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Case of the Missing Mega Man

August 31st, 2014 at 8:13pm
Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
35,627,300 BP
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Dr. Wily was tired of years of failure. He sent out all his old Robot Masters, upgrading them with their own busters and the core attacks they could use in the prototype. To make matters worse, Dr. Light was kidnapped. And to make matters EVEN MORE worse, Mega Man and Proto Man were unable to save him... and even worse, Roll and Rhythm tried to save the fallen heroes and Dr. Light, but were too captured.
Dr. Cossack, after hearing the news, called the other Light Bots, along with his robot masters. He does the same to the called-in robot masters in order to defeat Dr. Wily's Powered Up Robot Masters. Even BtMan, the person similar to Mega Man, was called into battle. And what they don't know is that some thing unknown... might become the known.

On a side note, I discovered that the MM9 Robots were Light Bots. Did anyone else knew that?

Things that will be discovered:
The other 6 HWN Robot Masters! (All up to you!)
The models of BtMan and Sargent Man... and what happened to their brothers...

Robot Master List

Light Bots:
DLN-00A Time Man
DLN-00B Oil Man
DLN-003 Cut Man
DLN-004 Guts Man
DLN-005 Ice Man-Reserved by tobyjoey
DLN-006 Bomb Man
DLN-007 Fire Man-Reserved by tobyjoey
DLN-008 Elec Man
DLN-065 Concrete Man
DLN-068 Plug Man
DLN-069 Jewel Man
DLN-070 Hornet Man
???-??? BtMan-Reserved by BtMan
???-??? Sargent Man-Reserved by BtMan

Cossack Bots:
DCN-025 Bright Man
DCN-026 Toad Man
DCN-027 Drill Man
DCN-028 Pharaoh Man
DCN-029 Ring Man-Reserved by tobyjoey
DCN-030 Dust Man
DCN-031 Dive Man
DCN-032 Skull Man

Wily Bots:
DWN-009 Metal Man
DWN-010 Air Man
DWN-011 Bubble Man
DWN-012 Quick Man
DWN-013 Crash Man
DWN-014 Flash Man
DWN-015 Heat Man
DWN-016 Wood Man
DWN-017 Needle Man
DWN-018 Magnet Man
DWN-019 Gemini Man
DWN-020 Hard Man
DWN-021 Top Man
DWN-022 Snake Man
DWN-023 Spark Man
DWN-024 Shadow Man
DWN-033 Gravity Man
DWN-034 Wave Man
DWN-035 Stone Man
DWN-036 Gyro Man
DWN-037 Star Man
DWN-038 Charge Man
DWN-039 Napalm Man
DWN-040 Crystal Man
MXN-041 Blizzard Man
MXN-043 Flame Man
MXN-044 Knight Man
MXN-047 Wind Man
MXN-048 Yamato Man
DWN-056 Turbo Man
SWN-001 Bass
SWN-002 Disco
MKN-001 Enker
MKN-002 Punk
MKN-003 Ballade
SVN-001 Quint
HWN-002 Ninja Man-Reserved by BtMan

EXN-00Y Slur
EXN-00X Trill
XXN-0XX Unsprited Masters
DLN-000 Proto Man
DLN-001 Mega Man
DLN-002 Roll
SCN-001 Rhythm

Fan Characters can be added. (Zero, that means you can help at any time) Please have up to 5 reserved characters. I am sad to say this, but groups are no acceptions. Proto Man, Mega Man, Roll, and Rhythm are ONLY banned from reserving and actual fighting. They will be accessible ONLY when they are saved. Until then, they are only used as prisoners of Wily. Also, we need HWN Robots. They will be used after the defeat of the previous one. (Ex. Defeat Ninja Man to get to HWN-003)
Case of the Missing Mega Man
Posted by Beta Shadow on August 31st, 2014 at 8:13pm
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Beta Shadow
35,627,300 BP
38 TP | 2100 PP
Posted on September 1st, 2014 at 7:19am
Posted 2014/09/01 at 7:19am
...Nobody wants to join?
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31,018,400 BP
52 TP | 1715 PP
Posted on September 1st, 2014 at 11:08am
Posted 2014/09/01 at 11:08am
Usually, you have start it off. Nobody commented on my thread until I started the story.
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Beta Shadow
35,627,300 BP
38 TP | 2100 PP
Posted on September 1st, 2014 at 11:12am
Posted 2014/09/01 at 11:12am
...Oh. OK.
skull-barrier dr-light mega-man proto-man roll rhythm skull-barrier shadow-man bass disco dr-wily

dr-wily YES! MY GENIUS PLAN IS ABOUT TO BE A SUCCESS! As soon as Dr. Cossack and the other hero robot masters are captured, I will send my army of superpowered robot masters to rule the world!
bass Permission for me to scrap this Mega Fool?
dr-wily Sure. He's not going anywhere, after all.
shadow-man Actually, we have a problem. The Skull Barriers won't last long. We need a better place to hide them, so they can't escape.
bass Hm... This will take time to figure out.
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33,697,100 BP
7 TP | 412 PP
Posted on September 1st, 2014 at 5:32pm Edited on 2015/02/25 at 5:11pm
Posted 2014/09/01 at 5:32pm Edited 2015/02/25 at 5:11pm
(I am just adding this so the thread can keep going.)

dr-wily Until we find that place to hold them, Star Man! Come here, now!

star-man Yes sir?

dr-wily Help Shadow Man keep our hostages in one place with your Star Crash.

star-man Yes sir.

Also, I would like to reserve Ice Man, Fire Man, and Ring Man. I know I can claim more, but these three will do.

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Beta Shadow
35,627,300 BP
38 TP | 2100 PP
Posted on September 2nd, 2014 at 6:19pm Edited on 2014/09/02 at 6:51pm
Posted 2014/09/02 at 6:19pm Edited 2014/09/02 at 6:51pm
dr-wily Hm... maybe an underground area?
bass Doesn't Proto Man does that when he was evil?
dr-wily I don't see YOU coming up with anything.
bass ...Good point. That'll do.

dr-light mega-man proto-man roll rhythm shadow-man bass dr-wily bass

dr-wily Seems like the Skull Barriers are down. KNIGHT MAN! HARD MAN! (Knight Man and Hard Man teleports in)
hard-man knight-man Yes, Master Wily?
dr-wily Make sure they don't have any smart ideas.
hard-man knight-man Yes, sir! (Uses Super Arm and surrounds the captured heroes with blocks)
super-arm dr-light mega-man proto-man roll rhythm super-arm hard-man knight-man shadow-man bass dr-wily bass

bass Dr. Wily.
dr-wily WAH!!! Ninja Man, you scared me! What do you want!?
bass The other 6 HWN robots are prepared.
dr-wily Finally! Go out and wreck havoc or something, we need to distract Dr. Cossack and the other robot masters so we can plan a trap! (Ninja Man leaves) ...I wonder how my little... stolen robot masters are doing...
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33,697,100 BP
7 TP | 412 PP
Posted on September 4th, 2014 at 9:04pm
Posted 2014/09/04 at 9:04pm
By the way, I haven't forgotten about this, I just wanted to wait for some more people to come.
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Beta Shadow
35,627,300 BP
38 TP | 2100 PP
Posted on September 8th, 2014 at 6:21pm Edited on 2014/09/08 at 6:40pm
Posted 2014/09/08 at 6:21pm Edited 2014/09/08 at 6:40pm
Meanwhile, at Cossack Citadel...
mega-man So, Dr. Cossack. You called us back in?
dr-cossack Yes, it seems that Dr. Wily has sent out 7 robot masters with 6 areas that seem like combinations of old areas.
proto-man ...SIX areas? What happened to 7?
dr-cossack It seems that a swift-core robot is coming to this area fast.
mega-man ...Uh oh.
(Ninja Man bursts through the wall)
mega-man proto-man dr-cossack bass

dr-cossack Why did you have to go through the wall!?
bass To destroy BtMan! And because I'm not just about to go through some good guy's lab, especially if there's about 22 robot masters in here.
mega-man Let's go to a robot master's area instead. I'm not about to destroy Cossack Citadel.
bass Whatever. (They both teleport out)
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Beta Shadow
35,627,300 BP
38 TP | 2100 PP
Posted on February 25th, 2015 at 3:56pm
Posted 2015/02/25 at 3:56pm
Yeah, anyone remember this? I decided not to let it rot, considering it has a plot here and a shocking discovery there. Some of the main post will be edited to look a bit better. (Also because some of it is just kinda stupid) But without further ado, let's move on to Robot Master #2: Ninja Man. (Would be #1, but the first HWN was Retro Pikachu, and once again this one is connected to the original RP, so Retro is not around.)
At Quick Man's Stage...
mega-man Here we are, Ninja Man. Quick Man's stage, the place you cho-
Ninja Man quickly hits him with a Quick Boomerang. (Ha. Quick.)
mega-man ...That was cheap.
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33,697,100 BP
7 TP | 412 PP
Posted on February 25th, 2015 at 5:16pm Edited on 2015/02/25 at 5:51pm
Posted 2015/02/25 at 5:16pm Edited 2015/02/25 at 5:51pm
Meanwhile, back at Cossack's Citadel....
dr-cossackWell, that creates quite the draft. Anyway, are there any volunteers on visiting one of these areas?
dust-manI'm interested in heading to this "Pipe Scrapheap", but I'd feel better if someone joined me. Any tak-
ring-manI would be MORE than happy to assist Dustbuster here if you allow it, doctor.
dr-cossack I will allow this. Go quickly, you two.
Dust and Ring Man then teleport out.
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