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Create your owl robot story

October 13th, 2016 at 10:22am
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So i am dooing this because some time ago i created a character named Copyie and then everthing megaman i got atached do this because even beeing a silly story i kinda liked it so thats why i want to share with the community and maybe giving you some space to create your owl robot , robot master or even a mecha if you want

Now the only rules that i want here
1 is not judge the other guy story trying to change it , judge okay judge wanting to change no
2 the story you created need to not create an op character from the begining like create a super god robot that fighted sunstar and the stardroids and put them to sleep he can be op but by the end or even the middle
3 thats not actualy a rule but for my character for some dang reason i put some of my characteristics so if your name in the game is your robot so try making that its fun
4 if your story you based on something else say what make you base your character

Now for the creation
my story is based on the megaman 8 bit deathmatch campaign so the credit for the timeline here goes to cutmanmike

My story begins when willy during megaman 6 was creating a new robot tobeat megaman named CWN-001 (Copy Willy number 1)Copyie.
A robot with two busters that had something kinda like megaman`s copy chip with it he would be able just by seeing use the weapons and change his armor , busters and boots but not his helmet.
Willy because Copyie would need time to learn the attacks and shoot with perfection like megaman , Willy scrapeed the robot and started creating bass and treeble
In the end of megaman 7 , megaman was in an old Willy castle searching Willy if he ran there , in the way he found an old robot with some bass characteristics but kinda broken , megaman knowing the danger he took the robot to dr Light fix
Dr Light fixed the robot and megaman explained everthing Copyie`s creator was dooing , Copyie understand what was happening and so dr Light adopted Copyie as his owl
By some time the real mr x was announcing the 2nd annual robot championship and to make sure Willy would do nothing he put Willy in a cell with four guard robots , Copyie automaticaly got entusiasmatic to go to the tournament and then he goed he the tournament to fight , dr Light asked Megaman and the other robots to keep an eye on him so he would not do anything wrong
By the end of the tournament the lasting robots were Copyie and Fireman , but in mr x castle Shadowman showed destroyed the four guard robots and Stoneman freed Willy
Willy reprogramed all the robots there but Copyie and Megaman and sayied
-Now Megaman and that useless prototype you are gonna die and i will rule the world
Megaman and Copyie fighted and deactivated all robots but then Willy started maniacly laugthing
-Now you beat those robots but now try to survive against my powered up version of gamma
Megaman and Copyie fighted and beat gamma but then Willy ran with his ufo
And then many other fights were tought
Copyie and duo fighted trio(the evil energy robot from mm8 in archie thats his name)whwn megaman was fighting Willy machine
Copyie ,megaman and bass fighted king in mmandb
And copyie also helped to save Magmaman , Tornadoman and Hornetman and , figheted the many fakemans for megaman fight Willy
And the story havent end if you played mm8bdm you know that the mm10 and the stardroids are to come when this happen i will end this story

Now its your turn to create your robot story if you want
Create your owl robot story
Posted by Copyie on October 13th, 2016 at 10:22am
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Posted on October 13th, 2016 at 5:47pm Edited on 2016/10/13 at 5:49pm
Posted 2016/10/13 at 5:47pm Edited 2016/10/13 at 5:49pm
The thread you recently posted in is already made for topics like this, so creating another thread is unnecessary. Next time, make sure that your idea for a thread hasn't already been done by someone else. Thank you!
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