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October 12th, 2014 at 9:36pm
Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
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This is for making a crew of robot masters. You can only use the ones in the prototype, NEVER can you, and I can't stress this enough, use a fan character or characters that are undeveloped or is an item. StupidStudiosN, Meta, I'm looking at you two especially. You can't make a 1-person group because it doesn't really count as a group.
I once had an 8-person limit. The limit, by the time of 6-26-15, has been removed, and will most likely never return. JUST DON'T GO OVERBOARD AND MAKE A GROUP WITH ALL ROBOT MASTERS AVAILABLE.
Want to add a robot master to your group(s)? You can either make a new post that adds a robot to your group or, if making a new post would cause double-posting, just edit over the old one.
As of 12-5-15, mechas (first-gen sprites, with the exception of Nitron) became available for groups.
As of 1-6-16, alts have became available. However, you can only use Darkness/copy robot alts or your own characters. They can NOT be used to replace unsprited robot masters, and you can NOT make a character just to put it in a group.

Here are my first ones:

The Construction/Wrecking Crew
guts-man bomb-man oil-man drill-man stone-man concrete-man

The Fighting Robots
mega-man proto-man bass enker quint punk ballade

Arctic Exploration Crew
ice-man blizzard-man

Underwater Exploration Crew
bubble-man dive-man wave-man

Sky Exploration Crew
air-man gyro-man wind-man

Animal-based robots (Becuase Snake Man and Toad Man left the group, "The Naturalists", because they don't think it makes sense for them to be naturalists anymore)
snake-man toad-man hornet-man
The Fighting Robots- By Me
mega-man proto-man bass enker quint punk ballade
Burning Hearts- By MBM
fire-man heat-man pharaoh-man flame-man
Blast Boys- By MBM
bass bomb-man crash-man napalm-man ballade
SHINIES!- By TobyJoey
gemini-man crystal-man jewel-man
The Feared- By Me
air-man air-man needle-man needle-man toad-man toad-man napalm-man napalm-man blizzard-man galaxy-man strike-man punk
Chronokinetics- By TobyJoey
time-man flash-man bright-man
Assistants- By Me
roll disco rhythm trill
Robot Master Group Creator
Posted by Beta Shadow on October 12th, 2014 at 9:36pm
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Posted on June 27th, 2015 at 9:59pm
Posted 2015/06/27 at 9:59pm
@Bt Man : that evil robots group isn't mine D:
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on June 27th, 2015 at 10:26pm
Posted 2015/06/27 at 10:26pm
Well, I guess that NONE of my earlier complaints were towards you.
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Posted on June 28th, 2015 at 7:41am Edited on 2015/06/28 at 2:44pm
Posted 2015/06/28 at 7:41am Edited 2015/06/28 at 2:44pm
The Legendary Heroes


toad-man Let's do this we can defeat an evil and darkness in our way

mega-man If anyone opposite Dr light and doesn't want to be good i will force them to be the normal again

bass Im going to prove that i am most strongest robot in the universe

proto-man I will show you my true intentions and courage and strength

punk Lets screw you up good and come with me i shall make you stronger punk

pharaoh-man The forsaken flames of ancient gods are with me today and im not falling in my tomb
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Posted on June 28th, 2015 at 8:06am
Posted 2015/06/28 at 8:06am
The Underground Construction


drill-man Let's make the drills start breaking the ground

oil-man Let's extract new oil from the underground hohoho

concrete-manC'mon you lay z picketsman mine we need to finish the work lazy bums
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on June 28th, 2015 at 9:56am
Posted 2015/06/28 at 9:56am
@AlphaShurikenGSXR : ...Um...
1. Double-Posting
2. Alts count as custom characters, so those are banned.
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Posted on June 28th, 2015 at 2:44pm
Posted 2015/06/28 at 2:44pm
@Bt Man : okay i fix that
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on December 5th, 2015 at 2:22pm
Posted 2015/12/05 at 2:22pm
This thread makes a return!
For those of you who remember this thread, this was originally used for just robot masters. Well, you can now officially add mechas to the mix! I'll add them to my other groups in the future.
Also, I want to get this clear: ITEMS DON'T COUNT AS ROBOTS. I saw that at least two groups included the use of items. I just wanted to make it clear that items are not for use in the thread for those of you who does it.
I MIGHT consider removing the "no alts" rule, but we may see.
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Posted on December 5th, 2015 at 8:37pm Edited on 2015/12/05 at 8:40pm
Posted 2015/12/05 at 8:37pm Edited 2015/12/05 at 8:40pm
The Construction Men Robots

drill-man  bomb-man  guts-man  stone-man  concrete-man  drill-mole
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Posted on December 5th, 2015 at 9:18pm Edited on 2015/12/05 at 9:20pm
Posted 2015/12/05 at 9:18pm Edited 2015/12/05 at 9:20pm
@Beta Blizzard : At last, I updated the "Apocalyptic Archers" now Flutter Fly replaced Centaur Man until he has sprites
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Beta Shadow
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Posted on January 6th, 2016 at 7:49pm Edited on 2016/01/06 at 8:01pm
Posted 2016/01/06 at 7:49pm Edited 2016/01/06 at 8:01pm
Ok, a few things that comes with this place's revival.

First of all, I will officially remove the rule stating no alts can be used. You can use alts, but ONLY if they are the Darkness/Copy Robot alts or YOUR OWN CHARACTERS. You can't use other people's characters, and you can't make a character for the SOLE PURPOSE of adding them to your groups. You also still can't use alts from mechas, with Nitron still being the only exception, due to it having different types for each generation/alt.

Second of all, here are some more group edits by me:
The Construction/Wrecking Crew
guts-man bomb-man oil-man drill-man stone-man concrete-man picket-man killer-bullet drill-mole

crash-man Come on, why am I not in the group?
guts-man Look, hate to break it to ya, but if you REALLY want to join our group, you need to learn how to control your explosives.

Arctic Exploration Crew
ice-man ice-man blizzard-man freeze-man peng

ice-man Ice Man Sigma!? What are you doing here?
ice-man Hmph. If you WANT to know, I, too, can explore arctic areas. Now, unless you want me on my bad side, I'm going to have to ask you to stay quiet.

Underwater Exploration Crew
bubble-man bubble-man dive-man dive-man wave-man wave-man peng snapper robo-fishtot manta-missile

bubble-man What are you doing here, you faker!?
bubble-man I should ask you the same thing, paperweight.
bubble-man Ha, since your a copy of me, then your insults to me also affects you!
bubble-man Oh, please. You KNOW that I'm much more stronger than you.
wave-man Guys, relax. We can all agree that both of you has the same pathetic design.
bubble-man bubble-man HEY!
wave-man Anyways, why is there a Peng in this group?
dive-man Well, penguins can go underwater, too.

Sky Exploration Crew
air-man air-man gyro-man gyro-man wind-man

Animal-Based Robots
snake-man snake-man toad-man toad-man hornet-man flea peng snapper batton monking-r petit-snakey ribbitron robo-fishtot pyre-fly lady-blader

The Feared
air-man air-man needle-man needle-man toad-man toad-man napalm-man napalm-man blizzard-man galaxy-man strike-man punk

Electrical Robots
elec-man elec-man magnet-man magnet-man spark-man spark-man plug-man mag-fly nitron_alt2 elec-n

elec-man Ugh, just what we need. Ugly Sigma clones.
elec-man Hey, you shut up, or else I'll zap you to next week.

Past and Future
time-man time-man pharaoh-man pharaoh-man knight-man tomahawk-man quint

The next group edit goes past the character limit, so this is continued in another post.
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Beta Shadow
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38 TP | 2129 PP
Posted on January 6th, 2016 at 8:18pm
Posted 2016/01/06 at 8:18pm
The Shadows
proto-man cut-man oil-man metal-man metal-man quick-man quick-man crash-man magnet-man snake-man snake-man shadow-man shadow-man ring-man gyro-man gyro-man crystal-man yamato-man enker mega-man bass

shadow-man Hey, why are all of you here?
cut-man Thanks to our boosted skills, our sneakiness has also increased!
crash-man Not to mention that thanks to our color scheme, we blend into the shadows easier.
snake-man Asssss for me, even I can be sssssneaky.
shadow-man Well, I'll be the judge of that. As for you two, why are YOU here?
mega-man Well, I'm the All-Star Shadow-Core, and he's a nin- *gets slashed* Ow!
bass Shut up and fight me! I'm upgraded and ready for battle!
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Posted on January 18th, 2016 at 6:20am Edited on 2016/01/18 at 6:29am
Posted 2016/01/18 at 6:20am Edited 2016/01/18 at 6:29am
shadow-manWell we got a group of roboots appearing this going be fun

quick-manHmph some improvments i got and Alpha showed is face form shadows

shadow-manOh hey there Quick man how did you been repair yourself must been painfull

bassCan you all stop complain about uneccesery things

skull-man Sigh i been defeat but my new improvment to my program brings new firence to my CORE

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Posted on January 25th, 2016 at 9:44pm Edited on 2016/01/25 at 9:52pm
Posted 2016/01/25 at 9:44pm Edited 2016/01/25 at 9:52pm
The "Cut-Men"

metal-man:Watch where your going with those Scissors BUB!
cut-man:Ah! My scissors are sharp yes, but they aren't THAT dangerous!
shadow-man:Swift as the night, i throw my Shadow Blade,'ll be worrying with MORE than just your scissors Cut-Man!
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Spooky Man
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1 TP | 26 PP
Posted on January 31st, 2016 at 10:23am Edited on 2016/01/31 at 10:36am
Posted 2016/01/31 at 10:23am Edited 2016/01/31 at 10:36am
The Weaklings
bubble-man top-man toad-man

bubble-man I'm not a weakling!
top-man Gee, I wish I had enough self-esteem to think like you, Bubble Man
toad-man mumblemumblemumble
bubble-man Toad Man's right, we should leave the work to the big guys...
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Posted on January 31st, 2016 at 10:45am
Posted 2016/01/31 at 10:45am
The Breaking Boulders
drill-man stone-man bomb-man

drill-manI'm going drill every boulder in my way and i'm not taking any kind of small break

stone-manWrograh im Stone man and i'm broken every single rock in front of me

bomb-manLet's do this THE BIG PARTY of BOMB will break those small boulders in my way KABOOM
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Posted on March 6th, 2016 at 11:04am Edited on 2016/03/06 at 12:00pm
Posted 2016/03/06 at 11:04am Edited 2016/03/06 at 12:00pm
The Power Battlers
cut-man ice-man guts-man crash-man heat-man wood-man magnet-man gemini-man

cut-man Lets SLICE it up
ice-man Reporting for duty!
guts-man Hey if I keep up with you ruining my day I have to get fired!!
heat-man *sigh* It's very lonely in my stage...
gemini-man We both like to pop in and out
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Posted on April 24th, 2016 at 6:38pm Edited on 2016/04/24 at 6:46pm
Posted 2016/04/24 at 6:38pm Edited 2016/04/24 at 6:46pm
I guess I gotta resurrect this thing myself.

The Wild Ones

slash-man snake-man hornet-man toad-man
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Posted on June 22nd, 2016 at 3:12pm
Posted 2016/06/22 at 3:12pm
the time lord


I didn't posted anything in thred in very long time so here it is
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