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Video Card: The Electronic card game!

November 25th, 2017 at 11:35pm
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Hey guys, this is my first time making a forum game, so constructive criticism is appreciated. Now I will stop using big words, and explain.

Video Card is a trading card game. Every card has stats. The stats include:

HP: How many hits your card can take before being knocked out
Attack: How much damage your card does to the opposing card
Mana: How many skills your card can use
Core: What element your card's attacks do. This cannot be changed
Level: What level your card is. Increasing this will increase the other stats

You as a player gain EXP. You gain a level every 100 EXP. What does EXP stand for? Execution points. Undertale reference aside, you gain player and card EXP by knocking out cards. The formula for gaining EXP is K.O.ed Card EXP - Number of cards K.O.ed = Card Exp. Yes, you need to keep track of how many total cards you have knocked out. Player EXP is Card EXP x Player EXP. I am going to put a link to the shop underneath to the shop.
You can sign up to the card game in the comments.

Video Card: The Electronic card game!
Posted by DragonOfMidnight on November 25th, 2017 at 11:35pm
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Posted 2018/10/29 at 2:56pm
How do I sign up?
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