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Mega War (OC Battle 1 v 1)

October 16th, 2018 at 12:25pm
31,725,700 BP
27 TP | 698 PP
Ok let show you an example

      Nova                   Train Man
      bass       vs       charge-man



Battle Chips (Moveset)

Supernova Twister - This is Nova Strongest attack the user charge energy to attack the opponent at Blinding Speeds. Power 75

Nova Flash - The stops time attacking in within a nano second. Power 52

Nova Explosion - The user emits a Fake Planet then the user triggers an explosion inflicting massive damage. Power 61

Nova Storm - The user Summons a storm that emits Nova Energy. Power 40

Weaknesses: Wind , Impact
Resistance: Shadow , Time
Affinities: Space

Core: Space , Time


Only 400 point can be spend (including HP)

Maximum HP spend is 200 points

Your Robot can learn a maximum of 5 moves

No Overpowered Moves

No Stealing other people robots unless you have permission

Also you can also battle other players to battle

I'm not sure about War tokens but you can get them by beating other players but I might as well see what will happen so far I only have:

Also send me a link if you decided to do this for Discord or other chatrooms I have to keep my mouth open

screw-large Increase total points by 5 points War Tokens 10

Ability Upgrade
item:right:14 Allows you to make your own abilities War Tokens 25

Special Attack Virus
item:right:75 Allows you to equip/make your own special moves War Tokens 60

Omega Seed
item:right:83 Equips you with an Omega seed, upgrades you stats every time you take damage War Tokens 50

Virus Star
item:right:14 Gives the user's Core a special ability War Tokens 75

Mega War (OC Battle 1 v 1)
Posted by no on October 16th, 2018 at 12:25pm
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