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Stardust A Roleplay Channel Game

January 14th, 2017 at 12:25am
5,633,900 BP
35 TP | 671 PP

This roleplay starts on select days, announcements on when the RP will start four hours before 6pm est


CHARACTERS *I'll be revamping this*

Ender Level 4 - 1500/2500
Ender, Electrical Engineer
50/50hp 24atk 10pow
Current Wep: Spare Wrench

Char Level 6 - 700/3000
Char, Psychic user with a colorful personality
75/75hp 13atk 50pow
Current Wep: Inflaitable Bat +1 atk.
PSI: Galaxy Material, 10pow 14atk

Lance Level 5 - 1625/3000
Lance, the Super Ultra Mega Nerd.
65/65hp 20atk 40pow
Current Wep: Cracked Bat +6atk
PSI: PSI Thunder α 15atk 10pow +Paralysis

Wetzel Level 4 - 0/2500
Wetzel, Weirdo with Style.
50/50hp 17atk 2pow
Current Wep: None

Grey Level 4 - 0/2500
Grey, the Smart Person
55/55hp 25atk 20pow
Current Wep: None

Walter Level 5 - 500/3500
Walter, Confused Powerhouse
50/50hp 32atk 0pow
Current Wep: Spare Wrench

Level 5 - 0/3500
"Meta", the Formal Stranger
57/57 23atk 13pow
Current Wep: Sharp Staff +8atk

Other Info
This story is based off of Mother2/EarthBound. Expect some similarities, Lots of them.
Stardust A Roleplay Channel Game
Posted by JoeyTone on January 14th, 2017 at 12:25am
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Posted on January 14th, 2017 at 1:05am
Posted 2017/01/14 at 1:05am
(Time to write my bio for this thing. Since MegaBoy told me to, I'm writing a scene of my character interacting with a ladybug)

Musical was sitting yards outside of her home, walking through the slightly tall grass with a shudder.
"Eugh, I have hay fever, I shouldn't be outside, in this nature nonsense!" Musical pulled out a small, rectangular device, complaining about the grass on her blog. After her post (which included a clever pun and a picture of Robbie Rotten) was done, Musical popped a grass allergy pill into her mouth, then traversed into the grass.

Musical was a rather short child, only being about 0.7293583024x as tall as an Incineroar. She had a colorful and clearly dyed pink hair colored, and wore one of those hoodies with the cat ears on the hood that made you look like either a weeaboo or a furry in denial. At least she was wearing some swanky shoes for the occasion, though!

However, Musical was attacked by a fierce, ravenous ladybug! Or rather, it just crawled out on top of a sunflower to greet the nerd. Musical ran into her house, coming out with those plastic bug catching sets that seven year olds usually play with, a notebook, and a spoon.

Musical drew a little sketch of the ladybug, a circle with some little spots and a smiley face on it. She then poked at the ladybug gently with the spoon (her weapon of choice when fighting ravenous insects).

"Hmm... This is indeed a ladybug, or maybe it's a beetle? I need to inspect closer..." Musical pulled out a small, green, plastic magnifying glass from the little plastic box used for keeping the insects. Musical saw every single sign of the insect being a ladybug.

1. Spot things
2. Ladybug shaped??
3. Will probably complain about you on its blog if you misgender it.

"I'm going to name you Delilah, and I'm gonna train you to become the strongest bug in town! This'll be just like that one game I played too! It had these monsters, and you put them in balls and you fight people with them and uh... What was it called?" Musical just shrugged and gently scooped the ladybug in a tiny net that she just found, when she says go, you give it a throw.

Musical then placed the ladybug in the little plastic home for the bug. She put in two leaves, a pinecone, and one of those 2$ buttons from Hot Topic that said something like "I ship Hermione Granger and Scabbers the rat" or something among those lines, since Musical clearly knew that Delilah was into Harry Potter and approved a romantic relationship between a rat and Hermione Granger.
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Posted on January 14th, 2017 at 1:41am
Posted 2017/01/14 at 1:41am
@Musical : You're in
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Posted on January 14th, 2017 at 11:39am Edited on 2017/01/14 at 7:22pm
Posted 2017/01/14 at 11:39am Edited 2017/01/14 at 7:22pm
Time for Bios.

Somewhere in a place full of snow...

"WHY do I ALWAYS choose the worst DAMN places to live?!!?" some Eskimo yelled.
His pet Penguin said something in response, "Well, I am a penguin, and your a eskimo, it makes sense for us to live somewhere like this." "Oh shut up Dan!" "... Sorry" Spotting the meteor from a long place away, cause he was on a damn mountain, he was not really worried about that. "A Shooting star eh? Wanna make a wish Nicei- .... Master" "I Wish I could get off this damned mountain!" . . . Nothing really happened. "....I Hate being on a mountain alone." "But I'm he-" "ALONE." "How do I even talk?" "I Don't care right now Dan, your a robot penguin, ANYWAYS. Its time for us to get off this damn mountain, we are almost off this damn thing anyways so..." MISSION OBJECTIVE: Get off this damn mountain before you freeze in place and die.

"Good thing I brought this toy knife!" "Why didn't you get a real one." "Shut up Dan."

"Good thing I'm....... I might be some chosen hero from that damn meteor?" "This isn't a video game." "Shut up Dan."

"Well I mean, your not really even someone I bring along." "WHY MASTER WHYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!" "Good thing I can use you to carry my stuff!" "But I don't even have any stuff..." "I Guess I can use you for something else, and upgrade you and stuff." "Yea okay."

"...Is that a Ladybug?" "Yes it is." "..." "..." "What should we do Ice?" "Yea I don't care if you call me master right now." "Alright." "*STOMPS ON IT MULTIPLE TIMES*" "...okay." "How did it even get on this mountain."
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Posted on January 14th, 2017 at 1:47pm Edited on 2017/01/14 at 2:17pm
Posted 2017/01/14 at 1:47pm Edited 2017/01/14 at 2:17pm
Lez do dis.

It was 7:30 AM inn a normal town, there lived an normal gaming Sci-Fi obsessed 17 year old weeaboo who was using his laptop while eating nachos by the name of Walter, the good-natured yet innocent and hopeless slacker. You might have heard of him, but that is very, very unlikely.

Now trust me, this guy is (for the most part) pretty decent but he seems a little.. Unfortunate. He was always at a place at the wrong time. All he wants to do is live a normal life, but it seems like even that is too much to ask for sometimes.

"Nghhh, I'm bored. I should really expand my list of hobbies more often." Walter said. "Perhaps I should update the only webcomic I individually make...Nah." A half hour later, after grinding a few games on steam, all the power and electronics in his house turned off.

"The heck!? How am I going to get through finishing [insert famous steam game everyone overrates here] at this now!?" Aw man, this sucks! Walter complained. He felt mad that after all his progress on [insert famous steam game everyone overrates here] had probably gone to waste. He started regretting life, which is not normal for Walter.

Suddenly a bright light appeared in the middle of a room. A figure wearing a white hood had come in. WALTER, THE TIME HAS COME FOR YOU TO MEET YOUR DESTINY. YOU ARE ONE OF THE CHOSEN ONES, BOY. said the hooded figure.

"W-who are you, and why am I the chosen one?" Walter asked, puzzled as to why this mysterious person was chosen. THAT IS OF NO IMPORTANCE, YOUNG ONE. PREPARE YOURSELF, FOR THE MOST CHALLENGING JOURNIES YOU HAVE!

And those were the last words uttered from the mysterious hooded figure, for he disappeared after that. The moment he left, all the power in Wakter's house came back."Well that was weird. Wonder what he meant by 'challenging journies' and 'chosen ones'. Meh. I'll find out soon enough."

But what Walter saw that day forever changed his life.
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Posted on January 17th, 2017 at 9:37am Edited on 2017/01/17 at 9:47am
Posted 2017/01/17 at 9:37am Edited 2017/01/17 at 9:47am
I just now saw that... But realtalk: irl I'm a trading card geek.

Ura was just your average little lady... The kind you saw in class and said Ugh, who is she? The kind who didn't have many friends, but the ones she did loved her very much, as they knew her truly affable (and geeky) side.

One day, Mega and the gang (Ura, Beta and Walter) all were outside on a nice and overcast day. Suddenly, Ura received a text and had to go home, leaving her friends in a shock! As it turns out, a mysterious force had taken her little sister, Yuki-onna! Finding out about the terrible tragedy, Ura vowed to find Yuki-Onna once again by being the best party member Mega, Walter and Beta could ask for!

Even now, she trains heartily in her house; she waits for her oppotunity...

Anyway, enough backstory!

Ura currently walks without complaint with the party in Lederbroad Woods.
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Posted on January 17th, 2017 at 6:16pm Edited on 2017/01/17 at 6:31pm
Posted 2017/01/17 at 6:16pm Edited 2017/01/17 at 6:31pm
@RedBomber : Red you're already are in...
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Posted on January 17th, 2017 at 7:57pm Edited on 2017/01/17 at 8:17pm
Posted 2017/01/17 at 7:57pm Edited 2017/01/17 at 8:17pm
Rotom was being a total crapmaster, when all of a sudden, he sees that the chateau is in ruins! He goes out with his upgraded Mad Heelnavi suit to find the responsible and put 'em in timeout whilst trolling the crap out of them!

Also he's in a seperate party from Musical and Megaboy.
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on January 17th, 2017 at 8:25pm
Posted 2017/01/17 at 8:25pm
@RotomSlashBlast : ...The players in this roleplay are supposed to be humans, I believe.
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Posted on January 18th, 2017 at 3:46pm
Posted 2017/01/18 at 3:46pm
I'm not really a robot anyways, its just my pingu who is a robot. And the pingu may be upgraded for stuff like... to transform into a submarine posibly?
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Posted on January 20th, 2017 at 9:38pm
Posted 2017/01/20 at 9:38pm
Stardust Update!

Sessions Starting now! Probably will last for the next three hours
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Posted on January 20th, 2017 at 9:41pm Edited on 2017/01/20 at 9:57pm
Posted 2017/01/20 at 9:41pm Edited 2017/01/20 at 9:57pm
(20:41:03) MegaBoyX7: Entering this forest might be difficult
(20:41:33) NiceIce: (Where am i in this mess currently?
(20:41:40) NiceIce: (This mess of... GREEN LASERS)
(20:41:59) MegaBoyX7: (In another party)
(20:42:15) NiceIce: (of course.(
(20:42:19) NiceIce: (With... rotom?)
(20:42:20) MegaBoyX7: I just hope nothing pops out Ura
(20:42:32) MegaBoyX7: I feel kind of distressed
(20:42:35) uraccountcrashed: (Oh, music!)
(20:42:50) MegaBoyX7 enters the forest
(20:42:59) NiceIce: (I Could possibly join up with yall later)
(20:43:10) MegaBoyX7: ROOMS (You will)
(20:43:20) MegaBoyX7: Left Side
(20:43:22) MegaBoyX7: Right Side
(20:43:31) MegaBoyX7: Up Side
(20:43:33) MegaBoyX7: Down Side
(20:43:43) MegaBoyX7: Back side
(20:43:47) MegaBoyX7: Front side
(20:43:58) MegaBoyX7: and the little summoning room in the corner
(20:44:11) MegaBoyX7: I had a bad feeling about this
(20:44:17) MegaBoyX7: I'm gonna go get red
(20:44:25) MegaBoyX7 runs to the door behind him
(20:44:45) MegaBoyX7 suddenly appears in the left door
(20:44:53) MegaBoyX7: ... How does this work?!
(20:45:19) uraccountcrashed: What work, Mega?
(20:45:33) MegaBoyX7: I... just came back the way we came?!
(20:45:38) MegaBoyX7: And I'm over here
(20:45:47) uraccountcrashed: Oh, right!
(20:45:56) uraccountcrashed: This is right next to town!
(20:46:06) uraccountcrashed: When did we get lost?
(20:46:12) uraccountcrashed: I thought we were going straight...
(20:46:13) MegaBoyX7: well...
(20:46:23) MegaBoyX7: well...
(20:46:28) MegaBoyX7: I'm not sure
(20:46:37) MegaBoyX7: How about we go into the summoning room
(20:46:52) uraccountcrashed: Well, okay....
(20:47:12) MegaBoyX7: The Party Enters the room
(20:47:20) MegaBoyX7: There is a single table and a tablet on the wall
(20:47:48) MegaBoyX7: "You can summon a new party member to help you out here, however it is just a hologram and will fade out when normally defeated"
(20:49:22) uraccountcrashed: So...
(20:49:22) MegaBoyX7: Well this is cool
(20:49:30) MegaBoyX7: So Ura
(20:49:33) uraccountcrashed: 'Tis just a hologram?
(20:49:39) MegaBoyX7: Indeed
(20:49:34) MegaBoyX7: got anyone in mind?
(20:49:45) uraccountcrashed: Maybe...
(20:49:57) uraccountcrashed: TheDoc?
(20:50:15) MegaBoyX7: He said he was on vacation
(20:50:19) uraccountcrashed: Hm.
(20:50:25) MegaBoyX7: But there does mention a random user button
(20:50:32) MegaBoyX7: Options
(20:50:35) MegaBoyX7: 1. Summon User
(20:50:38) MegaBoyX7: 2. Leave Room
(20:50:50) MegaBoyX7: 3. Take a picture of the book for spells
(20:51:10) uraccountcrashed: I do 3 and also try to summon... Walter.
(20:51:27) MegaBoyX7: Walter...
(20:51:33) MegaBoyX7: Is still with us
(20:51:36) MegaBoyX7: he just got lost
(20:51:40) MegaBoyX7: Anywho
(20:51:45) MegaBoyX7: Let me try
(20:51:45) MegaBoyX7: Let me try
(20:51:57) MegaBoyX7: Summoning... Random
(20:52:05) MegaBoyX7: Kotunatzu...
(20:52:07) MegaBoyX7: ROCKENZU!
(20:52:23) MegaBoyX7 suddenly a faint glow enters the room and NiceIce appears!
(20:52:36) uraccountcrashed: Wow!
(20:52:48) NiceIce: . . .
(20:52:49) MegaBoyX7: It... Works?!
(20:52:56) NiceIce: Where am I?
(20:53:12) uraccountcrashed: You're in our room, silly!
(20:53:34) NiceIce: . . .
(20:53:39) NiceIce: AM I A HOLOGRAM
(20:53:41) NiceIce: *SCREAMING*
(20:53:47) uraccountcrashed: Er...
(20:54:36) MegaBoyX7: Well
(20:54:43) uraccountcrashed: [Mega, what do we do?]
(20:54:54) NiceIce: "Dear diary, today I became a hologram."
(20:54:56) MegaBoyX7: [Let me think]
(20:55:09) MegaBoyX7: You're an Ice Midget...
(20:55:26) uraccountcrashed: *Eskimo
(20:55:46) NiceIce: Can I even touch physical matter?
(20:55:58) MegaBoyX7: yeah
(20:56:02) MegaBoyX7: Ice's avatar
(20:56:26) MegaBoyX7: Maybe you can help us out with enemies?
(20:57:05) MegaBoyX7: Shouldn't be that hard...?
(20:57:34) NiceIce: ( i look like i have pajamas on, and i love it)
(20:57:34) NiceIce: ...Yea okay.
(20:57:53) MegaBoyX7: How about we split up and find out where the exit is
(20:57:59) uraccountcrashed: Great!
(20:58:08) uraccountcrashed: I'll go with Ice's hologram!
(20:58:40) MegaBoyX7: I can handle myself
(20:58:44) MegaBoyX7 exits the room
(20:58:46) NiceIce: (i wonder what happened to my physical form.)
(20:59:11) uraccountcrashed: Come on, Ice! A little exploring will take your mind off things!
(20:59:22) NiceIce: Well.
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Posted on January 20th, 2017 at 9:59pm Edited on 2017/01/20 at 10:12pm
Posted 2017/01/20 at 9:59pm Edited 2017/01/20 at 10:12pm
(20:59:28) MegaBoyX7: Okay Mega... Which way was left again?
(20:59:29) NiceIce: Okayyyyyyyy.
(20:59:34) MegaBoyX7: oh right!
(20:59:49) MegaBoyX7: Let me go to the left si- WOAAAAAAH
(20:59:56) MegaBoyX7 falls down the down side
(21:00:04) NiceIce: .....
(21:00:04) uraccountcrashed: Mega! *Rushes over
(21:00:14) NiceIce: ...Your sure he can handle himself?
(21:00:19) uraccountcrashed: What's wrong!
(21:00:29) uraccountcrashed: What's- Oh.
(21:00:33) uraccountcrashed: That, probably.
(21:01:02) MegaBoyX7 trips on his way down and falls
(21:01:04) MegaBoyX7: Okay...
(21:01:11) MegaBoyX7: How about we do a combination
(21:01:11) NiceIce: ....
(21:01:16) uraccountcrashed: Of?
(21:01:32) NiceIce: I Will just stick with Ura...
(21:01:39) MegaBoyX7: well
(21:01:41) MegaBoyX7: ...
(21:01:43) MegaBoyX7: I got one!
(21:01:48) MegaBoyX7 runs to the left side
(21:01:49) MegaBoyX7: Left
(21:01:54) MegaBoyX7 runs to the right side
(21:01:57) MegaBoyX7: Right
(21:02:03) MegaBoyX7 does it again
(21:02:04) MegaBoyX7: Right
(21:02:08) MegaBoyX7 falls down the hole
(21:02:08) uraccountcrashed: Uh...
(21:02:10) MegaBoyX7: Down!
(21:02:10) uraccountcrashed: Oh...
(21:02:15) uraccountcrashed: *Joins in with you
(21:02:33) MegaBoyX7 suddenly lands in some water
(21:02:47) uraccountcrashed: Wah-ah! What happened?
(21:02:53) NiceIce: ....
(21:03:01) MegaBoyX7: The party has landed in a new room
(21:03:06) NiceIce: I'm still all the way up here.
(21:03:08) MegaBoyX7: suddenly three figures attack
(21:03:20) MegaBoyX7: they appear to be gray guest players
(21:03:23) NiceIce: *JUMPING DOWN*
(21:03:33) MegaBoyX7: Uhh Hello?
(21:03:45) MegaBoyX7: turns a guest around to show them to be lost and insane
(21:04:19) NiceIce: I Know what this means.
(21:04:31) NiceIce: *Punches one in the face*
(21:05:19) MegaBoyX7: BATTLE START!
(21:05:30) MegaBoyX7: They're going to attack!
(21:05:31) NiceIce: NADA
(21:05:33) NiceIce: NOT NICE
(21:05:38) ChatBot: MegaBoyX7 rolls 1d6 and gets 6.
(21:05:51) MegaBoyX7: (Ura goes first
(21:06:03) MegaBoyX7: crap I messed up the colors)
(21:06:29) uraccountcrashed: Okay... I use Free Willed!
(21:06:32) MegaBoyX7: INSANE ROBOTS
HP 10/10 7Atk 0 Pow
(21:06:41) MegaBoyX7: Battle Options
(21:06:43) MegaBoyX7: Attack
(21:06:51) uraccountcrashed: Oh.
(21:06:51) MegaBoyX7: Magic
(21:06:53) MegaBoyX7: Gaurd
(21:07:07) MegaBoyX7: Hide Behind MegaBoy and his fabulous scarf
(21:07:11) NiceIce: (I Thought it was SPECIAL for me.)
(21:07:14) uraccountcrashed: I use Free Will magic?
(21:07:20) NiceIce: Don't choose the last option.
(21:08:05) ChatBot: MegaBoyX7 rolls 1d3 and gets 3.
(21:08:24) MegaBoyX7: You attack Insane Robot 3
(21:08:27) NiceIce: *Niceice listens to rap music...*
(21:08:33) MegaBoyX7: You knock it out
(21:08:48) uraccountcrashed: Nice!
(21:08:58) MegaBoyX7: You get a overused buster!
(21:09:03) uraccountcrashed: Great
(21:09:18) MegaBoyX7: Insane Robots 1 and 2 do a team attack
(21:09:24) ChatBot: MegaBoyX7 rolls 1d3 and gets 2.
(21:09:40) MegaBoyX7: The Robots aim in on nice ice and do five damage
(21:09:51) NiceIce: ....
(21:10:00) NiceIce: I Was listening to music...
(21:10:02) MegaBoyX7: NiceHologram
23/25 Atk10 Pow 3

(21:10:14) MegaBoyX7: MegaBoy's Turn
(21:10:18) MegaBoyX7: Attack
(21:10:23) MegaBoyX7: Gaurd
(21:10:26) MegaBoyX7: Magic
(21:10:39) MegaBoyX7: Do something unpradictable
(21:10:50) NiceIce: (Do holograms have less HP then their....physical forms?)
(21:11:03) MegaBoyX7: (yeah)
(21:11:14) NiceIce: oh.
(21:11:17) MegaBoyX7: I wonder...
(21:11:26) MegaBoyX7: The Attack changes everytime!
(21:11:34) MegaBoyX7 looks around his surroundings
(21:12:28) MegaBoyX7: Ice
(21:12:34) NiceIce: ....What
(21:12:44) MegaBoyX7: Charge up your special!
(21:13:02) NiceIce: BUT WHATEVER
(21:13:07) NiceIce: *SPECIAL INTENSIFieS*
(21:13:24) MegaBoyX7 picks up Ice
(21:13:29) MegaBoyX7: Keep charging and fire when close!
(21:13:33) MegaBoyX7 throws ice at the robots
(21:13:34) NiceIce: wait what
(21:13:36) NiceIce: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
(21:13:58) NiceIce: *CHARGING STILL...*
(21:14:03) NiceIce: ...i hate you so much
(21:14:05) MegaBoyX7: FIRE!
(21:14:18) NiceIce: *Just punches the ground.*
(21:14:35) MegaBoyX7: oooh
(21:14:48) MegaBoyX7: The insane robots are confused
(21:14:50) NiceIce: *Ice spikes erupt from below the robots.*
(21:15:01) MegaBoyX7: The robots explode!
(21:15:12) NiceIce: D
(21:15:13) NiceIce: E
(21:15:14) NiceIce: A
(21:15:15) NiceIce: D
(21:15:20) MegaBoyX7: sadly only an old electric rod drops
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Posted on January 20th, 2017 at 10:17pm
Posted 2017/01/20 at 10:17pm
(21:15:28) NiceIce: ...
(21:15:57) uraccountcrashed: Well. They're gone!
(21:16:09) MegaBoyX7: But they did drop some ice cubes
(21:16:19) NiceIce: ITS JUST ICE CUBES
(21:16:27) NiceIce: WHAT CAN I USE CUBES OF ICE FOR?!??
(21:16:36) uraccountcrashed: Making your drink cold.
(21:16:38) NiceIce: ....oh whatever its something
(21:16:39) NiceIce: *Pick up the stuff*
(21:17:04) NiceIce: Now to make sure this works...
(21:17:09) NiceIce: *Hits MB with the Electric Rod*
(21:17:18) MegaBoyX7: Ow!
(21:17:34) MegaBoyX7: oh wait you mean him
(21:17:39) uraccountcrashed: Why'd you do that, Ice?
(21:17:42) MegaBoyX7: Bzzztt
(21:17:49) MegaBoyX7: Shocking!
(21:17:58) MegaBoyX7: Hey look, there is some writing on it
(21:18:01) NiceIce: Testing reasons.
(21:18:35) MegaBoyX7: "Ro... Top Te..r Cep....r"
(21:18:42) MegaBoyX7: it is quite dirty
(21:18:59) NiceIce: *Wipe the dirt off*
(21:19:16) MegaBoyX7: still quite dirty
(21:19:17) uraccountcrashed: Rotom's Top Teir Cepillas?
(21:19:25) MegaBoyX7: must be insanely old
(21:19:45) uraccountcrashed: What does it mean?
(21:19:49) NiceIce: Yadayadayada
(21:19:54) NiceIce: *Continues to the next room*
(21:20:07) NiceIce: Just try to find more of those things.
(21:20:12) MegaBoyX7: Next room
(21:20:38) MegaBoyX7: An abandoned Merchant place
(21:20:46) uraccountcrashed: Ooh! free stuff!
(21:20:50) MegaBoyX7: a restroom with a green pipe with the words exit on it
(21:20:53) NiceIce: ...
(21:20:55) MegaBoyX7: Free kittens
(21:21:01) MegaBoyX7: and a door that leads to the next room
(21:21:07) MegaBoyX7: among some neutral survivors
(21:21:21) NiceIce: *Just checks out the next room*
(21:21:23) uraccountcrashed: FREE KITTIESSSS
(21:21:37) MegaBoyX7: Pretty interesting selection if you ask me
(21:21:43) MegaBoyX7: Meow
(21:22:10) MegaBoyX7: Ura gained a Cat
(21:22:19) uraccountcrashed: YES!
(21:22:51) uraccountcrashed: I'm naming you Lonnie!
(21:23:05) NiceIce: Is it a he or a she though?
(21:23:12) uraccountcrashed: Um...
(21:23:20) uraccountcrashed: Why, you wanna check?
(21:23:29) uraccountcrashed: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(21:23:31) MegaBoyX7 looks under the cat
(21:23:37) MegaBoyX7: It's...
(21:23:41) MegaBoyX7: A black bar
(21:23:46) uraccountcrashed: Wh1t.
(21:23:47) NiceIce: *BLUSHING FOR SOME REASON*
(21:23:53) uraccountcrashed: (Oh, I get it. Haha, Mega)
(21:24:34) uraccountcrashed: Anyway, Lonnie it is!
(21:24:45) NiceIce: *URA GOT A LONNIE*
(21:24:57) uraccountcrashed: Huehue.
(21:25:37) MegaBoyX7: It looks so cute
(21:25:39) MegaBoyX7: anywho
(21:25:44) NiceIce: (I KNOW there is gonna be a romantic side story somewhere in this stuff, Or you know... ITS RAINING CATS)
(21:25:55) NiceIce: (HALLELUAH)
(21:26:04) MegaBoyX7: LOOK MORE OF THEM!
(21:26:29) uraccountcrashed: Yoy!
(21:26:36) uraccountcrashed: TALKING CATS OH BOY
(21:26:45) NiceIce: I'M ALLERGIC
(21:26:58) MegaBoyX7: NO,NO WE ARE HUMAN
(21:27:06) uraccountcrashed: You're a hologram.
(21:27:07) MegaBoyX7: SAY...
(21:27:10) MegaBoyX7: WHAT YEAR IS IT?
(21:27:15) uraccountcrashed: AND TALKING KITTIEEEEEESSSSS
(21:27:17) MegaBoyX7: 2017
(21:27:18) NiceIce: ......
(21:27:18) uraccountcrashed: SO KUTEE
(21:27:21) NiceIce: But...
(21:27:26) NiceIce: I'm still actually alive
(21:27:28) MegaBoyX7: Meow??
(21:27:40) NiceIce: *SNEEZING INTENSIFIES*
(21:27:48) MegaBoyX7: OH...
(21:28:00) MegaBoyX7: WE CAME HERE IN 1983
(21:28:07) uraccountcrashed: Wowch.
(21:28:14) uraccountcrashed: How are you still alive.
(21:28:16) MegaBoyX7: You... look... Like 13 year olds
(21:28:33) NiceIce: NAH
(21:28:34) MegaBoyX7: Anywho
(21:28:35) NiceIce: they are lying
(21:28:39) NiceIce: Its the year "Apple."
(21:28:40) MegaBoyX7: any tips you can give us?
(21:28:59) NiceIce: Also there is no more cat food in the world
(21:29:11) NiceIce: *SARCASTIC OPTION FALLOUT 4.*
(21:29:22) uraccountcrashed: Which room, wise kitties?
(21:29:45) MegaBoyX7: THE LAST 15 TO COME IN DIED
(21:30:07) NiceIce: *Goes into the room*
(21:30:17) MegaBoyX7: HERE, TAKE THIS
(21:30:17) NiceIce: Okay. Special room. Got it.
(21:30:22) uraccountcrashed: ICE!
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Posted on January 20th, 2017 at 10:30pm Edited on 2017/01/20 at 10:37pm
Posted 2017/01/20 at 10:30pm Edited 2017/01/20 at 10:37pm
(21:30:40) MegaBoyX7 gives MegaBoy and Ura the Kitty Claws
(21:30:48) MegaBoyX7: and the Purr Amulet(21:31:03) NiceIce: ...I Don't see what is so special.
(21:31:18) MegaBoyX7: NOOT NOOT!
(21:31:21) uraccountcrashed: Wow! Thankies, Kitties!
(21:31:25) NiceIce: ....
(21:31:26) NiceIce: YOU.
(21:31:33) NiceIce: I remember YOU.
(21:31:38) MegaBoyX7 suddenly a giant robotic penguin with moss on it appears
(21:31:42) MegaBoyX7 growls
(21:31:47) MegaBoyX7: Ice!
(21:31:54) NiceIce: I'LL END YOU!
(21:32:05) MegaBoyX7 walks into the next room
(21:32:21) uraccountcrashed: *Follow Mega
(21:32:13) NiceIce: *Punch it*
(21:32:22) MegaBoyX7: Battle Start!
(21:33:06) MegaBoyX7: This is a Boss

(21:33:14) MegaBoyX7: You should try to get out of the way of all his attacks
(21:34:02) MegaBoyX7: Alright
(21:34:07) ChatBot: MegaBoyX7 rolls 1d4 and gets 2.
(21:34:14) NiceIce: HHHHH...
(21:34:14) MegaBoyX7: NiceIce's Turn
(21:34:16) MegaBoyX7: Attack
(21:34:19) MegaBoyX7: Gaurd
(21:34:20) MegaBoyX7: impact
(21:34:22) MegaBoyX7: Special
(21:34:32) NiceIce: ...Why don't I even have magic anyways?
(21:34:42) NiceIce: Whatever.
(21:35:02) NiceIce: *Give it a punch or two to the face*
(21:35:29) MegaBoyX7: The Attack Hits
(21:35:37) MegaBoyX7: 90/100
(21:35:47) MegaBoyX7: Ura's Turn!
(21:35:49) MegaBoyX7: Attack
(21:35:51) MegaBoyX7: Magic
(21:35:53) MegaBoyX7: impact
(21:36:06) MegaBoyX7: Use the Cat
(21:36:19) uraccountcrashed: Okay, I'll use a regular attack, but ssacrifice damage in order to dodge, just in case!
(21:36:26) uraccountcrashed: Protect the cat.
(21:37:28) MegaBoyX7: Meow!
(21:37:44) MegaBoyX7: 80/100
(21:37:49) MegaBoyX7: MegaBoy's Turn
(21:38:04) MegaBoyX7: Attack
(21:38:07) MegaBoyX7: Gaurd
(21:38:09) MegaBoyX7: impact
(21:38:20) MegaBoyX7: Do Something Unpredictable
(21:38:29) MegaBoyX7: ...
(21:38:34) MegaBoyX7: UNPREICTABLE TIME!
(21:38:42) MegaBoyX7 holds up the cat amulet
(21:39:17) MegaBoyX7 cues a sailor moon transformation
(21:39:21) MegaBoyX7: BEHOLD!
(21:39:25) MegaBoyX7: MEGAMEOWSTER!
(21:39:42) MegaBoyX7 (is in a red cat suit with a blue scarf)
(21:39:53) MegaBoyX7 attacks the enemy with the special attack
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Posted on January 20th, 2017 at 10:52pm
Posted 2017/01/20 at 10:52pm
Update! Battle system improved, also Kittens!
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Posted on January 20th, 2017 at 10:53pm
Posted 2017/01/20 at 10:53pm
(21:40:30) MegaBoyX7: The attack does 20 damage
(21:40:36) MegaBoyX7: 60/100
(21:40:43) MegaBoyX7: Wow this battle system needs an update doesn't it
(21:40:52) MegaBoyX7: NOOT NOOT!
(21:41:38) uraccountcrashed: (An update how?
(21:41:41) uraccountcrashed: )
(21:41:47) MegaBoyX7: (Just some tweaks to it)
(21:42:17) MegaBoyX7 fires tiny ice bullets at the whole party
(21:42:25) MegaBoyX7: 5 damage each
(21:42:33) MegaBoyX7: Ice's Turn
(21:43:15) MegaBoyX7: Attack
(21:43:18) NiceIce: ...*THINK ABOUT TRYING MAGIC....*
(21:43:18) MegaBoyX7: Gaurd
(21:43:19) MegaBoyX7: Item
(21:43:25) MegaBoyX7: Suddenly...
(21:43:27) MegaBoyX7: MAGIC!
(21:43:52) MegaBoyX7: his magic bar fills up
(21:44:24) NiceIce: ooooooooooooooooo
(21:44:26) NiceIce: *MAGIC*
(21:44:34) MegaBoyX7: Two options
(21:44:41) MegaBoyX7: Ice Slasher
(21:44:51) MegaBoyX7: Midget Painkiller
(21:45:03) NiceIce: . . .
(21:45:10) NiceIce: Seriously. I'm a eskimo not a midget.
(21:45:24) NiceIce: Eh.
(21:45:24) MegaBoyX7: It does 100 damage
(21:45:39) NiceIce: *Midget Painkiller*
(21:45:47) NiceIce: I Guess I am smol tho
(21:46:34) MegaBoyX7: NOOT?!
(21:46:41) MegaBoyX7: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO​OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo​ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo​oooooooooooooooooooooo-
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Posted on January 20th, 2017 at 10:53pm Edited on 2017/01/20 at 10:57pm
Posted 2017/01/20 at 10:53pm Edited 2017/01/20 at 10:57pm
(21:46:44) MegaBoyX7 explodes
(21:46:54) MegaBoyX7: m-m-mAster?
(21:47:03) MegaBoyX7: Battle End!
(21:47:15) MegaBoyX7: Suddenly a new skill grows inside the party
(21:47:18) MegaBoyX7: LEVEL UP!
(21:47:22) MegaBoyX7: Level One!
(21:47:48) MegaBoyX7: Updating Stats
(21:47:54) NiceIce: MY SECOND MATE
(21:47:58) NiceIce: PEN
(21:48:12) MegaBoyX7 suddenly Ice is fading out
(21:48:24) NiceIce: . . .
(21:48:32) NiceIce: What....
(21:48:39) uraccountcrashed: Oh, no!
(21:48:44) uraccountcrashed: Ice, hows goeseth?
(21:49:06) NiceIce: ???
(21:49:36) NiceIce: Im.....
(21:49:37) NiceIce: Not...
(21:49:39) NiceIce: Fine...
(21:49:42) NiceIce: *BURSTS INTO PIXELS*
(21:49:46) uraccountcrashed: What's happening to you?
(21:49:51) uraccountcrashed: Nooo!!!
(21:50:08) MegaBoyX7: Guess it doesn't work forever
(21:50:14) MegaBoyX7: Anywho
(21:50:19) uraccountcrashed: Aw, why not!?
(21:50:20) MegaBoyX7 suddenly the room shakes
(21:50:21) MegaBoyX7: WOAH?!
(21:50:27) MegaBoyX7: WHAT IS THAT!!
(21:50:39) uraccountcrashed: Waa-ah!
(21:51:38) NiceIce: (I Gotta get going now)
(21:52:57) uraccountcrashed: Aw, bye
(21:53:15) MegaBoyX7 suddenly a door opens leading to the city
(21:53:33) MegaBoyX7: Woah
(21:53:37) MegaBoyX7: Is that...
(21:53:49) MegaBoyX7: Sprite City?!
(21:54:20) uraccountcrashed: Sprite city! Cool!
(21:54:32) uraccountcrashed: (anyway, I need to get off as well. Sorry, Mega)
(21:54:42) MegaBoyX7: (Okay)

(Sorry about the lack of formatting recently, tEchnical difficulties.)

(21:54:52) MegaBoyX7: Off to the city we go then!

Until next time, our heroes WILL push on!!!
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Posted on January 20th, 2017 at 11:00pm Edited on 2017/01/20 at 11:24pm
Posted 2017/01/20 at 11:00pm Edited 2017/01/20 at 11:24pm
Also, there are still slots open for adventure.

I may or may not be having a session tomorrow


I fixed the parties tab to show an image

Also I added levels. I will make sure to do some other things to make this system complete.
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Posted on January 21st, 2017 at 2:52pm
Posted 2017/01/21 at 2:52pm

Make sure to come to the rp channel in chat to join in.
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Posted on January 21st, 2017 at 2:57pm
Posted 2017/01/21 at 2:57pm
(First off, quick ideas: put the logs in a pastebin, putting them here just looks bad, and two, with this being a roleplay chat room game, there need to be some kind of timed scheduling, as not everyone will be able to be on Prototype 24/7 to find out when it starts. It would be nice, at least.)

Ender was a normal man, working a way on the Sky Peninsula, till he recently got hired by the mysterious group of the StupidStudios. So, after making a quick move to his new office-home. All went great from there till uh...uh...Well, nothing bad seemed to has happened, how great! Surely nothing can good wrong now! While waiting for something to happen, Ender has been doing a lot of tinkering work in his office.
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