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MMRPG World: Tournament of Champions

June 18th, 2018 at 9:42pm
Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
36,893,732 BP
38 TP | 2129 PP
Greetings, one and all! I am Beta Shadow, and...
You guys in the Discord chat... You asked for this. Be it a joke or not, you asked for this.
All-in-all, this will either be a good or bad idea for reviving the Community Threads.
But in any case, this tournament will see who is the better fighter!
Or, well, something like that.
So with introductions out of the way, let's get out of Roleplay mode here...
Ok, let's settle on the rules first:

Thread Rules
- No Mary Sues, please. If your character is OP by default, but you REALLY want them in, just tone them down to a decent amount. In other words, pls nerf
- Please stick to Robot Masters. No Fortress Bosses, Humans, or Reploids/NetNavis/Other Robot Types allowed.
- You CAN use canon Robot Masters, but do note that it's a sort of "finders keepers" sort-of thing.
- You can also use OCs as long as they are YOUR characters. But obvious rule is obvious.
- If OCs have their own weapons, please describe them so that I can properly judge them.
- Do not spam dodging, shielding, and weapons.
- Also, no "it hits regardless of _____".
- You will be making teams of 3, and can have up to 3 teams. Why? Eh, I want to do a team tournament of sorts, but didn't want to have Ninja Man work alongside Beta. Apparently that did not work out.
- You are also limited to 8 weapons. The Buster will not count for this.
- If you feel the rules need tweaking, talk with me personally instead of through the thread.

Battle Rules
- Depending on the preference of the competitors, the battles will commence either in this thread or the Discord Chat.
- Each battle in the tournament will be best 2 out of 3.
- There will be a coin flip at the start of the match. The winner of the coin flip gets to choose who fights in the first battle of the match before the other player. In the second and third round, the choice goes to whoever wins the previous fight.
- Once a team member has fought, they are unable to continue fighting until the next round.
- No items are allowed.
- Transformations ARE allowed, but it will count as a weapon. (Also, if it is OP in any shape or form, either don't use it or nerf it.)
- If the fighter has a Weapon Copy System, they are unallowed to copy another fighter's weapon.
- The fighter loses when they are knocked out.
- Refrain from killing your opponents, please.
- Lost the match? No worries, there's a Losers' Bracket to see who gets third place.
- Once you're out, you're OUT. No exceptions.
- If you are not participating in the current battle (AND I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH), do not interrupt the current battle.
- If you become inactive, you will be disqualified. (So PLEASE make sure you can actually participate before signing up.)
- Between each round, there will be a 7-day (in real-time) break for your characters to train or mingle with your opponents. Or taunt, one of the two.
- To remove possible problems with immunities and affinities, I originally planned on having all Weaknesses and such removed. However, fellow prototyper StupidStudiosN came up with a better idea: A sort-of Pokemon-styled Weakness Chart, which I have made small edits to which you can see here. If you want to know resistances, then just know your character's typing.
And here is my team:

Team Name: The Beta Trio

Member 1: Beta Man
Core: Shadow
Beta Blast- A ball of shadow energy that explodes on contact with opponents. (Shadow/Explode)
Beta Swordplay- Uses a fencing sword shrouded in shadow energy to fight. (Shadow/Cutter)
Beta Blaze- A wave of shadowy fire that fires forwards. (Shadow/Flame)
Beta Punch- Beta's variation of the Mega Fist that is shrouded in shadow energy. (Shadow/Impact)
Skull Barrier (Shadow/Shield)
Noise Crush (Shadow)
Shadow Blade (Shadow/Cutter)

Member 2: Ninja Man
Core: Swift
Ninja Katana- A katana-like energy blade made of Swift Core energy. (Swift/Cutter)
Ninja Accelerate- Speeds up Ninja Man in time temporarily, much like an opposite Time Slow. (Swift/Time)
Ninja Shuriken- A shuriken made of the same blade-like energy as the Ninja Katana. Used mainly for ranged attacks. (Swift/Cutter)
Fire Chaser (Flame/Swift)
Top Spin (Not the MMRPG one) (Swift)
Omega Form- Makes Ninja Man stronger and faster. This is normally powered by the Omega Stone, but since items are banned, Ninja Man is forced to use a more temporary version. (Swift/Shadow, Technically Empty)
Ninja Baroque- A burst of dark flames that can only be used in Omega Form. (Swift/Shadow)

Member 3: Sergeant Man
Core: Missile
Sergeant Missile- Basic homing missiles. (Missile)
Sergeant Rocket- A larger Sergeant Missile that is stronger, but loses all tracking capabilities and can only be fired straight ahead. (Missile/Explode)
Sergeant Mines- 3 hovering mines that protects Sergeant Man from taking damage, exploding on contact. Can be also launched to track down foes. (Missile/Shield)
Sergeant Grenade- A hand-tossed grenade that is mainly used for robots with a Missile-Core resistance. (Explode)
Sergeant Shield- A shield used to block attacks. (Shield)
Magnet Missile (Missile/Electric)
Needle Cannon (Cutter/Missile)

I am no longer taking applications.
Tournament Bracket (Open in New Tab for full view):

Loser's Bracket (AKA the bracket for 3rd Place:

Light Construction Co. vs. Team Zenith
MMRPG World: Tournament of Champions
Posted by Beta Shadow on June 18th, 2018 at 9:42pm
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Brash Buster
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Posted on June 19th, 2018 at 12:40am Edited on 2018/06/27 at 2:27am
Posted 2018/06/19 at 12:40am Edited 2018/06/27 at 2:27am
Team Name: Team Bashin' Smash

Member 1: Dyna Man
Core: Explode
Weapons: Nuclear Detonator (Explode Type)- An explosive that damages the target with up to three small explosions! Dyna Bash (Explode/Impact Type)- A shoulder bash, with an explosive effect occurring on collision with a target. Hyper Bomb (Explode Type) Bubble Bomb (Explode/Water Type)

Member 2: Dangan Man
Core: Missile
Weapons: Triple Vulcan (Missile Type)- A series of missiles, able to hit the target up to three times. Bullet Dash (Missile/Impact Type)- A dash attack, hitting the target with the power of a speeding bullet! Dive Torpedo (Missile Type) Magnet Missile (Missile/Electric Type)

Member 3: Express Man
Core: Swift
Weapons: Express Cannon (Swift Type)- An energy blast that doesn't deal a lot of damage, but is extremely fast. Flash Kick (Swift/Impact Type)- A flying kick that deals massive damage! Quick Boomerang (Swift/Cutter Type) Top Spin (Swift Type)
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on June 22nd, 2018 at 10:48am
Posted 2018/06/22 at 10:48am
I decided to expand the deadline for 3 more days to see if we can get a few more people to join. We clearly can't have a tournament with 2 people and 3 teams, so yeah.
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Posted on June 22nd, 2018 at 4:27pm
Posted 2018/06/22 at 4:27pm
Team Name: Light Construction Inc.

Member 1: guts-man Guts Man
Core: Impact
Weapons: Super Arm, Super Throw

Member 2: bomb-man Bomb Man
Core: Explode
Weapons: Hyper Bomb, Danger Bomb

Member 3: concrete-man Concrete Man
Core: Impact
Weapons: Concrete Shot, Concrete Earthquake
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Posted on June 23rd, 2018 at 1:39am Edited on 2018/06/27 at 6:03am
Posted 2018/06/23 at 1:39am Edited 2018/06/27 at 6:03am
[this team is a team up with megaboy the actual person and the way it will work is that we will do a lot of it through a mixture of discord dms and all that]
[i will regret this in five minutes, tops]
[[as i was writing megaboy's profile down i already regret this]]
[[[i hope we win :^]]]]

Team Name: Meme Machine

Member 1: heck MegaBoy
Core: Neutral
Handheld Buster Pistol (Neutral)
Charge Shot (Neutral)

-Actual Weapons
Literally just a dagger (Cutter)
Remote Explosives (Explode)
Literally a gosh darn fully loaded RPG (Missle/Explode)
Super Mega Slide (like a slide but strongerererest (Neutral/Impact)
just a 2x4 wooden plank (Neutral/Nature)
Literally just a AK-47, fully loaded and everything (Swift)

Member 2: ring-man Ender Man but more self-inserty this time
Core: Earth/Cutter
Earth Buster (hmmm i wonder what type the busters are hmmMMMM)
Cutter Buster
-Actual Weapons-
literally just a wooden letter h that is big and all that (Impact/Neutral)
ring boomerang (but faster but slightly weaker than a normal ring boomerang because reasons??) (Cutter/Swift)
i dunno, how about an energy sword or something because heck (Cutter/Electric)
Super Arm (Impact)
Oil Slider (Earth)
Rock. (Throws Rock. The rock. Which will really rock your socks off) (Earth/Impact)

Member 3: it him Gigavolt Man (mugshot credit: MystSvin)
Core: Electric
Electric Buster (hmmmmm)
-Actual Weapons-
Volt Shield (the DOS weapon from non giga volt man) (Electric/Shield)
Electric Shock (the world five weapon that jupiter has) (Electric)
Volt Finger Guns (like he fires small volts of electricity from his fingers i guess?) (Electric/Swift}
Giga-Finger Volt (like the previous but a big boy that explodes on impact) (Electric/Explode)
Thunder Beam (Electric/Laser)
Thunder Wool (Electric)
Spark Shot (Same as above)

edit: added a few more weapons :^^
edit 2: more weapons because heck
edit 3: F O R M A T T I N G
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Posted on June 23rd, 2018 at 6:59pm Edited on 2018/06/24 at 2:40pm
Posted 2018/06/23 at 6:59pm Edited 2018/06/24 at 2:40pm
Edit: I forgot that busters don't count as move slots so ~~sue me~~
Edit 6.9: yummy yummy formatting
Team Name: H

Member 1: Brenda Brenda (Imagine a robot like Roll but older, more sad, and also a chainsmoker)
Core: Neutral
Buster Shot
Charge Shot
Brenda Buster: A blast consisting of a gross mixture of pen ink, pebbles, and cigarette smoke fired with the same intensity as a charge shot. It inflicts a minimal amount of damage and disables shields.
Actual Moves
Super Knife
Remote Roomba: A Roomba but filled with bombs. It's definitely cooler than Roll's broom.
Very Sharp Leaf: A leaf but its really, really sharp. It can be used as a melee weapon or a projectile.
Slap: A slap to the face. It breaks the sound barrier and the recipient's cheek bones (if they have bones.)
False E-Tank: it looks like an E-Tank, but it isn't. It explodes if someone attempts to consume it or if it's knocked over
Core Filter: A shield but it's not really good. It weakens the strength of attacks that hit it and makes them neutral core.
Smoke Wave: A wave of disgusting smoke that damages foes and temporarily lowers their attack power

Member 2: time-man Musical (Cooler and more of a self insert than ever)
Core: Crystal
Note Shot: A blast of weaponized music.
Crystal Buster
Actual Moves
Crystal Eye
Gemini Laser
PK Fire
Dirt Attack: Musical throws a handful of dirt at whoever is nearby.
H Attack: Musical throws a plastic letter H at whoever is nearby.
Crescendo Crush: Music but in the shape of a fist.

Member 3: Mimien (he's just a mime robot)
Core: Copy/Shield
Mime Buster: A pantomimed charge shot!
Pantomimed Buster Shot
Actual Moves
Star Crash
Leaf Shield
Mime Barrier: A barrier made by mime magic that deflects projectiles. It breaks really easily, though.
Mime Attack! A pantomimed attack! It pierces through shields, but doesn't disable them.
Mimic: Mimien mimics the opponent in an insulting way and emotionally damages them, only if they are emotionally weak, though.
Mime Beam: A pantomimed beam of energy.
Breather: Mimien takes a moment and takes a breath, removing any debuffs he may have received. He wont be able to dodge next turn, though.
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Retro Pookerchu
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Posted on June 23rd, 2018 at 7:55pm Edited on 2018/06/27 at 2:25am
Posted 2018/06/23 at 7:55pm Edited 2018/06/27 at 2:25am
oh what the heck

Team Powered Up

mega-man-ds Mega Man?
Core: Copy
Rockin' Fists - Infuses fists with Plasma for powerful uppercuts, slamdunks, or just punching people in rapid succession. Doesn't stress core. (Copy Damage)
Rolling Cutter+ - Summons a large rolling cutter. It's edges are lined with a special metal to slice apart both physical and energy-based projectiles. Can be thrown as a boomerang or used as a melee weapon. +20% Core stress, but the cutter stays around for 3 turns. (Cutter Damage)
Hyper Bomb+ - Hurls a bomb that explodes upon contact. Can be used in conjunction with Super Arm+ for a make-shift missile. +10% Core stress. (Explode Damage)
Super Arm+ - Grants super strength to lift and pitch physical objects. Can pull perfectly square stone rocks out of the ground for both cover and for ammunition. Either way, +5% core stress. (Impact Damage)
Thunder Beam+ - Fires off a beam of pure electricity. Can also be concentrated to your hands for a powerful punch that doesn't stress the core as much. Even better, the beam can be amplified in size, power, and speed by a factor of 2-5. +15% core stress, only +5% if melee effect is sued, and +15*(factor)% if amplified. (Electric Damage)
Ice Slasher+ - Fires off ice shots that freeze the area that they hit (i.e. legs, arms, torso). Headshots of nigh-fatal. +5% core stress. (Freeze Damage)
Fire Storm+ - Summons 3 fireballs for extermination. The fireballs can be shot off, combined into a singular, powerful shot, or used as a shield of sorts. +15% core stress. (Flame Damage)
Cooldown - Reduces core stress by 30%.
Gimmick: Experimental Core Technology
Mega Man?'s attacks pack quite a punch thanks to powerful new technology. However, many of these attacks can stress the core. Fortunately, if Mega Man? doesn't directly activate an attack (dodging, blocking, using Rolling Cutter+ post materialization), then the Core's stress will be reduced by 10%. Should the core be stressed to 100% or beyond, then it will enter Stabilization Mode and "+" attacks cannot be used safely until the core's stress reaches 0%. Should a + attack be used anyway, the attack's power will be heavily amplified, but Mega Man? will be heavily weakened for the rest of the fight and + attacks are disabled. Mega Man? can also receive this penalty if the core stress goes to 130% or above from a single attack.

time-man Time Man
Core: Time
Time Arrow - Compressed plasma that slows down the target if it connects. Foes resistant to time attacks are not slowed. (Time damage)
Light Buster - A weaker version of the Mega Buster that can't be charged and is mostly used as a backup weapon. (Neutral damage)
Short Circuit - A light electrical shock that disables the foe's weapons for a turn. Not very powerful in terms of direct damage. (Electric damage)
Time Vortex - Thanks some teaching from Galaxy Man, Time Man can create a vortex directly in front of him. It attracts all other objects in the vicinity. Affected Projectiles have their trajectory reversed, though their speed is completely up to Time Man (and can be changed on the fly). It deals nasty damage to robots should they be touched by the vortex. (Time/Space damage)
Time Slow - Slows down time, consuming 2 seconds on Fate's Hand for each turn it is active.
Reverse - Reverses the status of Time Man or his current opponent to how they were exactly 3 turns ago. Consumes 7 seconds of Fate's Hand.
Fast-forward - Adds 3 seconds to Fate's Hand.
Timeless World Completely halts time, allowing a guaranteed hit by Time Man. Requires 10 seconds on Fate's Hand, but consumes any time remaining on Fate's Hand.
Gimmick: Fate's Hand
Allows control over time across the galaxy. 1 seconds is added to Fate's Hand at the end of Time Man's turn, unless it was used by Time Man in that turn.

whoops ran out of space. Continued in next post.
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Retro Pookerchu
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Posted on June 23rd, 2018 at 8:28pm Edited on 2018/06/27 at 2:27am
Posted 2018/06/23 at 8:28pm Edited 2018/06/27 at 2:27am
Continuation of last post

roll Roll
Core: Neutral
Roll Swing - Strike the foe with Roll's trusty broom. Also sweeps up dust that can mess up opponent's accuracy. Turns the attack into a 5 hit combo, with the final hit dealing considerable knockback and sweeping up a dust storm making it almost impossible for the opponent to see. (Neutral damage)
Roll Buster - Fire off concentrated blasts of plasma. Heals Roll when fired. (Copy damage)
Rush Jet - Summons Rush for an aerial advantage over the foe. Rush can also bash straight into opponents. Rush fires plasma shots from his mouth. (Swift Damage, Neutral Damage)
Beat Guard - Calls Beat to give Roll a shield to protect against energy-based attacks. The shield reflects projectiles, both physical and energy.
Tango Salsa - Tango drops upon the battlefield and shreds foes to pieces. Tango's speed and power is increased. (Cutter damage)
Eddie Support - Eddie grants Roll a miniature E-tank to heal a little bit. Also gives Roll a stronger broom, improving the power of Roll Swing for the rest of the match.
Laser Trident - Taught from her sister, Roll's broom fires off a laser that can pierce through physical shields and armor. Emits a sound similar to Splash Woman's voice, reducing the attack power and defenses of foes. (Laser/Water damage, Water damage)
Rhythm Satellite - Summons Satellites that boost Roll's attacking power. Thanks Rhythm! The satellites provide covering fire for Roll for 2 turns. (Space damage)
Gimmick: Defensive Assistant of Velocity and Energy
Commonly known as DAVE, Roll's Armor is equipped with an AI that helps formulate plans while Roll focuses on the enemy. DAVE can also boost Roll's attacks with their bolded effects. DAVE can improve attacks 3 times per battle.
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Posted on June 23rd, 2018 at 9:58pm
Posted 2018/06/23 at 9:58pm
discord chat?
I've never heard of this.
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Posted on June 23rd, 2018 at 10:03pm
Posted 2018/06/23 at 10:03pm
@Pixel23 : Are you referring to how you don't know we have a Discord or do you just not know what Discord is.
If the former;
If the latter;
Either way, off topic and all that. hek
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Posted on June 24th, 2018 at 2:49am Edited on 2018/06/27 at 10:29am
Posted 2018/06/24 at 2:49am Edited 2018/06/27 at 10:29am
um, i'd like to play
i'll probably regret this too
do my members look good
is my writing bad

Team Name: Team Zenith

Core: Space/Freeze

Diamond Dust - Pelts the foe with a chilly gust of dust that freezes wherever it hits. Freeze
Virus Breath - Batters the foe with a vehement wind. Shadow
Lux Shower - Showers the battlefield in a starry haze, clearing the field and boosting the power of Freeze moves. Space/Freeze
Luster Mirror - Blocks projectiles and reflects Laser moves. Crystal/Shield
Tidal Jet - A pressurised blast of water that soaks the foe. Water
Comet Storm - Summons comets to bombard the foe. Freeze/Space
Frost Fire - A fiery blast of ice that can burn the foe. Freeze/Flame
Cross Chill - Shatters shields with an onslaught of frosty slashes. Freeze/Cutter

Core: Shadow/Electric

Electric Buster
Generic Buster
Buster Shot

Exavolt Crash - Envelopes self in electricity and collides with the foe, but damages the user. Electric/Impact
Thunder Maelstrom - Swamps the foe with a volley of thunderbolts. Electric/Shadow
Lux Blitz - A barrage of electrified punches and kicks that could leave the foe paralysed, but leaves the user vulnerable. Space/Electric
Voltaic Shield - Surrounds self with a charged shield that paralyses on contact. Electric/Shield
Static Jolt - A weaker version of Thunder Beam that stuns foes. Electric
Luminous Ray - A ray of light that can freeze the foe. Electric/Freeze
Cross Shock - Breaks shields with an onslaught of electric slashes. Electric/Cutter

Crimson Overdrive - Boosts the power and speed of the user. Crystal and Swift moves nullify this ability and leaves the user weakened.

Core: Explode/Flame

Flame Buster
Generic Buster
Buster Shot

Dragon Breath - Pelts the foe with a volatile breath, leaving them more vulnerable to Flame moves. Explode/Flame
Blazing Tornado - Surrounds and traps the foe in a whirl of fire, inflicting damage. Flame/Wind
Lux Blaze - Summons a swarm of meteors on the battlefield, damaging everyone. Space/Flame
Pyro Bomb - Fires an incendiary bomb that explodes to trigger a heat wave. Flame/Explode
Hellfire Storm - Circles the user in flames for defence. Can be released to hit the foe. Shadow/Flame
Surge Volt - A high energy burst with the potential to paralyse the foe. Flame/Electric
Cross Fire - Pierces shields with an onslaught of fiery slashes. Flame/Cutter

Cobalt Fervor - Boosts the power and defence of the user and burns foes who make contact. Shield and Water moves nullify this ability and leaves the user weakened.

Edit: Added types for accessibility.
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Posted on June 24th, 2018 at 9:34pm Edited on 2018/06/26 at 4:47pm
Posted 2018/06/24 at 9:34pm Edited 2018/06/26 at 4:47pm
Well, after being dead for a long bit, It wouldn't hurt to rejoin.

Team Name: Division 0

proto-man Cross Phantom Form
Core: Shadow/Missile

Needle Cannon

Phantom Veil: Cross creates a dark shield covering the entire team for 5 turns.
Cross Shotgun: A barrage of deadly pellets from the Cross Buster.
Phantom Strazor: Cross delivers a dropkick surrounded by dark energy, leaving them vulnerable to laser type attacks. Shield-type moves can nullify this attack, leaving the user severely weakened.

Name: NightRogue
Core: ShadowCutter

Enigma Swoop: NightRogue grows a pair of bat wings, and swoops in on the opponent, causing them to flinch.
Steam Shot: Bat
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on June 24th, 2018 at 10:45pm
Posted 2018/06/24 at 10:45pm
@Cross : If you wish to join, please make up 2 more members. Thank you.
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Posted on June 25th, 2018 at 1:19pm Edited on 2018/06/26 at 12:17pm
Posted 2018/06/25 at 1:19pm Edited 2018/06/26 at 12:17pm
wah ha ha, i have joined

and with even LESS original ideas

Team Name: Team Future

Member 1: quintQuint
Core: Copy/Swift
Buster Shot
Mega Buster
Sakugarne Smash
Sakugarne Sword- Quint's Sakugarne transforms into a sword for him to use
Mega Mine- A mine that can be shot out of Quint's buster. He can also pick up unused mines for later use.
Rocket Buster- A rocket launcher fired from Quint's buster. Quint can also use the trajectory of the Rocket to propel him.
Mega Torch- Quint uses his buster as a short to mid-ranged flamethrower.
Mega Sprinkler- Quint fires water from his buster.
Laser Beam
Mega Taser

Member 2: Rockman Shadow
Core: Copy/Space
Buster Shot
Mega Buster
Shadow Saber
Fire Slash
Water Thrust
Ice Parry
Saber Extend

Member 3: Rock Alter.
Core: Neutral
Buster Shot
Rock Buster
MM1 Weapons*
Speed Mode-Gain Speed to go faster at the consequence of Less Attack
Attack Mode -Gain Attack doing more damage at the consequence of less Defense
Defense Mode-Gain Defense against attacks at the consequence of less Speed

*Time Man and Oil Man not included.
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Posted on June 25th, 2018 at 11:42pm Edited on 2018/06/27 at 2:36am
Posted 2018/06/25 at 11:42pm Edited 2018/06/27 at 2:36am
Yo I'm making another team for this tournament and unlike my other wretched team its goign to be good because this team has only the best character from the Mega Man Classic series (Fan).

Team Name: Chinese Strategic Children

Member 1: Fan (literally the best mm classic character and you simply can't tell me otherwise)
Core: Copy
Buster Shot
Copy Buster
Yinyang Buster Two blasts of energy (one a cool black and the other a mayonnaise white) shot with the intensity of a Charge Shot. The white shot inflicts crystal damage while the black shot inflicts shadow damage.
Cool Weapons
Blazing Arrows: An arrow-like projectile shot at high speeds and inflicts flame and electric damage, though it doesn't do well against shields or armor. It is a special weapon given by Sagittarius. Electric/Flame-typed damage
U.V Ray: An intense ray of energy that can quickly heat up the target and may start a fire. It is a special weapon given by Libra. Space/Laser-typed damage
Dust Devil: Fan creates a small tornado around him that can push away those attempting a melee attack, or redirect a projectile. It can be sent in a direction to directly target someone or something, but only tosses them about. It is a special weapon given by Leo. Wind/Shield-typed damage
Maelstrom: A strong vortex-like whirlpool that devastates those caught in it. It can absorb flame and earth attacks. It it a special weapon given by Virgo. Water/Shadow-typed damage
Hail Storm: An icy gust of wind filled with bits of hail. It is a special weapon given by Scorpio. Freeze/Wind-typed damage
Twin Laser: Fan fires off two light pink beams of energy, one inflicting swift damage and the other laser damage. It is a special weapon given by Gemini. Swift/Laser-typed damage
Power Amulet: A weak physical projectile attack. It inflicts copy damage the first time it is used, then copies the core type of the target and inflicts damage of that type the next time it is used. varied damage
Martial Arts: A technique learned from the infamous Kung-Fu Cut Man. Fan can perform various chops, kicks, sweeps, and punches. Impact-typed damage

Member 2: Apollo (the big blue sun man from rockman strategy. He's not as cool as Fan tho)
Core: Flame/Space
none lol
Space Jam: A strong body slam. Space/Impact-typed damage
Meteorite Blast: A small meteorite is sent at the opponent at high speeds. Space-typed damage
U.V Ray Space/Laser-typed damage
Star Crash Space/Shield-typed damage
Fire Chaser Flame-typed damage
Sunrise!: For approximately four turns, the power of flame core moves is increased, while water and nature core moves are weakened.

Memeber 3: Luna (the goofy moon woman from rockman strategy)
Core: Space
haha none
Space Ball: An orb of space-core energy that attracts electric projectiles. Space-typed damage
Moon Attack!: Luna rolls really fast into the target. Space-typed damage
Asteroid Belt: It's just Junk Shield but space Space/Shield-typed damage
Water Wave Water-typed damage
Bubble Lead Water/Earth-typed damage
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on June 26th, 2018 at 4:27pm Edited on 2018/06/27 at 11:05pm
Posted 2018/06/26 at 4:27pm Edited 2018/06/27 at 11:05pm
Well, everyone, the Tournament shall begin momentarily! A few notes on some teams that were left out:

The Original Team Beta and Team Ninja
To make the bracket more evened-out (and to include the characters of mine that actually matters), I merged the two teams into one and made adjustments to them. The team is now The Beta Trio and consists of Beta, Ninja, and Sergeant. Please forget that Techno Man ever existed.

I asked Musical on which team to remove for bracket balancing, and she simply just said to remove her first team, simply called "H". Honestly, to choose between a team of half-forcibly made OCs and a team consisting of the best robot master ever, the choice was probably not hard.

Division 0
This is the only "team" I'm removing due to technicality... That being, it's not even a team at all. It's just CrossZero on his own. With literally nobody else. And this was MEANT to be a team-based tournament, so I can't allow Division 0 to join. Sorry, Cross, but you were to late to fix upon that mistake.

And that sums it up. The first fight will be Light Construction Co. and Team Zenith and will begin as soon as I can ping both MBM and Shiver in the Discord.

EDIT: Added two more rules to the Battle Rules:
- Depending on the preference of the competitors, the battles will commence either in this thread or the Discord Chat.
- There will be a coin flip at the start of the match. The winner of the coin flip gets to choose who fights in the first battle of the match before the other player. In the second and third round, the choice goes to whoever wins the previous fight.
WE HAVE A WINNER: Team Zenith!

Check out the battle results- and the full battle if you want (TEXT WALL WARNING) here!

Keep watch of the Main Thread Post for future pastebins as we await our next match: Chinese Strategic Children against Team Future!

I think someone mistaken Team Name for a search bar. ...Wait, what? That's their legitimate team name? Ho boy, this is going to be a long match, isn't it?
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Posted on August 16th, 2018 at 12:14pm
Posted 2018/08/16 at 12:14pm
so... this tournament thing is done? i mean, theres gonna be another one right?
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Posted on August 16th, 2018 at 5:31pm Edited on 2018/08/16 at 5:50pm
Posted 2018/08/16 at 5:31pm Edited 2018/08/16 at 5:50pm
This tournament has been declared dead in our Discord server due to inactivity of some participants. There could be another tournament, if everyone willing to participate would bother being active as well.
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