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Robot Master Group Creator

October 12th, 2014 at 9:36pm
Beta Shadow
Beta Shadow
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This is for making a crew of robot masters. You can only use the ones in the prototype, NEVER can you, and I can't stress this enough, use a fan character or characters that are undeveloped or is an item. StupidStudiosN, Meta, I'm looking at you two especially. You can't make a 1-person group because it doesn't really count as a group.
I once had an 8-person limit. The limit, by the time of 6-26-15, has been removed, and will most likely never return. JUST DON'T GO OVERBOARD AND MAKE A GROUP WITH ALL ROBOT MASTERS AVAILABLE.
Want to add a robot master to your group(s)? You can either make a new post that adds a robot to your group or, if making a new post would cause double-posting, just edit over the old one.
As of 12-5-15, mechas (first-gen sprites, with the exception of Nitron) became available for groups.
As of 1-6-16, alts have became available. However, you can only use Darkness/copy robot alts or your own characters. They can NOT be used to replace unsprited robot masters, and you can NOT make a character just to put it in a group.

Here are my first ones:

The Construction/Wrecking Crew
guts-man bomb-man oil-man drill-man stone-man concrete-man

The Fighting Robots
mega-man proto-man bass enker quint punk ballade

Arctic Exploration Crew
ice-man blizzard-man

Underwater Exploration Crew
bubble-man dive-man wave-man

Sky Exploration Crew
air-man gyro-man wind-man

Animal-based robots (Becuase Snake Man and Toad Man left the group, "The Naturalists", because they don't think it makes sense for them to be naturalists anymore)
snake-man toad-man hornet-man
The Fighting Robots- By Me
mega-man proto-man bass enker quint punk ballade
Burning Hearts- By MBM
fire-man heat-man pharaoh-man flame-man
Blast Boys- By MBM
bass bomb-man crash-man napalm-man ballade
SHINIES!- By TobyJoey
gemini-man crystal-man jewel-man
The Feared- By Me
air-man air-man needle-man needle-man toad-man toad-man napalm-man napalm-man blizzard-man galaxy-man strike-man punk
Chronokinetics- By TobyJoey
time-man flash-man bright-man
Assistants- By Me
roll disco rhythm trill
Robot Master Group Creator
Posted by Beta Shadow on October 12th, 2014 at 9:36pm
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Posted on June 22nd, 2016 at 3:12pm
Posted 2016/06/22 at 3:12pm
the time lord


I didn't posted anything in thred in very long time so here it is
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