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Elektro Tunnel

June 24th, 2016 at 5:16pm
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Welcome all! As you may know, D&D is a very popular RPG board game that involves limitless adventure, rolls of dice and hours of fun! So, I give myself the responsibility of becoming the Robot Master Master, and will create your adventure from the ground up, as YOU see fit! That's right: give me a scenario and we'll jump right in! (I can also do it for you if requested.)

-Multiple games can be played on this thread at once. Remember yours.
-EVERYTHING is pretty much decided by a roll of the die. Even if I don't show it. Good luck!
-This works just like D&D in that, there are no traditional "rules" per se, but as we go along, we'll cross bridges as we come to them.
-You may tell me if you'd like that game to be harder, normal, or "beginner friendly".
-There will only be 10 stats (5 good and 5 bad) unless otherwise specified:
=Strength: How you do damage, move heavy objects, fighting style, etc.
=Wisdom: How you solve puzzles, get ideas, invent things, etc.
=Skill: How you handle things, get out of situations, etc.
=Sneak: How you can steal, move undetected, etc.
=Charm: How you can get people on your side, persuade, etc.
=Creation: How you can build, make traps, etc.
=Destruction: How you can destroy, hack firewalls, etc.
=Speed: How fast your character is.
=Defense: How you take damage.
=Control: How you get viruses, how you can command soldiers or machines, etc.
Now, how this works is that you will choose 5 stats to boost and 5 to decrease. I will roll a 100-sided die and tell you your new abilities accordingly.
Example: I want to boost strength, but choose to decrease Skill. I roll a 7 for Strength and 56 for Skill. My new stats would be 7 Strength and -56 Skill.
If you choose not to boost nor decrease an ability, it will remain at zero. But, if you boost one, you must decrease another, and vice-versa. ABSOLUTELY NO TAKE BACKSIES. Keep in mind: These can change! (For better or worse!)

After the request is made (preferably via PM, as we would like to keep this thread for the game itself.) I'll place your Group Request on this thread and people can join and leave as they please.
PLEASE CONFIRM WITH ME FIRST! I will take your Ability boost/decreases to an 100#RNG and give you each a Character Card (kept on a Pastebin, and you can keep on on your Profile if you like). Alternatively, you may boost a stat to whatever you like, but you must decrease another by that much as well.

Well, we need players! For our first game, I'll not limit the amount we can have, but it will be difficult with huge groups. Specify on a number of players you like in your group; the group creator will be Captain. Or, if you'd like, request a Solo Play.

Have fun! Keep in mind, though: My free time is quite limited regularly so, patience is a virtue. Hopefully, it will have been worth the wait.



600 comments! Wow! Dec. 2nd, 2016
700 comments! Amazing! Jan. 13th, 2017
800, even!? Shocking, I know. Apri. 26, 2017

Current Games:
-Pixel23 1/4 Players, Normal Difficulty. "Boundless Boundaries"
-RotomSlashBlast 1/? Players, Normal Difficulty. "Subterranean Soliloquy"
-Nice Ice 1/? Players, Normal difficulty. "Mavericks of Untold Stories" [HIATUS] [LAST PAGE: 38]
-Nice Ice 1/6 Players, Balls-to-the-Walls Impossible Difficulty. "Mirror, Mirror..." [HIATUS] [LAST PAGE: 38]
-Nice Ice 2/2 Players, Normal difficulty. "Persona: Torch of Shadows" [HIATUS] [LAST PAGE: 38]
-TheDoc 2/4 Players, Normal difficulty. "Mettle of Honor" [HIATUS?] [LAST PAGE: 35]
-Beta Man 1/4 Players, Normal difficulty. "Traveler's Tales" [HIATUS?] [LAST PAGE: 34]


Pixel23 as: Pixel!

RotomSlashBlast as: Lotus Iluza!

Nice Ice as: Holocaust!

Nice Ice as: Minatona Arakuba
RotomSlashBlast as: Inaki Hasinaba!

Nice Ice as: Harpuia!
Uraccountcrashed as: Shadow Lamprey!

Beta Man as: Ninja Man!
Uraccountcrashed as: Beta Man! (Don't worry, I don't take up a player slot.)

TheDoc as: Knight Man!
Nice Ice as: Jester Man!
Uraccountcrashed as: Bomb Man!(Don't worry, I don't take up a player slot.)
Character List
Skill Trees

For my reference, but you can check it out.
This, I mean.
Elektro Tunnel
Posted by uraccountcrashed on June 24th, 2016 at 5:16pm
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Posted on December 14th, 2017 at 4:06am
Posted 2017/12/14 at 4:06am
@pokeepoo : Also a dead thread
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