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August 30th, 2016 at 5:25pm
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Its not the song, its a game.

Story: In the year 20XX, robot's and human's lived peacefully, but with temporary attack from dr.wily and his robots, damage was done to the buildings. Meanwhile in another city, a group of robot and human detectives called "B.I.T" (Berserk Investigation Team) investigate a horror that happens only in a time of night where minor minion robots and some robot masters go berserk, its up to them to stop this.

Gameplay: So you have 3 Sets each providing different ways to approch, you can switch between them freely in battle without losing a turn, you can level them up just by using skills corresponding to that set, or finishing a battle with that set, normal attacking however, does not correspond to a set. You can level up by beating battles, with the level cap being 100, and leveling up your character increases their SP amount by 3 and HP amount by 3. Leveling up means you can put a ability into a set. you can only have 6 skills in each set, the sets are the Offensive Set (For attacking.) Support Set (For buffing and healing), Debuff Set (Debuffing enemies). Your character level cap is 100. And you level up every time you complete a mission. You can choose from 3 skills every level up you have for a set. The dungeons are buildings in the city, full of haywire robots, you have the chance to set off the alarm by opening some chests and having enemies ambush you. As for turn orders, they go like this, if you ambush the enemy you go first and vice versa, but if neither happens and you both come into contact like normal, you roll a die for your turn order. You and 3 other team members are in a party, you can compete to beat dungeons first for more reward when you beat it. But don't worry, the chests regen for new players in the dungeons. You have 18 points to put into your HP and SP. That sums it up. Hope you have fun if you join. Rules: No running from battles. Observation is crucial, traps are everywhere, and ambushes are everywhere, some areas require items in the shop to explore, like a flashlight.

Player Limit: 20

ice-man NiceIce
HP: 12. SP: 6.
Resists Electricity. Weak to Fire.

Offensive Set: Ice Slasher (Has a chance of disabling a limb on a enemy.), Icicle Stab (Low chance of freeze.)

Support Set: Popsicle (Heals 2 hp).

Debuff Set: Slippery Floor (Roll a die. If the enemy gets 3 and below it trips.Ice Enemys are immune.)
Discourage (Destroys enemy's morale, decreasing damage attacks do.).

needle-man Sir Idiot
9 HP, 9 SP.
Resists Nature. Weak to Ice.

Offense Set: Rawkit Lawnchair "Always Hits."
POW HAHA! "Confuses the enemy and deals some damage."
Excalibat "Loadsa damage but misses often."
Powercube "Hits everyone with the POWER OF...something."

Support Set: Sammich (Attack boost)
Blue Screen of Defense (Boosts defense)

Debuff Set: Blue Screen of Debuff (Made for rotom cause he needs a debuff skill, debuffs defense on enemys).

Ura's Mugshot Ura (Human)
HP: 8. SP: 10.
Resists Nature. Weak to Impact.

Offensive Set: Fairy Wind (Stir up winds that can hinder opponents and boost my attack slightly. Can't use often.)
Bounce Bros. (Great damage, but someone must use their turn as well.)
Batty Bash (Deal less damage than usual, but increases chance to dodge attacks.)

Support Set: Greedy Dice (Earns more bonuses, but I can't hold as much),
Kinsect (Provides a small random bonus to group)

Debuff Set: Love Tanker (Affection with creatures/players affects play style/damage)

proto-man Proto MKII
Resists Fire, Weak to Swift.
HP: 10 SP: 8

Offensive Set: Proto Buster (2 Turns to charge)
Proto Strike (Deals space damage.)
Shield Boomerang (Can't use Proto Shield once this has been used, comes back around after a turn.)

Support Set: Proto Shield (A shield that makes the enemy's attacks weaker than normal)

Debuff Set: Brutality: (All healing buffs from the enemy are removed, and the finishing move on the enemy always does +1 Overkill),
Roboenza Spread (Every time an enemy attacks Proto, the enemy will have a chance poisoned with Roboenza for two turns, removing 2 HP every time.)

Name: Apollo (Megabound)
Resists Space, Weak to Cutter.
HP: 6 SP: 12

Offense Set: Light Pillar (A weak pillar of light that inflicts harm upon every nearby enemy unit)

Support Set: Light Surge (The target chosen will regain 4 HP) Barrier (A barrier of light that heavily increases the user's defense)

Debuff Set: Weapon Break (Mildly lowers an enemy's attack)
Armor Break (Mildly lowers an enemy's defense)
Heal Block (for three turns, for any instance an enemy would regain HP, it'll lose the amount of HP it would have regained instead)

Techno 9 HP 9 SP

- Element Laser I (Moderate damage, can be charged 1 turn for triple damage)
- Element Shadow I (Weak damage, deal damage to all enemies)

- Element Shield I (Reduces damage to self and all allies by 25% as long as Support Mode is active)
- Element Swift I (Use on an ally to allow them to attack twice on their next action)

- Element Freeze I (Very weak damage, attacks all enemies and has a 1 in 4 chance of preventing them from attacking next turn)
- Element Electric I (Weak damage, attack 1 foe to reduce attack damage dealt by foe and damage taken is increased by 20% to the foe for 3 turns)

Posted by NiceIce on August 30th, 2016 at 5:25pm
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@pokeepoo : Please. Don't post on dead threads, I probably should've said so in the title a long time ago, this rp thread wasn't very good, and it's been dead for about a year. A Year's time this thread has been dead, and it won't come back. Plus, don't double post, as seen on the rping discord server... thread.
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Posted on December 13th, 2017 at 2:53pm
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alright niceice.
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Posted on December 13th, 2017 at 2:54pm
Posted 2017/12/13 at 2:54pm
what do you think of this? spring-man
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Posted on December 13th, 2017 at 2:55pm Edited on 2017/12/13 at 3:05pm
Posted 2017/12/13 at 2:55pm Edited 2017/12/13 at 3:05pm
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Posted on December 14th, 2017 at 4:01am
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@pokeepoo : Haven't you read what he said this is a dead thread , no one cares if you know how to make that stuff that literaly any user that comes to the threads knows how to do
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