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This... IS A TOURNAMENT THREAD, where your Mega Man Character(or a canon robot master) gets to fight!

The tournament will be held in the #roleplay channel on the MMRPG Prototype Discord! I, the MegaBoy will be the judge of the tournament. And decide who will be the victor. There will be EIGHT contestants fighting it out in Two Round One on One matches. After seven contestants are beaten and one stands, they will have to fight FOUR new contestants. The final one resulting in you being crowned the winner of the tournament.


Rule 1:
No Overpowered Characters allowed, that means any purple pokemon themed phenomenon with an obsession with nine balls is blocked out.

Rule 2:
You may only have two fighters and they all must be separated, they also must be based in the classic series. OCs are allowed along with Canon Robot Masters like Guts Man or Cut Man. (Mega Man, Proto Man, E.T.C aren't allowed)

Rule 3:
If you miss a scheduled fight three times in a row, the character involved in the current fight is eliminated out of the tournament.

--Current Match--
Beta Man vs. Chord
Battle Image
Super Tournament Thread Fighters' Turbo Edition
Posted by Tone on August 18th, 2018 at 9:49pm
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on August 18th, 2018 at 10:25pm Edited on 2018/08/20 at 4:55pm
Posted 2018/08/18 at 10:25pm Edited 2018/08/20 at 4:55pm
Character Name: Beta Man
Serial Number: ASN-001
Weapons and Abilities:
Beta Blast- A ball of explosive, shadow-like energy that fires straightforward. Beta Swordplay- A blade of sorts shrouded in shadow energy. Skull Barrier Shadow Blade Noise Crush
Core Type: Shadow
Gender: Male
Bio: The first of a set of Robot Masters created by Light to balance between Light-bots and Wily-bots known as the All-Star Numbers. Originally created to help out Mega Man in his adventures, Beta Man eventually went out on his own to do his own adventures. He used to have been partnered up with Tone, but Tone recently retired/left/died, so Beta is no longer partnered up. But he has recently proven that he doesn't need a partner to do sh*t, so there's that.

Character Name: Ninja Man
Serial Number: HWN-001
Weapons and Abilities:
Ninja Katana- A prototype of the Z-Sword that is designed like a katana. Has laser and cutter capabilities. Ninja Accelerate- A reversed-ish Time Slow that speeds the user up in time. Quick Boomerang Ninja Vanish- Makes the user blend into the shadows to avoid damage temporarily. Ninja Star- A throwing star with laser properties to make it more Swift/Laser rather than Swift/Cutter. Arachnid's Web- A weapon obtained from one of Yveltal's robots in his world, it does little damage, but slows down opponents temporarily upon being hit. Marine Ray- A weapon obtained from one of Yveltal's robots. A slow-moving laser attack. Swift Dash- A weapon obtained from one of Yveltal's robots. A dash attack at high speeds.
Core Type: Swift
Gender: Male
Bio: A robot created by Dr. Light in response to the ASNs, Ninja Man was created to counter Beta Man. Other Hidden Wily Numbers were made to counter the other ASNs, but through unknown means they disappeared, with no means of recovering the data. Ninja Man is Beta's rival and would challenge him constantly, and even joined the tournament in hopes of facing him.
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Posted on August 18th, 2018 at 10:49pm Edited on 2018/08/19 at 3:16pm
Posted 2018/08/18 at 10:49pm Edited 2018/08/19 at 3:16pm
Megaboy this will die fast and you know it , but why not
also i wont be able to do this from 12:30 BRT until like 07:00 BRT cause of school (if you want to remove me cause of this i have no problem with that)

You wanted memes so here is a meme
Random meme only i understandBrasilian Freeze Man(Yes i know it's a recolor but are you going to judge my bad attempt to meme my country ?)
Serial Number:BWN-049 (Brasilian Willy Number
Random Brasilian memes (uses random brasilian memes as attacks
It's winter in Brasil but why is it still hot dammit(makes the field be in 20 degrees celsius
Três Oitão(just a Revolver 38 , and for tournament reasons have 16 bullets stored
Tiete River(summons a very poluted river
Cristo Redentor(summons the Christ the Redeemer(correct me if this is not how the statue is called in english)
Capoeira(yes the martial art
Soccer Ball(kicks a soccer ball at the opponent
HU3 HU3 Beam(Shoots a beam that has the form of many HU3s that scream this annoying thing
Core Type:Nature
Gender:If robots had gender i would say male
Bio:This is just a wierd attempt that Willy made to take part of the world but some of his robots came back with wierd abilities and annoying memes (also i just made this OC for funsies) joined the tournament because Brasil never won nothing like for a long time
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Posted on August 18th, 2018 at 11:21pm Edited on 2018/08/21 at 1:42am
Posted 2018/08/18 at 11:21pm Edited 2018/08/21 at 1:42am
Character Name: Ceres
Serial Number: SSN-001 (Star Squad Numbers)
Core Type: Shadow/Copy
Gender: Male
Weapons and Abilities:
Phantom Morph - Allows Ceres to transform into his opponent, changing his core to theirs, as well as temporarily granting him access their moveset
Phantom Deceive - Generates multiple holographic doppelgangers of Ceres, throwing off his opponent
Holo Buster - A generic buster shot attack, but if doppelgangers are present, they will fire holographic buster shots as well
Heat Haze - Ceres enters an intense state of concentration, allowing him to better avoid enemy attacks for a few turns, as well as better land hits on foes
Phantom Burst - Ceres strikes his foe with a dashing attack charged with dark energy
Stardust Sparkler - Fires a scattershot of sparks from the buster
Shadow Blade
Astral Illusion - Summons a storm of holographic meteors that directly damage the circuits of the foe (Can only be used once every 15 turns)
Bio: Originally known under the alias of Phantom Man, Ceres, along with his cohorts, were augmented with alien technology acquired by Dr. Wily after the Evil Energy incident. Due to this, on top of his myriad of illusion-based skills, new abilities were gained, making him more adept to the Space Core. After hearing that a new tournament was starting up... ...he begun to laugh like a maniac at the thought of a new tournament beginning, when they get so quickly canceled on account of being "too dangerous". ...but, knowing that he had the chance of obtaining useful copy data for his systems, he opted to enter anyways. -alone, this time, as to not complicate matters.
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Posted on August 19th, 2018 at 4:57am Edited on 2018/08/20 at 6:19pm
Posted 2018/08/19 at 4:57am Edited 2018/08/20 at 6:19pm
man, if people only used canon robot masters here, i'd just put two of them here myself
also if this tournament fails early you're toast mb
picture coming soon nvm lol

Character Name: Nix
Serial Number: ???
Core Type: Space/Copy
Gender: Male?
Luster Void - Pockets non-Laser projectiles. Can be reflected back to the foe.
Gamma Blast - Blasts the foe with a stream of radiation.
Comet Strike - Fires a dusty ball of ice at breakneck speed. The dust can blind the foe if fired close range, but that causes recoil.
Corona Crash - Crashes into the foe surrounded in flames. The recoil damages the user.
Starlight Riptide - Batters and disorients the foe with a luminous whirlpool.
Diamond Cluster - A storm of fine diamond particles that pierces armor and damages circuitry.
Cross Draw - Slices the foe with a blade and drains some of their energy back to the user.
False Split - Spawns a diminutive clone to latch on and hinder the foe.
Bio: An enigmatic space bot. Last spotted at the Tournament of Champions under a different identity, he has now replaced his Freeze core for a rudimentary Copy core, and armoured up substantially since his last appearance. He joined this tournament for the thrill of battle and oilshed.

EDIT: Changed name. Bio may be edited soon.
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Posted on August 19th, 2018 at 6:18am Edited on 2018/08/20 at 4:47pm
Posted 2018/08/19 at 6:18am Edited 2018/08/20 at 4:47pm
OK, here we go.
Character Name: Chord

Serial Number: DWN-00ADLN-00C
Weapons and Abilities:Chord Buster (chargeable into Power Chord)Neutral
An evasive dash
High Stomp (jumps like 5 meters into the air then kicks you from above, heavily damages speed)Swift
Despite not having a copy chip, he has 2 preloaded RM weapons.
Water Cutter (an incredibly strong squirt gun)Water/Laser
Hell Wheel(a speed boosting shield)Swift/Impact
Spinning Sphere (A small energy sphere that stays in place, shooting lotsa tiny bullets around)Space/Laser

Core Type: Neutral
Gender: Male
Bio: A random robotic citizen of Mega City abducted by Wily to be weaponized. But what do ya know, the great Dr.Wahwee made a booboo and forgot to swap out the I.C.chips before rebooting him, so he escaped.
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Posted on August 19th, 2018 at 12:05pm
Posted 2018/08/19 at 12:05pm
y e e t

(i don't have any icons nor do i know what to do lol so this'll do idc)
Character Name: Communist Iceman
Serial Number: DCN-RUSSIA
Weapons and Abilities:
TH-15: Delet this. Deals a lot of damage but with substantial spread and recoil, delets objects on the battlefield.
MP-412 REX: A Basic revolver, dealing okay damage, with minor recoil, can't be used in succession.
PP-2000: A SMG, shoots fast, but runs out quickly, extremely minor damage.
Mosin-Nagant: A Rifle without a scope, dealing substantial damage, reload speed is slow with substantial recoil.
AK-47: Another gun in his arsenal, shoots fast, deals medium damage, little recoil, runs out quickly.
Russian Hail: Summons the hail and cold weather onto the battlefield, causing it to become slippery and hazardous.

Core Type: Ice/R U S S I A N
Gender: Male/R U S S I A N
Bio: A Remake of Ice Man, made by Doctor Cossack to protect his motherland. Easily enraged by filthy CAPITALIST AND AMERICAN SCUM. He joined the tournament to induce communism all upon Megacity.
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Posted on August 19th, 2018 at 3:40pm Edited on 2018/08/19 at 4:07pm
Posted 2018/08/19 at 3:40pm Edited 2018/08/19 at 4:07pm
Character Name: Shock Man
Serial Number: NBF(Necrozma Battle Force)-001
Weapons and Abilities:
-Spark Boomerang: A move that hits up to 5 times and on the last hit decreases the targets defense by 10%
-Z Thunder Beam: An upgraded version of the normal Thunder Beam that when hitting it's target, increases the user's attack by 50%
-Z Top Spin: An upgraded version of the normal Top Spin that always hits 10 times, dealing moderate damage each time
-Charge Laser: Shock Man signature attack, this move takes a turn to charge, then the user releases the laser through their Buster to cause huge damage and lower the targets Defense and Attack by 30%
Core Type: Swift/Electric
Gender: Male
Bio: In the Alola region, a lone researcher named Dr. Nerdia was studying a Ultra Wormhole when suddenly 8 deactivated robots came out of it. Later, when Necrozma attacked, she activated them and made them into the Necrozma Battle Force! Shock Man has the ability to control static electricity around him, and he may not be very quick, but he packs quite the punch!

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Posted on August 19th, 2018 at 4:11pm
Posted 2018/08/19 at 4:11pm
Alright! Submissions closed, I'll make the bracket soon.
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