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Mega Man SRPG: The Four Emblems -Dead...?-

September 5th, 2016 at 8:55pm
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In the year 20XX...

Four A.Is with intelligence beyond any other at the time, dubbed the "Master Programs", were created for the benefit of man and machine kind. However, the four of their anonymous creators shared differing opinions, and thus, their biases were carried on to their creations. It is up to you, the leader of your own faction of four generic-model robots to pick a side and work to make your team the strongest in the lands. So... Who's side are you on?


Team Star
Master Program: Astraea
Belief: The key to victory is strategy. Going after your problems haphazardly would end in an inevitable failure...
Primary Leader: StupidStudiosN2
Faction Leaders: U.S.O (Currently Accepting Players)
Team Bonus: +5 M.Attack and M.Defense when on your land

Team Heart
Master Program: Hestia
Belief: A strong defense can make a good offense. Wait for your enemies to come after you, and strike them down when the time is right.
Primary Leader: Fan
Faction Leaders: [None] (Currently Accepting Players)
Team Bonus: +5 Defense when on your land

Team Club
Master Program: Cetarus
Belief: If even a flicker of opposition is detected, find the one responsible, and crush them as soon as possible.
Primary Leader: Proto Man MKII
Faction Leaders: Retro, Reaper Man (Currently Not Accepting Players)
Team Bonus: +5 Attack when on another team's land

Team Diamond
Master Program: Diamanta
Belief: A nimble foot and decent defense makes for a great way to lure foes into traps. Then, once the foes have been cornered, swift victory will soon be at hand.
Primary Leader: NiceIce
Faction Leaders: Ender Man, MegaBoy (Currently Not Accepting Players)
Team Bonus: +5 Speed and +1 Movement when on your land

Now then, to apply for the game, there will be a template below for two different applications (One for Ground Units and one for Airborne Units). Just put down what you want your faction leader (Primary Leader, if the team your applying for doesn't have one) to be named, distribute the stats however you want (All stats cost 1 Point, with the exception of Movement, which costs 6 Points), pick from your selection of skins to determine what you want your character to look like, and pick which weapon type you want to specialize in (Choosing which weapon you have a boosted proficiency in), being Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, and Thrown Weapons (More Information on Weapons, Elements, Unit Types, Turns, Actions, and Tiles below the applications). Afterwards, just pick 4 generic units to also control (Personal suggestion, but you should probably have at least 1 airborne unit), and you're good to go (You can name your generic units too, if you're so inclined).

(Ground Unit Application | Points To Spend: 220 (Faction Leader)/240 (Primary Leader))

Unit Type: Ground
Character Skin:
Most Proficient Weapon Type:
Generic Units:


(Airborne Unit Application | Points To Spend: 200 (Faction Leader)/ 220 (Primary Leader))

Unit Type: Airborne
Character Skin:
Most Proficient Weapon Type:
Generic Units:


Generic Units To Choose From: Drill Man, Quick Man, Guts Man, Gyro Man, Tornado Man, Tengu Man, Elec Man, Flash Man, Spark Man, Metal Man, Tomahawk Man, Knight Man, Yamato Man, Crystal Man, Magnet Man, Roll, Eddie

Generic Units Base Stats

Now then, time to explain the weapons. Weapons come in 3 different flavors, which are Melee, Ranged, and Thrown. Now, while the tile distance varies from weapon to weapon, more often than not, Melee weapons can only be used on foes directly adjacent to your unit, Ranged weapons can be used both adjacent to your unit and across, and Thrown weapons can only be used across from your unit, but not adjacent.There are 5 elements in the game, being Null, Fire, Wood, Elec, and Aqua. When a unit attacks a foe with a weapon type weak to their's, they take an added +5 damage, but if a unit attacks a foe resistant to their weapon, they take -5 damage. As for the weakness order, Fire beats Wood, Wood beats Elec, Elec beats Aqua, Aqua beats Fire, and Null isn't weak or resistant to any weapon type.

The two unit types, Ground Units and Airborne Units differ for one reason, being that Airborne units have the ability to pass through tiles with an "Impassible" border, and they have lowered point cost for adding to the Movement stat, however, Ground Units have more skill points to put into their stats.

In the game, the teams perform actions each turn, with the turns going in the order of Team Star, then Team Heart, then Team Club, then Team Diamond, and then back to Team Star. You will receive a private message from me when it's your team's turn to move. If a reply is not received in 1 hour from receiving the message, you will be considered inactive, and won't move for that turn. If you feel like you will be inactive for a while, loan your units to a trusted team member (both of the people must message me to inform me about the transaction), and let them control your units until you return. You can't, however, let your units stay in the care of another player for a week. After that, you will be kicked from the game, and your equipment will be put in your team's storage. I will PM you when it's your turn, and you just need to PM me back with your movements for me to update the map. Each turn, you will be given a selection of actions to choose from.

-Move (Can be used after a "Warp" command): Lets you move North, South, East, and/or West to another tile. Your movement stat is the number of tiles your allowed to move per turn. You also can't move through enemy units, and you can't stand on the same space as an allied unit. (>Move (Up, Down, Left, or Right) (Number of Spaces))

-Attack (Can Be Used After Move): Lets you attack an opponent by selecting a weapon and foe on the battlefield that's in your range. (>Attack (Up, Down, Left, or Right) (Number of Spaces))

-Heal (Can Be Used After Move) (Exclusive to Healer Units): Lets you select an ally within range to heal (>Heal (Up, Down, Left, or Right) (Number of Spaces))

-Carry (Can Be Used After Move): When adjacent to one of your units, or a disabled enemy/ally unit, you can have them carried by your active unit. Reduces the Movement stat by 1 while carrying. (>Carry (Up, Down, Left, or Right))

-Drop (Can Be Used After Move) (Can Be Used After Carry) (Can only be used while carrying someone): Drops a disabled unit on a tile adjacent to the one your active unit is standing on. (>Drop (Up, Down, Left, or Right))

-Training (Can Be Used After Move): Lets a unit spend a turn to train his stats. The stats increased are random, and the amount in which they increase are also random. (>Train)

-Data Mine (Can Be Used After Move): Lets a unit spend a turn decoding data, which can be used to craft items. What you find from data-mining is dependent on the biome of the area you're in. (>Data Mine) TO BE IMPLEMENTED AT A LATER DATE

-Craft (Can Be Used After Move): Lets a unit spend a turn crafting an item/weapon from decoded data. (>Craft "Item Name")

-Shop (Can Be Used After Move) (Can Be Used After Warp (Storage)) (Can Only Be Used In The Storage Room): Lets a unit buy items/weapons and/or sell items/weapons for Zenny. (>Shop)

-Trade (Can Be Used After Move) (Can Be Used After Shop): Allows your unit to trade items, weapons, and Zenny with a unit on the same map as your's. Trading between units of different teams is allowed. To confirm the trade, both participating parties are required to message me with the results. If the units you wish to trade with are your Generic Units/Faction Leaders, trading will only take one turn, and you can trade with multiple of those units (As long as there in your current area). (>Trade: "Player Name" (Item: ____))

-Access (Can Be Used After Move) (Can Only Be Used When Right Next To A Gold Border): Allows your unit to access a storage pile, where they can put items into the inventory or take items out.

-Warp (Storage) (Can Be Used After Trade) (Can only be used in your team's map): Allows your unit to teleport to a random tile in your team's storage room.

-Warp (Castle) (Can Be Used After Trade) (Can only be used in your team's map): Allows your unit to teleport to a random tile in your team's castle.

In order to use these commands, in the PM between myself and you, just type in the actions you wish to perform.
>Move (Up 3, Left 4)
>Attack (Unit: Up 3)
-This command moves a unit up 3 spaces, left 4 spaces, and attacks an enemy unit 3 spaces up.-

>Move (Down 4)
>Carry (Left)
-This command moves a unit down 4 spaces, and has them carry a unit adjacent to them on the left.-

Next, there's tiles to talk about. Each tile has a border. White borders can be passed through, red borders can't be passed through by Ground Units, cyan borders can only be passed through the North, magenta borders can only be passed through the south, green borders take you to a new area, lime borders damage you for -3 HP when passed over, maroon borders are tiles that are impassable by all units, gold borders that, when adjacent to one, you can access the storage unit inside, where you can store items/take items out, and lastly, purple borders are thrones, which give the Primary Leader unit for that team a +5 HP regeneration effect when on that tile (When an enemy unit stands on the tile surrounded by purple borders on 3 sides, they get to take 3 items from that team's storage, 1,000 Zenny, and get sent back to the first area of their team's map). As for tiles with a dark tint to them, they make all enemy units invisible, unless a unit from your team is standing adjacent to the enemy.

Tile Borders/Effects

Now, another major aspect of this game is roleplay, naturally. This is where the forum thread comes into play. Here, you'll be able to voice the story of your characters and their quests throughout the world. So, hey! If you're interested in being more than a mute soldier, there's that option.

And, that's all I have to say here. If you guys have any questions, post it in the comments, and I'll be sure to reply.
Mega Man SRPG: The Four Emblems -Dead...?-
Posted by StupidStudiosN on September 5th, 2016 at 8:55pm
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Retro Pookerchu
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Posted on September 9th, 2016 at 12:12am
Posted 2016/09/09 at 12:12am
@StupidStudiosN : Changed. +1 Movement, and +2 HP.
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Posted on September 9th, 2016 at 10:46am
Posted 2016/09/09 at 10:46am
The entire "1 hour" thing doesn't seem that fair though, considering how some of us (Mostly me) live on the other side of the world, and can't reply when you send the message for us to perform an action.
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Posted on September 9th, 2016 at 5:44pm
Posted 2016/09/09 at 5:44pm
@Brimstone : Yeah. In hindsight, I'm probably just going to change it to approximately 24 hours, just to give everyone a fair shot. (You, for example, I allowed the move, because I really saw no point in not doing so.)
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Posted on September 10th, 2016 at 9:39pm
Posted 2016/09/10 at 9:39pm
"Kingdom of Astraea, I offer my services to thee. Your kingdom shall grow in power and thrive...the other kingdoms will fall! ...Right after I get my units battle-ready, of course..."
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Posted on September 11th, 2016 at 9:48pm Edited on 2016/09/30 at 7:00pm
Posted 2016/09/11 at 9:48pm Edited 2016/09/30 at 7:00pm

Until stated otherwise, I'm putting the game on hold for the time being, mostly because I still need to make a few changes for quality purposes such as modifying the rules to be more detailed and figuring out mechanics such as map transitions. Don't worry, though. The game isn't canceled, and all moves made prior to this notice are still valid. Thank you all for your cooperation, and I hope you look forward to the future of this game. (Oh, and if anyone has suggestions for things to add/remove in the ruleset, feel free to let me know.)

Edit: Yeah, this has been a thing on my mind, recently... Technically speaking, yes, the game is canceled, however, I'm not saying permanently. Thing is, I lead a very busy life, balancing Youtube, development of MMRPG: Battlefield (Yeah, that's still a thing. :P), and, of course, school. Now, the problem is that since in order for a move to be made in the game, I have to actively edit the files to display the changes, so users can see the move they made. This, on top of having to manage multiple players, I just can't do it.

Now, that being said, if anyone feels like they're up to the task, and think they have a way to do things, I'm all for sharing the game's files with them, and see what they can do (Heck, I'll even join in to play myself). So, yeah. If anyone thinks they can manage the game, shoot me a PM.
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