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Battle and Fighters (Battling RP)

September 1st, 2014 at 7:36pm
Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
35,627,300 BP
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Name is based on Rockman: Battle and Fighters. Since this is basically a 2-person fighting game, reserving may either be limited to 2 people and done temporarily or removed entirely, depending on what is allowed.

This roleplay allows you to pit ANY robot masters against each other... Well, the ones usable.

Battle- RP by yourself or another person, using characters from the character list.
Tournament- RP by yourself and choose 6 characters and have 1 of them battle the other 5 robots one by one.

Fighters (You are allowed to ask for your character on the list) :
Mega Man (Uses Buster Shot and Mega Man-based weapons, with exception of the copy ability. Guides coming soon)
Roll (Buster shot and Light Buster)
Proto Man (Buster Shot and Proto Man-based weapons, with exception of copy ability)
Rhythm (Buster Shot and Cossack Buster)
Bass (Buster Shot and Bass-based weapons, with copy ability)
Disco (Buster Shot, Wily Buster, and Energy Break)
BtMan (Shadow Core Weapons)
Sargent Man (Missile Core Weapons)
Ninja Man-Swift Form (Swift Core Weapons)
Ninja Man-Cutter Form (Cutter Core Weapons)
Ninja Man-Shadow Star Form (Shadow Core Weapons)
Mega Man 1-5 Robot Masters
Blizzard Man
Flame Man
Knight Man
Wind Man
Yamato Man
Turbo Man
Concrete Man
Plug Man
Jewel Man
Hornet Man
Mega Man Killers
Slur (First RP with Slur in it)
Retro Pikachu
Retro Pikachu (Omega)
Evil Man

Stages (Having Your Character get a stage is optional) :
Intro Field (Roll)
Abandoned Warehouse
Orb City
Arctic Jungle
Steel Mill
Oil Wells
Electrical Tower
Clock Citadel
Mountain Mines
Wily Castle 1 (Bass Stage)
Wily Castle 2 (Wily Castle Background, Light Laboratory Foreground; Custom Enker Stage)
Wily Castle 3 (Cossack Citadel Foreground; Custom Quint Stage)
Wily Fortress 1 (Final Destination Foreground; Custom Punk Stage)
Wily Fortress 2 (Bonus Field Foreground; Custom Ballade Stage)
Industrial Facility
Waterfall Institute
Atomic Furnace
Preserved Forest
Sky Ridge
Pipe Station
Photon Collider
Underground Laboratory
Cossack Citadel (Proto Man Stage)
Cossack Castle (Cossack Citadel Background, Wily Castle Foreground; Custom Rhythm Stage)
Construction Site
Magnetic Generator
Rocky Plateau
Spinning Greenhouse
Septic System
Power Plant
Serpent Column
Reflection Chamber
Bonus Field (Disco Stage)
Septic Boneyard (Septic System Background, Robosaur Boneyard Foreground;Custom BtMan Stage)
Magnetic Armory (Magnetic Generator Background, Submerged Armory Foreground;Custom Sargent Man Stage)
Construction Greenhouse (Construction Site Background, Spinning Greenhouse Foreground;Custom Ninja Man Stage, reversed for cutter)
Space Simulator
Rusty Scrapheap
Robosaur Boneyard
Submerged Armory
Mineral Quarry
Rainy Sewers
Lighting Control
Egyptian Excavation
Light Laboratory (Mega Man Stage)
Final Destination (Slur Stage)
Battle and Fighters (Battling RP)
Posted by Beta Shadow on September 1st, 2014 at 7:36pm
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Beta Shadow
35,627,300 BP
38 TP | 2100 PP
Posted on September 1st, 2014 at 7:43pm Edited on 2014/09/01 at 7:52pm
Posted 2014/09/01 at 7:43pm Edited 2014/09/01 at 7:52pm
A guide to Copy Ability
Copy Ability allows Mega Man, Bass, Proto Man, and other Copy Core robots have other robot master abilities. In tournament mode, it is given when a robot master is defeated.
mega-man cut-man
In battle mode, you can pick 3-5 abilities for Mega Man to have. When you pick your opponent... choose your weapons wisely... ESPECIALLY if against another user...
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Posted on September 1st, 2014 at 7:52pm
Posted 2014/09/01 at 7:52pm
I'll be watching this thread, but mind if I ask a couple of questions? How do you intend to do the battles in this game? Will they be like the ones in the Prototype, or will you use your own system of handling damage? Also, how do you intend to handle Player vs Player? I think you should have each player PM you their move or something just so players don't already know what his/her (I don't know of any female users here, but I will say just in case...) opponent will use that turn. I think if it's clearer how the battles will be done, then people might be interested in joining, myself included.
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Beta Shadow
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38 TP | 2100 PP
Posted on September 1st, 2014 at 7:57pm Edited on 2014/09/02 at 5:06pm
Posted 2014/09/01 at 7:57pm Edited 2014/09/02 at 5:06pm
It is the same as the prototype, removing weapon energy. It is still turn-based, so Player vs. Player will work in the way of one player posts up their attack, followed by the other.

This was also made with no storyline, but now ther is a storyline mode! However, there will be 3 chapters, the 3rd roleplay being the final one. For now, you can only do chapter 1.

I am also planning on having this rp changed into a storyline battle rp. Please state your agreements or disagreements.
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Retro Pookerchu
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Posted on September 6th, 2014 at 2:56am
Posted 2014/09/06 at 2:56am
@BtMan: Nah, I feel like this thread should be used for battle only, and a story mode isn't completely needed. I just see this as an arcade game.

By the way, can we create new characters as long as they're balanced?
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Beta Shadow
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38 TP | 2100 PP
Posted on September 7th, 2014 at 7:20pm Edited on 2014/09/08 at 4:17pm
Posted 2014/09/07 at 7:20pm Edited 2014/09/08 at 4:17pm
Actually, as long as they have attacks. Your Retro Proto Strike attack thing-a-ma-jig would probably be just Proto Strike, though. There is only moves from the prototype game.

Btw, I guess I can just send the storyline thing to another rp. Thanks for the information.
A guide to Mega Man
Aside of Buster Shot, here's a list of Mega Man's attacks:
Mega Buster mega-man mega-buster bomb-man
Mega Slide mega-man mega-slide ice-man
Mega Ball mega-man mega-ball fire-man
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Retro Pookerchu
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30 TP | 691 PP
Posted on September 8th, 2014 at 5:21pm Edited on 2014/09/12 at 5:26pm
Posted 2014/09/08 at 5:21pm Edited 2014/09/12 at 5:26pm
proto-manRetro Pikachu enters the ring!

proto-manYou have no chance!

I'm going to quickly create the stats, quotes, moves, and field.

proto-man Standard Form


E: 110
A: 156
D: 64
S: 70


Start: "Foolish weakling; you shouldn't even bother!"
Taunt: "I'm not even using full power!"
Victory: "You should've given up when you could!"
Defeat: "My systems are failing... HOW?!"

Buster Shot
Proto Strike
Thunder Strike
Thunder Beam
Attack Boost
Attack Mode
Speed Mode
Proto Buster

Bonus Field III

Code (no spaces):

[ background-intro-field ][ foreground-prototype-complete ][ robot:right:shoot ] { mega-man }[ robot:left:defend ] { proto-man }[ /foreground-prototype-complete ][ /background-intro-field ]

EDIT: Would be okay if I created movesets for the characters?


proto-man-copy Retro Pikachu unleashes his Ω form!



E: 100
A: 170
D: 65
S: 65


Buster Shot
Proto Strike
Attack Mode
Thunder Beam
Bright Burst
Thunder Strike
Bass Baroque
Mega Slide

Dark Shadows

Code (don't use spaces):
[ background-final-destination ][ foreground-septic-system ][robot:right:shoot] {mega-man} [robot:left:defend] {proto-man}[ /foreground-septic-system ][ /background-final-destination ]
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Beta Shadow
35,627,300 BP
38 TP | 2100 PP
Posted on September 8th, 2014 at 5:31pm
Posted 2014/09/08 at 5:31pm
Nice. I added your character. I also added your Omega Form. But I apologize, but all recovery and attacks that lower attack, defense, and speed are unusable. Basically, this is a combo of this game and other fighting games like Street Fighter.

Here's BtMan's Stats and Quotes! (I will do a weapon guide later)

Energy: 110
Attack: 87
Defense: 156
Speed: 100

Start-You are a worthy opponent.
Taunt-You have no idea you are up against, *robot name*
Victory-See how your defeat was faster than lightning?
Defeat-Good job. But I shall be back!

And here's Sargent Man:

Energy: 100
Attack: 120
Defense: 95
Speed: 104

Start-Locked on target!
Taunt-A good soldier is always ready for battle!
Victory-War is not all about fun and games, you know. We'll play later.
Defeat-Man down! Man down!

And here's Ninja Man:

Energy: 100
Attack: 95
Defense: 105
Speed: 110

Start-Mission started!
Taunt-Stand aside. You stand no chance.
Victory-This had gone on long enough. I knew I would win in the end.
Defeat-Gah! You are strong. But you haven't seen the last of me!
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Retro Pookerchu
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Posted on September 12th, 2014 at 5:00pm
Posted 2014/09/12 at 5:00pm
@BtMan: Thanks for adding my character! I'll change the Repair Mode Attack to Speed Mode to apply to the rules. I'll also edit the comment to include my Omega Form.
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Beta Shadow
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38 TP | 2100 PP
Posted on September 14th, 2014 at 8:25pm
Posted 2014/09/14 at 8:25pm
Here are quotes to my newest addition: Ninja Man's Shadow Star Form!

Energy: 110
Attack: 100
Defense: 115
Speed: 120
(All his stats are raised by 10)

Start-I knew I might use this form on someone as strong as you
Taunt-Oh, come on! Is that the best you got?
Victory-Really? This was a waste of starforce!
Defeat-You beaten me in my strongest form? How...?

Bonus: Taunt, Victory, and Defeat images:

Taunt bass
Victory star-2 bass star-2
Defeat star bass star (The reason the stars became neutral-type is because the powers vanished from the field stars)
A guide to Proto Man
Here's a list of Proto Man's moves besides of Buster Shot:
Proto Buster proto-man proto-buster oil-man
Proto Strike proto-man proto-strike elec-man
Proto Shield proto-man proto-shield time-man Unlike the RPG, instead of helping with defense, Proto Man instead dashes towards the opponent, damaging on contact or his shield. Also, you can't cause any damage on the front side, but yet you can hit Proto Man on the back, making him drop his shield. Mega Man and Bass can pick up the shield before Proto Man does, but it will allow you to do the Proto Shield attack only ONCE before it becomes dropped again, but you can just pick it up over and over as Mega Man or Bass until Proto Man does.
On the other side, until Proto Man DOES pick it up, he can still use the attack, but it will do no damage and he will be vulnerable. When facing him... USE THIS AS AN ADVANTAGE. proto-man guts-man
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Beta Shadow
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38 TP | 2100 PP
Posted on September 29th, 2014 at 1:21pm
Posted 2014/09/29 at 1:21pm
A TRUE guide to Bass
Here's the true list or Bass' moves besides Buster Shot:
Bass Buster bass bass-buster metal-man
Bass Baroque bass bass-baroque bubble-man
Machine Gun bass buster-shot buster-shot buster-shot heat-man Bass shoots out up to 5 buster shots, pauses, shoots 5 more, pauses, and repeats. This is based on gameplay as Bass.
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Retro Pookerchu
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Posted on September 29th, 2014 at 2:56pm
Posted 2014/09/29 at 2:56pm
Guide to Retro Pikachu
Better version to match up with the others.

R. Proto Strike proto-manproto-strikebass Same thing as Proto Strike, with 10% more power and 10% less chance of a critical hit.

Retro Laser proto-manthunder-beambass Same thing as Thunder Beam.

Static Zap proto-manbright-burstbass Same thing as Time Arrow.

Now for the Omega Form

E. Energy Draw proto-man-copybass-baroqueenker Same as Attack Mode

Merciless Shadows proto-man-copy    robotproto-manrobot Retro Pikachu Ω unleashes 2 dark shadows that deal a 60 power attack each.

R. Proto Strike Ω proto-man-copyproto-strikerobot Same as Proto Strike with 50% more power and a regular chance of a critical hit.
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Beta Shadow
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38 TP | 2100 PP
Posted on September 29th, 2014 at 3:44pm Edited on 2014/09/29 at 4:52pm
Posted 2014/09/29 at 3:44pm Edited 2014/09/29 at 4:52pm
I added a new character: Evil Man. A guide to Evil Man
The main attacks of the new guy besides buster shot, along with quotes and other information.


Evil Man was designed a year before the prototype to destory Mega Man, but he seems more focused on destroying the world, so Wily decided to shut him down. However, now he awoken from his slumber and has his mind set on destroying the world... and the universe if he has to.

Form 1 (Start)
Start-You thought you could beat me!?
Taunt-Your doom is upon you...
Victory-You didn't stand a chance... Now I will finish you off!
Defeat-No... How can this be possible!?

Form 2 (K.O. him in under a day)
Start-I'm not done with you yet!
Taunt-For your ignorance on how you can't win, I'll destroy the world!
Victory-You are a fool... You and this world are doomed!
Defeat-This can't be happening...

Form 3 (K.O. Form 2 in under a day)
Start-You think you won? This is only the beginning of the end!
Taunt-You can run, but you can't hide!
Victory-I shall destroy this world.
Defeat-No... this can't happen... NO!!!

Form 1 attacks
Energy Break bass energy-break bass
Bass Baroque bass bass-baroque proto-man
Proto Strike bass proto-strike mega-man

Form 2
Energy Drain proto-man energy-swap proto-man Drains 10% of full the opponent's energy.
Evil Baroque proto-man bass-baroque mega-man
Evil Strike proto-man bass-buster bass

Form 3
Energy Absorb mega-man-copy attack-swap mega-man Drains twice the energy than Energy Drain.
Doom Baroque mega-man-copy bass-baroque bass-baroque bass-baroque bass
Destruction Strike mega-man-copy wily-buster proto-man
Shadow Summon mega-man-copy robot robot robot robot robot mega-man Summons 5 shadows to attack the opponent.

All forms also know the moves from ALL robots, using a variety of attacks. He is also unplayable, only able to be faced by choosing Mega Man after someone completes tournament mode with Mega Man, Bass, Proto Man, BtMan, Sargent Man, Enker, Quint, Punk, Ballade, Ninja Man, Cutter Ninja Man, Shadow Ninja Man, Retro Pikachu, and Omega Retro Pikachu.
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Retro Pookerchu
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Posted on October 10th, 2014 at 9:56pm Edited on 2014/10/10 at 10:26pm
Posted 2014/10/10 at 9:56pm Edited 2014/10/10 at 10:26pm
Dark Retro
Retro Pikachu Ω is a controlled state of power. If he goes uncontrollable, then get ready for a large move set of destruction!

All quotes are "..."

Dark Cannon proto-manrobotmega-bustermega-man-copy Same as R. Proto Strike

Dark Bomb proto-manrobothyper-bombquint Halts charged up attacks and destroys shields (i.e. Skull Barrier, Mega Ball, Pharaoh Shot, Mega Buster, Proto Buster)

Dark Asteroid proto-manrobotfire-stormfire-stormfire-stormfire-stormfire-storm punk Flame Type Attack that hits 1-5 times

Dark Lance proto-manrobotneedle-cannonballadeneedle-cannon Nature type attack has a 70% chance of a critical hit

Dark Wide proto-manrobotice-slashermega-man Water type attack

Dark Thunder proto-manrobotbright-burstbright-burstproto-man Electric type attack that keeps the use of Neutral type abilities for one turn
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Posted on March 11th, 2015 at 6:39pm Edited on 2015/03/11 at 7:31pm
Posted 2015/03/11 at 6:39pm Edited 2015/03/11 at 7:31pm
By the power of 1-up Shrooms, Monitors, Heads, and more, RRISE FROM YOUR GRAVE *That one genesis game plays i think something Axe...*

Anyway, I'll have a MetaKirb guide shortly...

Guide to MetaKirbSter + Ultra/Super/Hyper mode.
bass MetaKirbSter... FC1-SXN1.
bass Kirb Baroque... Bass baroque, But for Water/Freeze bass Only. Does 10% more damage, And can be a DOT(Damage over Time) Move. 4 WE. DOT lasts for 3 turns. bass bass-baroquebass-baroquebass-baroquebass-baroque
Chill Flush: MetaKirb Summons A Ice Slasher/Rain Flush Move, Deals HP by Normal, Not Percent. AOE can attack all robots, But has a Gemini Laser/Flash Effect.bassrain-flushice-slasher
K Final Resort: Kirb Uses a Saber/Baroque move, can only be used as lower than half health, And takes a lot of WE. Can OHKO with critical, And If a enemy has 595 HP (Or highest HP), With no starforce, Takes a enemy down to 1%. Non starforce crit is still OHKO, and takes 9 WE. Also needs to be charged later on. Can take out Stats if No KO. Plus, Z/K- Slash, Kirb uses Saber slash, And takes 2 WE. bass
Kirb Heal: Kirb Heals, Depending on Neutral ( which is Water), Power (Swift/Flame), Or Freeze. Water(Neutral)= Heal 15% And if you time it right, Like Mario RPG, You get More Heal, And maybe get the heal for no WE. Power= 5%, Freeze= 10%. Normal WE= I guess 4 WE.

Core Change... Kirb changes To either Flame/Swift, freeze, or back to Neutral Water.

Attack Supreme: Raise attack by Either 50%, or +100 attack. WE: 4.
Attack EPIC: Raise attack by 100%. Or +250. WE: 8.
Defense Supreme:Raise Defense by 50% or +100 Defense. Like attack and speed.
Defense EPIC: Same as attack/speed
Speed Supreme: Same as Defense/Attack
Speed EPIC: Same as Attack/Defense.

Kirb Tripreme: Uses Air-Man like Bombs. Attacks 3x. WE: 2.

Rapid Fire Super!: Does 10 Buster/Kirb Shots. Each shot Varies with damage. WE: 3.

Kirb Super Guide
Moves are Similar, But Kirb goes to the Multiverse. Unlocks More cores. Kirb heal Gets affected, And MORE!

Multi Core/Power Gift: Since Kirb super gets unlocked after A certain level, You can Decide if you want to turn Multi Core, Or get a Gift Of Speed, Attack, Defense, Or energy +25%. Once you reach Level 50, You can toggle Super Kirb On/Off, On gives kirb The Gift of the "Gods" and gives him -10 Attack/speed/defense, To a later Time, But everything is increased and all the other moves are Increased with attack By 25%. Note: These are Slightly effected by starforce.

Super Toggle: Can be used in battle or on the Robot Transfer. On means the before mentioned Stat decreases, But more power. Off Turns the moves to normal, But Gives Back Stats, And Will increase stats more.

Also, All moves are Super-ized So they can have more power.
Hyper/Ultra Mode: ANOTHER toggle move. Comes once you get to level 100 and get At least 4.5k for each stat. Same as Super.

ALL Moves are came to the rank: HYPER ULTRA SUPER MODE! Each attack gets more power +100%, or double.
Oh boy... This was Tiring.

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Posted on March 11th, 2015 at 6:43pm
Posted 2015/03/11 at 6:43pm
my turn!

A Guide To ZeroDXZ

Core Change bass bass ZeroDXZ changes cores from either his Shadow Core to his Flame Core, or his Flame Core to his Shadow Core however, certain attacks gain a x2 boost depending on what type element core they belong to

Dark Arrow bass bass time-arrow This ability can be used by both of ZeroDXZ's Element Cores,... ZeroDXZ fires a concentrated arrow of Darkness at the enemy lowering their Shields by 5 to even 20%!!

Flame Shot bass bass fire-chaserlike the Dark Arrow, but this time a wave of concentrated flames is fired,.... takes away 15% of the opponents Shields!

Shadow/Fire Heal bass bass ZeroDXZ heals himself depending on his Elemental Core,... 10% for Shadow, and 8% for Flame!

finally Z-Saber Slash.... bass bass this ability is used by ZeroDXZ, and MetaKirbSter only. This ability can deal up to 15% damage to the enemys Shields, HOWEVER it can only be used ONCE,...and it must be Fully-Charged to actually take effect!
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Posted on July 11th, 2015 at 7:30pm Edited on 2015/07/11 at 8:15pm
Posted 2015/07/11 at 7:30pm Edited 2015/07/11 at 8:15pm
A guide to leaf man
Among the buster shot here are the full list of leaf man attacks
Leaf shot dust-manleaf-shieldstone-man he pulls four leafs and shot them in a row
Leaf blower dust-manbubble-sprayquint he pulls wind that lowers the enemy speed and does wind and nature damage
Rock throw dust-manoil-shooterfire-man his vacuum starts to gain power and pull rocks from the ground and throws to the enemy
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