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The Prototype League

October 19th, 2018 at 9:20am
31,725,700 BP
27 TP | 698 PP
I'm Planning on Making an OC if you want your character on the Team please comment below you might as well Vote as well

In the Year 20XX,

After the Events of Mega Man 11

fire-man       skull-barrier    skull-man

dive-man OHHH, Fire Man Was Wiped OUT, That Means Dr.Cossack is the WINNER!
We'll back Tomorrow make sure you don't miss the NEXT BATTLE!
The Winner will win 10,000,000 Zenny
Albert Wily turns off the his Super Projector

dr-wily OOOO That Cossack is really getting on my nerves I better Participate before it's too late that Zenny is mine

Wily goes to the registration station

The Following Participates must have a maximum of 5 robots masters on the team.
If Possible, find a Leader to pull the team together.
No Darkness Copies.

The Winner will Win 10,000,000 Zenny

Signature by _________
The Next Day

As Dr.Light was watching on his Projector Wily took over all of the Projectors to Show Dr.Light his new scheme...

dr-light It's Dr.Wily... participating in a tournament

dr-light What's this it's 10M zenny

Mega Man heard Dr.Light as while he was cleaning his lab

mega-man Dr.Light what's going on?!

dr-light It's Dr.Wily he's competing in a tournament for 10M zenny

mega-man He's Competing so He Can build another Castle

dr-wily If your willing to compete in The Prototype League please come to This Address to Sign Up
Yeah I gonna skip this whole section

mega-manMega Man

cut-man Cut Man

guts-man Guts Man

elec-man Elec Man

roll Roll

I might as well tell you the other Participates too


bass Bass

disco Disco

crash-man Crash Man

air-man Air Man

quick-man Quick Man


proto-man Proto Man

skull-man Skull Man

toad-man Toad Man

drill-man Drill Man

ring-man Ring Man


shadow-man Shadow Man

magnet-man Magnet Man

gemini-man Gemini Man

spark-man Spark Man

hard-man Hard Man

The Prototype League
Posted by no on October 19th, 2018 at 9:20am
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