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MMRPG: Double Soul Tourney

June 13th, 2016 at 8:09pm
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robot Sir, it's going smoothly.

robot Good, this will be fun. Our plan is finally in action.

Welcome, one and all, the the Double Soul Tournament!

-This will be a 3 vs. 3 tourney, with 16 users total.
-3 teams max. per person.
-You have until the slots fill up to apply.
-Each match will have a whole 3 days to fight. After that, I'll decide the winner based on the amount of damage a team takes.

Character Creation
-I'm going to start off by saying that this is going to be different than other tourneys. Unlike those, I will be personally approving characters as they enter. If they violate the rules, I will re-apply them with the correct rules.

-No OP characters
-No OP moves
-I would prefer if you kept all characters within the MM universe. Anything beyond that, and I will judge depending on where the character is from. You have been warned.
-Each Character has to follow the following format:

Name: (This is your name. Mugshots are appreciated, and custom mugshots are allowed.)
Core: (Your core type, silly! Please make sure that your moves all are the same type as your core. No Copy Cores allowed, as they can use every kind of move. Dual-type cores, however, ARE allowed)
Moves: (A list of moves that the character can use. Please make sure they're all the same type as your core. Maximum of 8 moves)
Overdrive: (An overdrive is a move a robot can use once per match, that is much more powerful than the basic moves. Please only make ONE Overdrive.)
Items: (Normal Items. 3 max per person, no Yasichis, M-Tanks or 1-ups.)
Soul Unison: (The unique feature of this tourney. Each character has a "Unite" that changes their ore and moveset. They even get their own seperate overdrive. Once you Soul Unite, you can't change back till after the match is over. Please Copy the moveset and make changes based on your Soul Unison.)

Ban List
-No Doctors (Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Dr. Cossack, etc.)
-No Slur/Trill
-No Mega Man, Proto Man, or Bass
-No Wily Bosses (Gamma, Wily Machines, etc.)

Now to explain something. Dark Soul and Light Soul. Dark Soul is an Offense upgrade but defensive downgrade, and Light soul is a Defense Upgrade but Offense Downgrade. You can only use one or the other, and when you use a soul, you have to stick with it the whole battle.

Anyway, let's start this thing!

Remember that I have the right to ban any uncooperative players or godmodders. You've been warned.


Team Dark Flame: Magma Man, Shade Man, Magic Man
MMRPG: Double Soul Tourney
Posted by RotomSlashBlast on June 13th, 2016 at 8:09pm
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Posted on June 13th, 2016 at 8:45pm Edited on 2016/06/14 at 10:34am
Posted 2016/06/13 at 8:45pm Edited 2016/06/14 at 10:34am
Unit 1: Mettaur Man

Core: Shield Impact
Weak: Explode
Moves: Mega Pick (Damaging attack. Pick grows bigger and hits enemy) Shockwave (Created from the pick, not a electric attack) Pick Throw (Throws Pick) Pick bash (Bashes with pick.) Mettaur Shield (Deflects attack But destroys shield )Super Throw (See Guts man) Super Arm (See Guts Man) Guts Punch (See Guts Man)

Overdrive: Mettaur Stampede (Mettaurs Go into the arena and trample the enemys)
Items: E-TANK Energy Capsule Earth Core
Soul Unison: Mega Mettaur. Soul Unison Overdrive: Mettaur Stomp (Heavy Damaging Attack)

Unit 2: Guts Man

Core: Impact Weak: Explode
Items: Impact Corex2 Energy Capsule
Moves: Guts Punch (Just A punch) Super throw (Throws Enemy) Super Arm (Takes A block then tosses it at the enemy) Dust Crusher (Only using it cause its impact. Splits into 4 other parts then gets destroyed) Guts Ram (Rams Enemy) Headbutt (Headbutts Enemy) Shockwave (Smashes the ground, making spikes come up from the ground) Subdue (Subdues A enemy. But cannot hurt them)

Overdrive: Mega Guts Punch (Damaging attack)
Soul Unison: Gutsy

Soul Unison Overdrive: Super Gutsy Throw (Throws Enemy across the arena. dealing damage)
Unit 3: Concrete Man

Core: Earth Shield
Weak: Explode
Moves: Concrete Wall (Creates A wall infront of players.) Concrete Shield (Shield For concrete man) Concrete Throw (Throws Concrete) Concrete Punch (Covers Arm in concrete then punches them.)Buff Up (ATK UP) Defense Buff (DEF up) Concrete Kick(Covers leg in concrete then kicks enemy) Ground Slam (Slams enemy into the ground)
Items: Energy Capsulex2 Energy Pellet

Overdrive: One with the concrete (All attacks he does will cover the enemy in concrete, stunning them.)

Soul Unison: Mega Concrete Man

Soul Unison Overdrive: One With the concrete x2 (Enemy is covered in concrete for A extra turn. 2 turns to be exact)

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Posted on June 13th, 2016 at 9:16pm
Posted 2016/06/13 at 9:16pm
Mind clarifying each ability? Also I believe Concrete Man was Earth Core, but still.
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Posted on June 14th, 2016 at 11:28pm Edited on 2016/06/15 at 12:20am
Posted 2016/06/14 at 11:28pm Edited 2016/06/15 at 12:20am
Ooh! Nice! I'd like to join with 1.
Name: Magma Man magma-man
Core: Flame
Weak: Wind
Moves: Magma Bazooka: An attack that fires three, separate Flame Attacks.(By the way, I don't know what damage is overpowered or not, because there wasn't an LP/HP for me to see, so I don't know which moves are overpowered or not. O_o)
Fire Hop: An attack that involves him hopping towards an enemy with a fire trail.
Lava Strike: An attack that involves Magma Man striking with a Lava Glove.

Items: Flame Core, Large Energy Capsule and a Small Weapon Pellet

OVERDRIVE!!!: Magma Sword Magma Man generates a flaming sword from his head and uses a Giant Flaming Ray to lunge it towards a selected foe, dealing powerful damage.

Soul Unison: NightWing Magma Man: Magma Man inherits some Shade Man looks and seems like a Magma Demon!
Core: Shadow Flame
Weak: Wind
NightWing Magma Man Moves:
Nightmare Bazooka Magma Man fires 3 separate Shadowy Flaming Balls that do a Spoooky amount of damage!!
Horrific Hop: NightWing Magma Man Hops towards the enemy with Purple Flamed Candles appearing terrifyingly.
Vampire's Strike: Nightwing Magma Man attacks with a Terrible Vampire Claw, dealing horrific damage!
SOUL OVERDRIVE!!!!!!: Nightmarish Sword of Fate A terrifying sword comes towards NightWing Magma Man and he uses such to slash the enemy's soul into a fragment. (I always think robots have some sort of soul... Also, It does NOT effect Soul Unions.)
...Soo, yeah. What do you think?
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Posted on June 15th, 2016 at 10:57am
Posted 2016/06/15 at 10:57am
@T-RexNaffects : You still might need to grab two more dudes.
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Posted on June 15th, 2016 at 6:00pm Edited on 2016/06/15 at 6:43pm
Posted 2016/06/15 at 6:00pm Edited 2016/06/15 at 6:43pm
Name:Crimson Manproto-man
Moves:Crimson Buster
Heat Vision: Red, flaming lasers come out of Crimson's visors, and zap the target
Laser Saber:A Saber coming out of Crimson's Buster, Slashing the target
Laser Shield:Crimson holds his shield out, blocking any incoming range attacks
Laser Strike:Crimson, using Proto Man's old technique, Transfers energy from his core into his buster and releases it.
Laser Bolt:Crimson Throws a Red Thunder Bolt at the opponent, putting tons of dangerous volts into the core of the victim.
Repulsor Beams:Crimson shoots a powerful blast of energy at the target out of his target, which does critical damage.
Power Flash:Crimson Punches the ground,making a large circle of energy penetrate the target.

Name:Coil Manmega-man
Coil Rush:Coil Man creates a coil, launching Coil Man into the opponent, headbutting him
Coil Throw:Coil Man throws a giant spring at the enemy, doing weak damage but large knockback
Coil Buster:Coil Man charges his buster, then shoots a large shot at the opponent.
Overdrive:Giant Spring o' Death
Items:Swift Core Laser Core Crystal Core

I'm still missing the Soul Unison/One more "dude" but I have no more time. later!
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Posted on June 15th, 2016 at 9:05pm Edited on 2016/06/15 at 11:55pm
Posted 2016/06/15 at 9:05pm Edited 2016/06/15 at 11:55pm
;-; Okay, I will grab two more 'dudes'.
Name: Shade Man shade-man
Core: Shadow
Weak: Cutter
Moves: Psycho Crusher: Shade Man fires an ear crushing sound wave that will make you wanna cover your ears!
Shadow Wing: Shade Man fires a Vampire - like Blast that may make the foe lose balance!
Bloody Claw: Shade Man strikes with his bloody claw, dealing a large amount of damage!
Items: Large Weapon Capsule (2) and an Energy Tank
Overdrive: Shade Man's Favorite Bat: Shade Man allows his favorite bat to strike the enemy, dealing damage based on the opponent's amounts of moves!
Soul Unison: Magma Vampire Devil: A Magma Vampire Devil emerges! What could go wrong?
Core: Flame and Shadow
Weak: Cutter
Moves: Eruption Wave: Magma Vampire Devil fires a sound wave that is as intense as a volcano erupting!
Volcanon's Wings: Magma Vampire Devil fires a series of Volcanic Blasts from his wings.
Magma Claw: Magma Vampire Devil slashes the enemy with a volcanic claw!
SOUL OVERDRIVE: The Magma Vampire Bat: Volcano Vampire Devil turns into a huge Magma Bat that seems like a huge dragon as he blows huge Magma Balls like meteorites at all foes!
Name: Magic Man magic-man
Core: Shadow
Weak: Flame
Magical Card: Magic Man fires a Magic Card, dealing cutting damage!
Dagger Trick: Magic Man juggles knifes and throws them towards an opponent! Out of fright of the knives, your foe will move, running into the knives, ruining the trick! Oh, you!
Disappearance: Magic Man disappears magically, negating this turns battle damage towards him magically! This cannot be used twice, for yet, he'll be seen and the trick will fail!
Items: W - Tank X2 and an Energy Pellet
Overdrive: Guillotine: Magic Man does a dangerous trick, so the foe must hold still! They don't taking massive damage from the Guillotine!
Soul Unison: The Fatal Magician Magic Man freezes, forcing him to use his icy magic tricks! Oh, the weather is so cold!
Core: Freeze and Shadow
Weak: Flame
Frosty Magical Card of Ice: The Fatal Magician throws an Icy Magical Card... of ice, that deals cold damage! (My puns are punny. right?)
Frosted Knives: The Fatal Magician throws multiple knives, but as always, the foe won't stay still, dealing icy cold damage!
Frozen Disappearance: The Fatal Magician appears the same, but then leaves a frosty substitute to take the damage for him that turn! He can't use this twice in a row, because he'll run out of them faster.
Soul OverDrive: Icy Clamp of Doom and Coldness: The Fatal Magician clamps the enemy with an Icy Clamp! He was just too bored to do a simple trick this time around!
So NOW what do you think?

@RotomSlashBlast: Yes! I feel great with my 2/3 Shadow Team, and 1/3 Flame Team! I'll call it, The Dark Volcanoes!

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Posted on June 15th, 2016 at 9:54pm
Posted 2016/06/15 at 9:54pm
@T-RexNaffects : Approved!
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