Neutral Core (S), Electric Core (S), Carrois' Room (S), Becky (S), SSN's Army (S), Hephaestus' Visor (S), Bethany the Pomeranian (S), The Capsule (S), Lunarside (S), Mars' Eternal Flame (S), Athena's Ghostly Hands (S)
RotomSlashBlast Set: Iceburn Man (RM), Punch Donkey (RM), Hack Man (RM), Megamanatee (RM), Oyster Man (RM), Speedrun Man (RM), Freeze Core (S), Swift Man (RM), Furnace Man (RM), Arachnid Man (RM), Psi Man (RM), Crypt Man (RM), Pulse Man (RM), Virus Man (RM), Fuse Man (RM), Photon Man (RM), Flame Core (S) (x2), Impact Core (S), Electric Core (S), Water Core (S), Shadow Core (S) (x2), Swift Core (S) (x2), Nature Core (S) (x2), Crystal Core (S), Shield Core (S), Explode Core (S), Laser Core (S), The Triforce of Power (S), Solid Armor (S), Landmine (S), Sky Jet (S), Ice Pill (S), Heat Pill (S)
CrimsonBomb Set: Crimson Man (RM), Crystal Woman (RM), JOHN CENA (RM), Super Saiyan JOHN CENA (RM), Laser Core (S), Crystal Core (S), Impact Core (S), Swift Core (S), Yasichi (S), Laser Tag Starforce (S), Dark Fragment (2) (S), Counter Chip (S), Parry Chip (S), Universal Pouch (S), Robobot Suit (S), Laser Stirke (S)
MMRPG Battlefield Set: Mega Man (RM), Proto Man (RM), Bass (RM), MegaBoyX7 (RM), Ender Man (RM), Musical (RM), TailsMK4 (RM), Beta Man (RM), Meta (RM), MegaBossMan (RM), StupidStudiosN (RM), ZeroDXZ (RM), StupidStudiosC3 (RM), StupidStudiosJ (RM), Copy Core (S) (x4), Shield Core (S), Shadow Core (S) (x3), Laser Core (S) (x3), Earth Core (S) (x2), Cutter Core (S) (x2), Crystal Core (S), Electric Core (S), Space Core (S) (x2), Swift Core (S) (x3), Time Core (S), Impact Core (S), Cuukee (S), StupidStudios Dungeon (F), Forest Shrine (F)
Anime Set: Goku (RM), Naruto (RM), Ichigo (RM), Sasuke (RM), Vegeta (RM), Swift Core (S) (x4), Impact Core (S) (x3), Wind Core (S), Cutter Core (S), Shadow Core (S), Flame Core (S), Saitama's Fist (S), Sensu Bean (S)
T-rexNaffects Set: Kali (RM), Bakasura (RM), Chacc (RM), Centipede Bot (RM), D. Va (RM), Mei (RM), Pharah (RM), Zenyatta (RM), Tiny Man (RM), Tube Man (RM), Law Man (RM), Earth Core (S), Shadow Core (S) (x2), Water Core (S), Nature Core (S) (x2), Shield Core (S), Freeze Core (S), Missile Core (S) (2), Space Core (S), A Small Fireball (S), Kali's Husband's Disabled Corpse (S), An Apple with a Razor Sharped Teethed Ant with a Mega Man Onesie on (S), SPICY BLACK PEPPER!!!! (S), The Curry of all Fools (S), Ultimate Gambling (S), Heated Fist (S)
MMBN Set: Bass.EXE (RM), Colonel.EXE (RM), Protoman.EXE (RM), Megaman.EXE (RM), GeminiMen.EXE (RM), Neutral Core (S), Missile Core (S), Cutter Core (S), Copy Core (S), Laser Core (S), LifeAura (S), Endure (S)
CDI Set: CDI Mario (RM), CDI Gannon (RM), CDI Morshu (RM), CDI King Harnikian (RM), CDI Luigi (RM), Swift Core (S), Shadow Core (S)
Greek Set: Ares (RM), Hades (RM), Flame Core (S), Shadow Core (S), Ares and his Pride (S), Bloodstained Cloak (S)
Egypt Set: Anubis (RM), Osiris (RM), Shadow Core (S), Nature Core (S)
Japan Set: Raijin (RM), Electric Core (S)
FNAF World Set: Adventure Freddy Fazbear (RM), Adventure Bonnie (RM), Adventure Chica (RM), Adventure Foxy (RM), Adventure Golden Freddy (RM), Adventure Mangle (RM), Adventure Balloon Boy (RM), Adventure JJ (RM), The Adventure Puppet (RM), Endo-01 (RM), Endo-02 (RM), Nature Core (S) (x4), Impact Core (S) (x2), Swift Core (S), Wind Core (S), Cutter Core (S) (x2), Time Core (S) (x2), Crystal Core (S) (x4), Explode Core (S) (x2), Laser Core (S) (x2), Auto:Shield Chip (S), UFO (S), BOOM! (S), Neon Wasp (S), Block20 (S)
Leaf Green Set
Fire Red Set
Ocean Blue Set
Lightning Yellow Set
Heart Gold Set
Soul Silver Set
Essence Crystal Set
Omega Ruby Set
StupidStudios Set: StupidStudiosN (RM), StupidStudiosC3 (RM), StupidStudiosJ (RM), StupidStudiosC2 (RM), StupidStudiosC4 (RM), Shadow Core (S) (x2), Time Core (S), Swift Core (S), Laser Core (S), Impact Core (S), Earth Core (S), Crystal Core (S), Electric Core (S), Team Support (S), StupidStudios Dungeon (F), N's Laboratory (F), C2's Bakery (F), C3's Room O' Mimics (F)
Mega Man Eternal Set: Jolt Man (RM), Frigid Man (RM), Illusion Man (RM), Cipher Man (RM), Primal Man (RM), Electric Core (S), Freeze Core (S), Shadow Core (S), Laser Core (S), Explode Core (S), Ballade's Space Station (F)
Fortress Set: Mega Man? (RM), Doc Robot (RM), Fake Man (RM), Copy Core (S) (x2), Shadow Core (S), Neutral Core (S)
Street Fighter Set: Ryu (RM), Akuma (RM), Impact Core (S), Swift Core (S), Shadow Core (S), Ryu's Headband (S)
Mighty No. 9 Set: Pyrogen (RM), Cyrosphere (RM), Dynatron (RM), Seismic (RM), Battalion (RM), Aviator (RM), Brandish (RM), Countershade (RM), Flame Core (S), Freeze Core (S), Electric Core (S), Earth Core (S), Explode Core (S), Wind Core (S), Cutter Core (S), Shadow Core (S)
Core Set
Upgraded Core Set
Bt's Secret Bazaar!: REDACTED (RM), Adrian (RM), Slur (Megabound) (RM), Dark Moon (RM), Ra Thor (RM), Ra Devil (RM), Articuno (RM), Deoxys Defense (RM), Zapdos (RM), Deoxys Attack (RM), Moltres (RM), Deoxys Normal (RM), Omega Man (RM), Chica's Magic Rainbow (RM), Adventure Fredbear (RM), Adventure Spring Bonnie (RM), Adventure Springtrap (RM), Life Virus (RM), Falzar (RM), Gregar (RM), Ra Moon (S), DOUBULU DEE GAZZDURR (RM), Raikou (RM), Ho-oh (RM), Mew (RM), Deoxys Speed (RM), Ra (RM), Entei (RM), Lugia (RM), Unknown (RM), Suicune (RM), Celebi (RM), Star of Immortality (S), Change.BAT (S), Pair Up (S), The Enclosed Instruction Book (S), Real Knife (S), Castle StupidStudios (F), The Void (F)

*Yes, you have a chance of getting MORE of the same Core cards.

Beta Man's Lot: Shadow Core (S) (x9), Swift Core (S), Laser Core (S), Electric Core (S) (x5), Crystal Core (S), Time Core (S) (x2), Earth Core (S), Flame Core (S) (x4), Water Core (S) (x2), Nature Core (S) (x2), Cutter Core (S) (x2), Water Core (S)
Current Zenny Totals:
Beta Man: 50
MegaBoyX7: 0
ThatOneEnderMan: 0
MusicalKitty: 0
TailsMK4: 0
StupidStudiosN: 0
TobyJoey: 0
Brimstone: 0
Retro Pikachu: 100
ZeroDXZ: 100
CrimsonBomb: 50
RotomSlashBlast: 0
T-rexNaffects: 50
Mettaur Man: 0
ChaosGSXR: 50
MMRPG Trading Card Game Card Shop
Posted by Beta Shadow on June 2nd, 2016 at 9:37pm
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Posted on August 13th, 2017 at 9:26pm
Posted 2017/08/13 at 9:26pm
could i get a boneless pizza
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Posted on October 30th, 2017 at 6:07pm
Posted 2017/10/30 at 6:07pm
I guess I shall start this. I'd like a Dr.Wily Starter Set to start off please.
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