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Robot World Tournament (NOT A TOURNAMENT RP)

February 2nd, 2017 at 9:11pm
Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
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An MM8BDM-inspired thing that's KINDA like Adrian's Mansion and also KINDA it's own thing. How much is it of the two is for you to judge. And before you get triggered, this is NOT an actual Tournament Roleplay, the story is just BASED around a Tournament.

A new robotics tournament has been announced, and robots all over the world has already joined, each of them for their own reasons! To help out contestants, Doctors Light, Wily (against his own will), and Cossack have opened their labs and had their assistants work on some shops! Who will come out on top? Will it be YOU?
Because all roleplays need them to avoid chaos.

1. You can use ANY character you want. However, Main Characters/Robot Masters from the Classic Series (minus Reggae, Rush, Tango, Eddie, Beat, and Treble, because eh.) are already in the game, so those are unavailable. Mechas, on the other hand, ARE available. Also, if your character is originally human, Pokemon (looking at you, Rotom), or other, they will ONLY be classified as robots BASED on the character for the sake of this taking place in the Classic Series PLUS this being a ROBOT Tournament, though abilities will remain the same... In a sense.

1 1/2. "In a sense" meaning... Well, don't think you'll get away with having ALL your abilities straight away. There will be Upgrades in Dr. Light's shop based on the character (like Rotom's form inventory, mentioning him AGAIN), but it WILL cost you Zenny, which you will only earn by facing others.

2. Speaking of battles, when facing a main Robot Master, you have a choice to face a player who's in the same location as you in-between battles IF THEY ARE NOT BUSY THEMSELVES. Also, after each Boss, you have the option to go to the 3 Break Areas to shop and/or restore health. You are UNABLE to face each other in these areas.

2 1/2. "But Beta," you may be thinking, "what if I want to face another player WITHOUT facing a Mecha beforehand?" Well, there's a solution: There is a stage made PURELY for PvP, but the person you want to face HAS to be there as well. You can also leave at any time to return to the Break Areas.

3. Let's not forget THIS important thing: Stats! There are FIVE different stats, and each one increases depending on who you face!
HP: Health
Self-explanatory, really.
Wep: Weapon Energy
Essentially the "Mana" of the game. This fuels how many times you can use a Robot Master Weapon.
Atk: Attack
This affects your attacks. The Dmg (Damage) of your regular attack equals this divided by half rounded down. Robot Master Weapons usually use the #*(Atk/5) rule.
Def: Defense
This affects how protected you are from attacks from REGULAR enemies. (Dmg Amount-(Def/2)=Dmg Dealt) For instance, an attack that usually does 100 Dmg going against someone with 100 Def will deal 50 Dmg instead.
PlD: Player Defense
Originating from Adrian's Mansion, this is how protected you are from attacks from OTHER PLAYERS. (Same formula as Defense except "PlD" takes place of "Def".) For instance, you'd think an attack with 100 Dmg against a Player with 50 Def would do 75 Dmg, right? Well, if the Player has 100 PlD, it'll actually deal 50 Dmg instead.
BONUS: Core Resistance
Each attack has a Core. Core Resistance matching the attack's Core Type can really help out, allowing you to resist it! (100 Cutter Dmg-(100 Def/2)-10 (+10 Cutter Resistance)=40 Dmg Dealt) HOWEVER, these boosts aren't easy to come across, and NEGATIVE Resistance makes you Weakened!

4. Also like Adrian's Mansion, there are 3 Classes! ...BUT! They each have their own special, unique thing!
For people who wants to make friends! ...Or an army, either one works.
200 HP 100 Wep 50 Atk 100 Def
Teambuilders can recruit defeated Main Bosses! However, in their place will be a tougher opponent! Also, you can only Have 3 Members at a time!
For people who wants to compete regularly.
150 HP 150 Wep 75 Atk 75 Def 30 PlD
Sadly, the only special thing these guys have is a bonus PlD starting stat. But if you want that as well as a good stat balance, this class is for you!
For people who wants to face any challenge, even those not in the tournament!
100 HP 200 Wep 100 Atk 50 Def
Conquerors can actually ATTACK NPCS and temporarily shut down their shops! But please note you can only attack NPCs that are Robots! Also, NPCs of shops that are shut down are reactivated when you defeat a Boss. Also, if you think this means you can attack players in Break Areas, you're wrong! There's a reason they're called BREAK Areas, ya know!
5. There are TWO types of Bosses: Main Bosses and Event Bosses! Event Bosses only appear when a certain event happens, and after being defeated enough times, they will disappear. Event Bosses will drop special items when defeated, and some of them have stages you must purchase in Kalinka's Shop.

5 1/2. With that, there are also TWO types of stages alongside the break areas: Public Areas and Private Areas. Public Areas are locations ANYONE can access, while Private Areas are locations only certain players can go IF THEY HAVE A CERTAIN ITEM. If you don't get a certain object, don't worry, there's a place you can get it if you miss the chance! (Won't be cheap, though.)

6. The main currency is Zenny, but you can also obtain Bolts and Starforce Shards. These can be used in certain shops, including Auto's Shop and Cossack's Two Shops (one of which is based on the Recruitment thing only usable by Teambuilders, thus why Cossack has TWO shops compared to everyone else: It's so that there's a purpose for OTHERS to use the Starforce Shards.) 5 Starforce Shards is equal to ONE Full Starforce. Why this is important will be revealed in the future.
Simple, really.

Playing Style:
Other Information:

-A Mugshot or two is optional, but please place it in the Name section, and USE ONLY ONE WHEN SIGNING UP. Other Mugshots can be used in ACTUAL dialogue.
-The Core determines the Core Type of your character, thus the Core Type of your Basic Attack. And yes, Dual-Cores are available.
-Playing Style is just another name for what class you'll use. Please note that you CAN'T change your class!
-Other Information is any information on your character, including basic abilities (wall-jumping, spread-shot, ect.), personality, why the person is in the competition to begin with, ect. This is completely optional, but it'll help me when coming up with Upgrades to obtain in Dr. Light's shop. (And unless I actually know the character you're using, I'll need it.) Also, please note that weaknesses and resistances are unnecessary, as you will start off with the default weakness/resistance of absolutely nothing. No special cases.
Currently, only Cut Man's stage is available, as this is what I'd like to call the "Beta Run". Why do I call it that, you ask? No, it's not because it's my username, but it's because that Beta Man is INDEED an Event Boss in Cut Man's stage. Unlike other Event Bosses, Beta Man will only leave when this thread gets out of the Beta Run phase and into the ACTUAL First Phase of MM1/MMPU.

The World Robot Tournament underway! For now, prepare for the upcoming tournament, and train up!
Cut Man's Stage is now open!
Beta Man has appeared in Cut Man's Stage!

Finally, I actually stopped being lazy and did this. I'll start production on MM1/MMPU when I feel that we have enough players to start off with.

There are no players yet.
Tournament Status
Robot World Tournament (NOT A TOURNAMENT RP)
Posted by Beta Shadow on February 2nd, 2017 at 9:11pm
Viewed 1287 Times
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Posted on February 2nd, 2017 at 9:30pm
Posted 2017/02/02 at 9:30pm
Might as well sign up for this, with a twist!

Name: Colton MDN-073 Mugshot
Playing Style: Conquer
Other Information: An Upgraded version of the Colton Enemy
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Posted on February 2nd, 2017 at 11:03pm Edited on 2017/02/03 at 12:58am
Posted 2017/02/02 at 11:03pm Edited 2017/02/03 at 12:58am
Mmm yess, I'll sign up for this thread.

Winchester the Super-Cyber Cheetah thing(?) Winchester, the Mansion General
Playstyle: Teambuilder

Other Info:
> Backstory: Winchester was lying in the Mansion's Garden, twirling his spear about at the end of its wooden pole. Winchester was bored, and had no one to talk with. Adrian and Adrina were cooped up in the Master Bedroom, working on their eldritch monster experiments. Winston and Wilbur, the other two in the Triplet Cheetah Trio™, were too busy on the higher floors as merchants. His subordinates were even too busy to talk with; Guardian Panda was working on keeping the Floor 3 monsters at bay, Fox was somewhere in the forest, Doberman was likely in a fight with someone, and Lion was most likely either sleeping or stealing food.
However, a small, black piece of paper lied on his nose. Winchester's first instinct in this situation was to either swat the paper away or eat it, but instead, he decided to read it
"Beta's Robot World Tournament: Fight in Intense Battles, Test Your Strength with Other Foes,free continental breakfast with 24 different varieties smoked bacon.
"Hmm, something tells me I should enter this tournament!" Winchester stood up and ran from the entrance of the mansion, leaving a note on the door saying "Winchester's out for lunch. He'll be back in a few hundred years."

>> Basic Skills: Winchester, being the head of a group of wild human-sized animals, all armed with dangerously sharp weapons, knows how to work with other people. He is considered rather Charismatic among his peers, and can probably sway a merchant to reduce the price of a new, shiny weapon with his smooth, persuasive singing voice. He is also quite flexible, being able to fit in small spaces and easily climb up any surface he'd like to (although he'll probably fall off if he holds on for too long).

In terms of actually fighting, however, Winchester mainly specializes in close ranged weaponry. Although he only really uses a spear, but maybe he could learn to use other weapons in the Tourney?

>>> Personality: To be infinitely summed up: Winchester is the squad mom. He buys food for Fox and Doberman every Tuesday, he always makes sure every one of the Guardians's armor is up to date. He's a bit jealous of Panda's cooking skills, and he's already done with Lion (who's the kind of person that says "I'm not hungry" at a fast food place, then gorge themselves on your fries that you paid). At least Fox and Doberman are cool in his opinion, although he feels as if he is the only person in his entire furry cult army that is actually competent in completing his duties. For example: Doberman is supposed to cut the grass and feed the Electric Foxes, but does she actually do it? Well, occasionally, but Winchester still feels altogether frustrated with the others.

>>>> Upgrade Ideas: I do like your idea of the game having a series of upgrades simply constructed for the player. Some examples would be:

Zenny Radar -Equipped with the Zenny Radar, any Zenny he gets from battles will be increased (from 1.1x to 1.5x, although a boost as big as 1.5x may crash the in-game economy if the upgrade is very easy to get, remember)

Ruthenium Armor/Weapons -Ruthenium is a rare material in Adrian's Mansion that is used to develop strong weapons. Ruthenium Armor/Weapons could supply Winchester with a stable source of Defense/Attack upgrades.

Charm -Because of Winchester's high Charisma, all items sold by merchants will be slightly reduced! (5%-20% would be a good idea. Remember to balance Zenny Radar with Charm, however. A 1.5x Zenny boost and a 20% Merchant discount could be a bit broken. This is also based off of Mystery Mansion's Charisma stat)

Paper Fan/Laser Tag Gun/Taser/Bottle Rocket, etc... -Multi-typed attacks! Perhaps for an upgrade, Winchester could buy a Paper Fan that dealt Wind-typed damage, or a Bottle Rocket that followed the Explode-core typing and does 1.5-2.0x more damage on Guts Man?
Also, I'd hate to sound clueless, but how will stats be gained?

Will it be like: "Oh, you defeated Cut Man, so you get 5 Attack and 5 Defense" where you gain stats based on the robot in question. Like if you defeat a Defense-based bot, you get like 30 Defense and 10 Attack.
Anyway, that's all I really have. I hope you accept my sign-up!
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on February 3rd, 2017 at 6:52am
Posted 2017/02/03 at 6:52am
@Musical : Let me quote you something from the rules:

"...if your character is originally human, Pokemon, or other, they will ONLY be classified as robots BASED on the character for the sake of this taking place in the Classic Series PLUS this being a ROBOT Tournament..." I'm not saying you haven't been accepted, I'm just pointing out a detail since you LITERALLY signed him up as an animal, rather than a robot. But I digress. Then again, every enemy in Adrian's Mansion could also be a robot in some shape or form, and given how we don't know where they came from, it would probably make sense.

(Also, not to be picky, but... BETA'S Robot World Tournament? I know I was the one who made the thread, but I feel as if Beta Man isn't the one hosting it... Otherwise, he wouldn't be in the actual competition himself, now would he?)

As for how stats are earned, ...Well, it's a bit complex/complicated, but it's also easy/doable.

After any REGULAR BATTLE (as in against a Mecha), You gain stats Based on Class: Teambuilders earn Def, Conquerors earn Atk, BOTH of them earns PlD, and the Contestant gets an HP/Wep boost. If it's to be well recommended, the Contestant's basic stat growth will be changed.

After a Boss Battle against someone like Cut Man, you earn either 10 HP or 10 Wep (I have a private Pastebin I like to set things in, so I can safely say: I forgot what I meant when I typed "HP OR Wep." Though maybe I meant it was random.), as well as 5 PlD and 10 of the Boss' Highest Stat. (Atk, for Cut Man's case, but maybe you should pretend you never saw this.) You also get the Boss' Main Weapon (Cut Man's being Rolling Cutter, of course), so there's that.

Winning a Player Battle gives you 10 PlD and 5 of the losing player's highest stat. (Not as a transfer thing, of course.) Meanwhile, an Event Boss gives off the same reward stats as a regular Boss PLUS a bonus 5 PlD.

...And of course there are punishments for losing. Because if SSJ3 can be an annoying after-death punishment, so can this. If a player was to lose, they'd lose 50% of their earned Zenny, their teammates (if they are a Teambuilder and had any), all obtained Weapons (Rolling Cutter being a Prime Example), and a random item in their inventory. But where does the item go? Well, if you look in the Tournament Status Pastebin, you'll see that Disco has a shop called "Disco's Storage Unit", and it's currently closed. That'll be where all death-caused lost items end up for ANYONE to grab. They'll have to PAY for it, though. Even the original owner! Because Wily is cheap and butt-hurt because he's being forced to be helpful and kind for once in his life. But maybe he shouldn't be trying to take over the world.

I hope this was enough information, and I'm sorry if I'm being a bit picky on the character. They're changes that don't REALLY have to be made (though if you decide not to, we'll just pretend you did and still try to classify Winchester as a robot based on him to keep true to the actual Rules), but it's still something I should probably mention.

...Oh yeah, before I go, I kinda like the ideas you have for his upgrades. I'm a bit skeptical about "Charm", however, but once again, I digress. Though the stranger thing is having to pay for something that decreases the price of shop items.
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Posted on February 3rd, 2017 at 9:09am Edited on 2017/02/03 at 9:14am
Posted 2017/02/03 at 9:09am Edited 2017/02/03 at 9:14am
Name:Black Joe
black joe
Playing Style:Contestant , Shooter thats what you mean with classes right
Other Info:A Joe created by Willy to beat the battle and chase tournament with the other black troopers , enters the Beta Tournament to proove he can fight like the other Joes and even maybe win
like any other joe have a buster and shield , can throw grenades and is good with vehycles but mainly his car that can put mines on the ground
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Posted on February 3rd, 2017 at 1:52pm
Posted 2017/02/03 at 1:52pm
@Beta Man : "OH YEA." "LETS DO THIS"

Name: NiceIce

OTHER INFO: Will take any weapons he sees, he came here to be pretty beastly and charismatic at the same time, destroying and recruiting and taking robot master's weapons. Hes a force to be reckoned with. Here to have fun, and rip some heads off.

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Beta Shadow
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Posted on February 3rd, 2017 at 4:12pm
Posted 2017/02/03 at 4:12pm
@Copyie : Actually, Classes mean what Playing Style you do. (Contestant, Conqueror, or Teambuilder, of course). But the mention of "Shooter" makes things a BIT easier to determine upgrades.

Also, while the image isn't exactly a mugshot, it DOES help to show the character's appearance, so it's acceptable.
@Everyone : And with that, I feel as if we can actually start this thing. I plan on doing this at LEAST once a day. But if I end up not doing it at all one day it's probably because of laziness, so yeah. But I'll try my best, and maybe if I feel like it I'll make two or more updates in a row. ...Most likely just one or two updates today, though.

...Err, uh... Bad time to mention this, but Basic Attacks have a core, so... I'm adding Core Types to the sign-ups. This determines the Character's Core Type, and thus their Basic Attack's Core. Don't worry, this will NOT affect what weapons you can earn, and not having them right now doesn't mean you're not in. (Also, some cores will be assumed in the Character Status Pastebin, but those will be TEMPORARY. Whether or not they will be permanent cores are up to you.) Also, some weapons/equipment, like NiceIce's Ice Slasher and Black Joe's Shield will NOT be given early (Sorry, have to start off like everyone else), while Black Joe's Joe Buster, Winchester's Spear, and Colton's Revolver (I think?) will count as your Basic Attacks. After posting this, I will be working on Upgrades for you guys. Black Joe's Shield and NiceIce's Permanent Ice Slasher (as in he doesn't lose it even if he dies, like other Weapon-Based upgrades, because let's face it, if you die it would be a waste of Zenny.) are some prime examples, though I might come into chat later on down the road for some assistance on coming up with ideas. And then there's my laziness. That might also get in the way.

So, Cut Man's Stage or the Battle Arena. Where will you go? (Please note that I'm having you start off going to one of the two because you start off with NO Zenny, so going to a shop at this point is pretty much pointless.)

Character Status
Tournament Status
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Posted on February 3rd, 2017 at 4:41pm
Posted 2017/02/03 at 4:41pm
@Beta Man : Can I recruit Bass or Mega Man rn, or not until i beat CUT MAN'S stage. Either way, i'm going to Cut Man's Stage.
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on February 3rd, 2017 at 5:00pm
Posted 2017/02/03 at 5:00pm
@NiceIce : Sorry, recruiting Mega Man OR Bass costs Zenny, too, so that'll have to wait.

Speaking of waiting, I'll get to you going to Cut Man's at some other point, which could be later on today, or it could be tomorrow.
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Posted on February 3rd, 2017 at 7:32pm
Posted 2017/02/03 at 7:32pm
@Beta Man : Yeah, in the rules you did say that all characters signed up will be automatically classed as a robot for the sake of making it easier in terms of story, so I just assumed I could sign up as any character I would like (even if they had to be classed as a robot). I am sorry for the inconvenience, though, and I am not against Winchester being classed as a robot.

Anyway, I do like your idea for the stat growths. I do have one minor suggestion, however:
For the mechas, instead of a boost for one stat based on class, perhaps the mecha gives out a base boost to all (or maybe even some or just one) stat. And whatever values the mecha gives in that stat will be determined by [Bv * (Bs/100)] = tV
Bv = Base Value
Bs = Base Stat
tV = Total Value

For example:
A Teambuilder defeats a mecha. Say the mecha would give 10 Attack. Because of the Teambuilder's base attack of 50, the mecha would merely give 5 (10 * (50/100)) = 5
For Player Defense, however, maybe just give out a flat rate of whatever number no matter what the player's base Player Defense.

This could be a bit complicated, but I'm just spitting out suggestions as of now
Winchester looks over to the entrance of Cut Man's Stage. Although he didn't really know what a Cut Man even was, he headed towards it
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on February 3rd, 2017 at 7:35pm
Posted 2017/02/03 at 7:35pm
@Musical : I don't really see a problem with your idea, but I still feel like sticking to my current plan. I dunno, guess I'm a bit fond of it. Or something, idk.
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Posted on February 3rd, 2017 at 8:11pm Edited on 2017/02/04 at 10:16am
Posted 2017/02/03 at 8:11pm Edited 2017/02/04 at 10:16am
(Yes, it's me, RedBomber. I moved to a different account due to password issues.)

Name: .Proto Man MKII
Core: Shield/Shadow
Playing Style: Conqueror
Other information: Proto Man MKII is the arrogant yet competetive sucsessor to the Blues, roaming the earth to find someone worthy of challenging him. he is a wanted robot for murder, arson, and theft. But no one yet has been able to put him to justice.
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Posted on February 4th, 2017 at 7:39am Edited on 2017/02/04 at 7:48am
Posted 2017/02/04 at 7:39am Edited 2017/02/04 at 7:48am
@Beta Man : yeah just like i expected by reading the rules well i have some ideas to improve but i will save them for now talk to me if you want to hear

Black Joe goes to the Cutman stage
sniper-joe : Ah dammit they took my shield and now want me to pay for it , well them gotta get some zenny to get it back

i knkow the rules just doing it to animate the character
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Posted on February 4th, 2017 at 9:01am Edited on 2017/02/04 at 9:13am
Posted 2017/02/04 at 9:01am Edited 2017/02/04 at 9:13am
(Why not, may aswell join this thing)
Type/Playing Style: Teambuilder
Core: Cutter/Flame (I want to have different cores for this one, so that's what im using)
Other info: Meta has returned after previous battles! he changed his cores aswell.
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Posted on February 4th, 2017 at 9:15am Edited on 2017/02/04 at 11:16am
Posted 2017/02/04 at 9:15am Edited 2017/02/04 at 11:16am
And now for someething completely obviou-

Imgur Nope.

Wait, what are you saying? This kinda thing is right up your alley!

Imgur Yeah, but why do I gotta be in EVERYTHING!?

...You bring up a good point, sir. I'll just bring a fut-

Imgur Well, I GUESS I can partake.

Name: Imgur Rotom
Core: Electric/Shadow
Playing Style: Conqueror
Other Information: He hatess and will do anything to destroy them. He is currently using his Mad Heelnavi suit.
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on February 4th, 2017 at 10:10pm
Posted 2017/02/04 at 10:10pm
@Everyone : Alright, I just decided to start assuming the cores of Colton, Winchester, Black Joe, and NiceIce since nobody decided to mention anything wrong about my core choices. If you wish to correct me on this, this'll be your last chance to do so.
@NiceIce, MusicalKitty, and Copyie :
NiceIce, Winchester, and Black Joe appears in Cut Man's Stage. There seems to be an entrance of some sorts. Nearby the entrance is Beta Man just hanging around.

Will you go through the entrance, or face Beta Man?
@Walter, Meta, and RotomSlashBlast :
Meanwhile, Proto Man MKII, Meta, and Rotom appears who knows where. In this same place is Colton, but you can't actually fight him because you're here to pick a stage.

Two choices are available: Cut Man's Stage and Battle Arena. The Battle Arena is for PvP, just so you know. So, where will you go?
Character Status
Tournament Status
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Posted on February 4th, 2017 at 10:55pm Edited on 2017/02/04 at 11:19pm
Posted 2017/02/04 at 10:55pm Edited 2017/02/04 at 11:19pm
@Beta Man : Spot-on with the core. To match for Adrian's Mansion though, I'd think that making Winchester Nature and Shield would be a better, tho.
Winchester looked over to the Beta Man. He decided to face Beta Man, although he didn't know exactly know how to engage. Winchester slooooooooowly tiptoed over to Beta Man like the stealthy catrobot thing he was. Winchester was merely yards away from the Beta Man, and started to write some notes in a tiny notebook he had (I know cheetahs don't have thumbs just pretend he does for a sec)

"Name: Robot thing(?)
Appearance: Really short. Probably too short to ride any of the rollercoasters at the fair. Poor him
Natural Habitat: Probably Cut Man's stage. These robot things may come from the southern U.S tho, who knows??
Weakness: I dunno, but it's kinda scary. I'm gonna have nightmares of this thing for a year"

Winchester closed his notebook and tossed his colored pencil to the side, preparing his voice. The Winchester then let out a loud, bellowing
"Howdy there pardner, wanna have a robot battle!?" Winchester's voice cracked like 80,000 times and he was honestly embarrassed "Oh gosh, it's just like when I was in 7th grade again.... God, 7th grade was a horrible time. I had a crush on Zelda then. Who even falls in love with a fictional green elf dude? I was such a mess back then, at least I'm not like that now though. I look cooler, I sound cooler, and I'm a bit taller too! I bet I can get all the ladies/fictional green elf people now!"

Winchester then realized that he just said his thoughts out loud, and started dying a bit inside.

"Anyway, should I just, uhh..." Winchester tossed his spear at Beta, hoping something happens
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Posted on February 5th, 2017 at 9:10am
Posted 2017/02/05 at 9:10am
Rotom picks the Cut Man Stage!
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Posted on February 5th, 2017 at 9:44am Edited on 2017/02/05 at 9:54am
Posted 2017/02/05 at 9:44am Edited 2017/02/05 at 9:54am
@Beta Man : Black Joe goes to the entrance
and as for the core type i think shield and swift he is more of a racer and less of a fighter
sniper-joe : Ok i think i can face Cutman with what i have now but that guy looks a lot like Megaman i dont wanna start a fight with him now

Black Joe enters the Cutman stage
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Posted on February 5th, 2017 at 11:05am
Posted 2017/02/05 at 11:05am
@Beta Man : "BETA MAN. YOU. ME. FIGHT. NOW." *Attempt to fight Beta Man, but Winchester is already fighting sooooooo.... just swing a punch Beta Man's way.*
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Posted on February 5th, 2017 at 4:30pm Edited on 2017/02/06 at 3:23pm
Posted 2017/02/05 at 4:30pm Edited 2017/02/06 at 3:23pm
.Eh. Might as well to Cut Man's stage if everyone else is.

Proto heads over to Cut Man's stage.

.Cut Man, the time has come for you toDIE.Or something like that, I'm not really that into edgy stereotypes.

Proto Man MKII shoots a charge shot all the way towards Cut Man's general direction
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