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The Birth of Mega Man: Finale

May 11th, 2014 at 10:25pm
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After this, I'm going to start putting my Mega Man series on some sort of fan fiction site. I'll provide you with a link when I find one. Know any good ones? Anyway, the finale and the last story going on this website! I don't want to clutter the general thread anymore.

“What?! How did you get past my defenses?! Even something I could make would have trouble with that!” Bellowed Dr. Wily, from his floating UFO device.

“Well then, I guess I’m lucky, cause I don’t remember you handling my external structure.” joked the figure.

“Did Dr. Right really repair you that quickly, Bomb Man?!” stated by our bewildered hero, Mega Man. He glanced over to the Numbers behind him and was sure Right didn’t have any plans for any extra Robot Masters nor did he have the supplies, so he deduced that these two Robot Masters had to have had outside help.

“ Your looks make me guess you’re wondering on who these two might be, so might I introduce Time Man and Oil Man?”

The two figures looked over and the Robot Master obviously being Oil Man due to having a Oil pump for his left arm and a oil drop shaped head along with a out of place scarf introduced himself.

“Yo! The name’s Oil Man and I see you guys are sorta having a party or something, so might as well join the crowd, right? Where the ladies be at?”

The Robot Master with a head most likely inspired by a alarm clock and a chest with a functioning clock did the same.

“I would like to make this quick so I’m Time Man and I have an appointment at 7. If we finish this now, I could make it just in time.”

“Come on! Here I was making my big debut on the stage, and some Dummkopfs come in and ruin MY part! Make your introductions quick, my men because the climax is about to begin!”[Skip this section if you know what the Robot Masters look like and have an idea on what they act like.]

“Hi! I’m Heat Man! I burn stuff! Hahaha!” Heat Man looked like a lighter box with a face that made it seem like nothing sane goes on with him.
A scuba diver robot was the next to speak, but all that came out was a blurbing noise and the word bubble.
“Metal Man’s my name. I reckon you catch my Metal Blades if you know what’s good for ya, yuppies.” Metal Man looked like his paintwork wasn’t very well done, and the only notable thing about his appearance was the large sharp disc on his forehead. His eyes looked red and someone who would stare too long into those piercing eyes of horror could probably lose their mind.
“Wood Man, that is my name. You robots are advancing science and ruining nature. This is something I cannot allow.” Wood Man looked like a tree stump and his expression didn’t seem like he wanted to hurt anybody, but it seemed he would still follow Wily’s orders.
“Hello gentlemen. My name is Airus Cepheus Manbot, but you may call me Air Man.” He appeared to have his face on his chest and below that was a giant fan.
“Imma crash you! Imma smash and clash. Crash Man mad! Hehehehe!”. Crash Man had menacing drill hands and a smile that showed he wanted to kill.
“I believe it’s my time to shine. I’m Flash Man and I suppose you’re the trash we have to clean.” Flash Man had a shiny round head and blue armor, but not much else.
“Hmmp. I’ll end the blue boy wonder. Prequels are never as good as the sequels. ” This Robot stared directly at Mega Man and had a gigantic boomerang in his right head. He had a huge build and had another boomerang on his head. “Hasta la vista, Blue Bomb….”

Bomb Man interrupted the statement by the Boomerang-bot by joking“Yeah, we get it. Cheap knockoffs want a chance at the title holders. Hey, who needs a E-tank?” E-tanks were a rare delicacy and could restore any damage done to a robot, but needed a large amount of supplies to produce. Right MUST have gotten some outside help.

As the E-tank flew towards the group, Wily nodded at the mysterious robot. Cut Man stepped up on Guts Man’s arm and he threw him at Wily’s capsule. As Cut Man reached in for the win, Metal Man threw his Metal Blades and Cut Man was forced to change his trajectory. He crash landed near the maniac Crash Man and Crash Man released multiple timed bombs. As Cut Man was getting up from his landing, the Crash Bombs continued on ticking. Time Man fired off an arrow and slowed down the ticking of the bombs! Cut Man quickly got up and brought out his blade for Metal Man and they clashed together with their sharp weapons. All this happened during the time it took for Mega Man to catch the E-tank. Mega Man held the E-tank and held it up to his mouth. The E-tank, instead of filling Mega Man’s systems, disappeared like an after-image. The Boomerang-bot threw up the missing E-tank and caught it.”Guess you know why they call me Quick Man?”

Guts Man ran to throw a punch at Quick Man exclaiming “Gimme that, Flashy!”
Quick Man was struck directly in the face-- but turned out to be another afterimage! “Sorry, my mother doesn’t allow me to play with big oafs!”
Wood Man rolled at a high speed and tripped Guts Man, and proceeded to beat the giant robot left and right.
The rest of the fighters continued to battle. Bubble Man shot bubbles and continued to melt Ice Man’s attacks and melted some parts of his fluffy coat.
Fire Man fired his flames but Heat Man proceeded to push through the flames and tackled Flame Man, coated in a blaze of fire.
Time Man slowed down Flash Man, but he just freezed Time Man completely. Oil Man slided between Air Man, but Air Man produced a tornado that ripped through Oil Man’s skin, leaking oil everywhere. Elec Man and Mega Man ran towards the wall, and with some help from each other, they wall-jumped across the room. When they got to the upper floor, Wily fired off a large spark but Elec Man managed to absorb the energy and aimed his flowing electric. A quick flash came and cut Elec Man’s arm, releasing excess energy everywhere. Mega Man fell on the floor, and saw his brothers struggling to compete with their betters. Elec Man started to shut down and Quick Man stood over him and put the blade over his neck.
A faint light came from the roof and Quick Man dodge the light. It hit Elec Man directly and continued to do so until all of the Right Numbers were hit.

“Who got the job done?” echoed a voice from below.

A figure fell down, and meanwhile, the Light Numbers were getting up.
A womanly figure appeared, carrying a grin on her face.
“Roll?! What are you doing here?!” questioned Mega Man, surprised on how his sister was suitable for battle after all.
"The doctor decided you might need some help. I had some modifications. The hard part was your location! Your signal wasn't functioning correctly."
“Roll, I’m sorry for how I reacted about you. I guess I was kinda under pressure at the time.
“It’s OK Rock. How about we teach these fakes on how we did it back in the day?”
The numbers collided once again, only this time the tide turned. The Light Numbers had the advantage over the battle worn Seconds, and only Quick Man wasn’t being over-powered. Wily was preparing his escape, with Roll hot on his tail. She didn’t have much offense capability but she had grace and she moved like a gymnastics teacher. She caught on to the side of her capsule and try to open the capsule.
"I won't let you defeat the doctor, you she-devil!" screamed Quick Man
Elec Man, luckily, hit Quick Man and told Mega Man to help her sister. Quick Man, paralyzed tried to run after the Blue Bomber but couldn’t move nearly as fast, allowing Elec Man to track his movements.

It was soon when the dynamic duo, Mega Man and Roll followed the doctor into a dark room with no sound whatsoever besides the Wily Capsule's constant beeping. The Wily Capsule lowered down and a click sound was heard. Thousands of blinding lights came on, and a machine equipped with many weapons hulked over the duo. It fired off countless blasts and Mega Man rushed over to his mechanical sister and took the weight of the blast, but the bursts of flames was still too much for the younger robot and she was almost off-line. “R...Ro..Rock, this.” She handed him a chip and Mega Man inserted it into his buster. The data of the weapons of the Right Robot Masters came flooding into his mainframe and as Wily’s dangerous device came towards him, he was ready. Roll’s system shut down, and Mega Man knew he wouldn’t have any back up supporting him. He threw a Hyper Bomb at the colossal machine to distract it, and shut down it’s machine gun by blasting it with Ice Slasher. He used Flame Storm to burn the machine and used Super Arm to punch a hole in the device. He cut down the wires controlling the machine and put Oil Shooter and a Time Arrow in the torn-down machine to wear it down. He fired a Thunder Beam and shut down the machine, trying to avoid the doctor.

“If only I had programmed you differently back then...! It would have been genius! It's the only mistake I've made in my life! “
“ I'm really angry, Dr. Wily! Using innocent robots for your own evil plans and hurting my family—I won't forgive you for this!”

Wily sprung up out of his machine and back into the darkness. As Mega Man began his pursuit, a screeching noise spread around the room. Something was forming in the shadow and he saw a glimpse of some sort of Wily/monster hybrid. He realized that thing was Wily and the creature floated towards Mega Man. It’s face brought horror and looked deformed, something straight out of a horror movie. It slashed Mega Man’s chest and gave him a battle scar. Mega Man fired off a blast onto it’s chest and killed the creature. The area that was struck turned brittle and cracked. Mega Man sighed relief into the air, believing the job was done. He could see the gaping hole on it’s chest from the strike. He noticed some movement inside until some tentacle-like substance grabbed him. The creature brought Mega Man closer to it’s chest, hoping to swallow our protagonist whole. Mega Man saw visions that the creature was transmitting into his head, of war and hate, killing, destruction, slavery, darkness, and his family kneeling...No, their heads were being held up into that position by something. They were wincing in pain, like their heads were being crushed. Mega Man broke down, his mind being unraveled. He saw a light. He saw his family, except this time, they were fighting together. Right, Roll, the Firsts and various other new robots. If they could fight, so could he! He charged up his buster to it’s max. He ripped off his hand holding the buster, and shoved it down the alien-like creature’s hole. He ducked for cover, and a huge blast covered the room! The creature was gasping but something mysterious was happening. It moved like it was buffering and the creature was glitching out, as if it was a computer of some sort. Mega Man noticed a spark coming out of the room and used his other and only hand to function as a buster. He took a risk. The creature was coming at Mega Man and he needed to destroy the device now! He took all of his weapons from the chip and put them together into one fusion weapon. He felt the extreme pain from all the weapons functioning on one buster and had no time to aim. He fired all that power into a rainbow colored energy and it directly hit the device. The energy was too much for the damaged device and it started to malfunction! The alien started going into various poses and eventually different objects. The room lighted up and Mega Man saw Wily in the corner controlling some sort of device.
“W-Wait a minute! I promise to be good! I'm a changed man! I said I promise! Please don't hurt me!!”
“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. But you’ll still have to go somewhere for a long time. Hope you like jail!”
“Sorry, but you need to reevaluate that statement!”
Six pods came from the wall and created a wall of lasers, preventing Mega Man to pass and giving Wily a free chance to escape. The Seconds came from a wall door and closed it quickly, with yelling from Guts Man on the other side.
“No! I’m not done! My revenge isn’t complete! Please open it….with a cherry on top?”
“Guts Man, you’re not going to get past. Yes, not even you Ice Man. Stop showing off.”

Wily and his comrades opened a hatch and a mechanical beast resembling a dragon came out.
“Sorry I have to leave Mega Man. Wily won’t let me play any longer. Don’t worry, it won’t take long till we meet again! Hahaha!” yelled Quick Man, with a childish tone to his voice. Mega Man destroyed the six pods with his remaining energy, but by then, the villains had already left, barely visible. Mega Man opened the door.
“Did you get them, pal?” Said Fire Man
“Where are they?” Said Elec Man
“Did you ‘cut’ them out of the picture?” Joked Cut Man
“Shaddup Cut Man! This is serious!” said the group, almost in-sync.
“Sorry. But I doubt they’re coming back anytime soon. Guys, pick up Roll. We’re going back to Right for repairs. I think he’ll be happy to see us!”
“He can repair us in no time! He’s pretty ‘sharp’!
Everybody howled with laughter except Guts Man, who really just wanted to throw Cut Man out of the building.

Six months later…..

“I can’t believe it! Having to waste my genius here in these dirty old ruins! At least I have the build for the Diverse Operations Circuit Robot. Flash Man? What are you doing here? Is Wood Man complaining about the quality of the plants here again? Tell him nobody’s been treating it yet!”

“Actually, Dr. We found something in the ruins. It appears broken-down but should function with some repairs. We also found something else entering the borders of our territory. Should we destroy it?”

“No. See what it does first. Another thing to break Mega Man and his hope is fine by me!”
The Birth of Mega Man: Finale
Posted by MegaBossMan on May 11th, 2014 at 10:25pm
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Posted on May 11th, 2014 at 11:12pm
Posted 2014/05/11 at 11:12pm
I deeply disapprove of Crash Man's portrayal.

I bet this it your revenge for something I did. It is isn't it.
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Posted on May 12th, 2014 at 6:40pm
Posted 2014/05/12 at 6:40pm
Someone had to be the Mega Man equivalent of the Hulk. Of course, there was another......

"Roll smash!"
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Icy Rshek
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Posted on May 14th, 2014 at 4:16pm
Posted 2014/05/14 at 4:16pm
I thought it was great! I wouldn't expect anything like that with the whole alien thing! I've never seen such a spin like that!
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