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Theoretical Limit of BP (2016)

June 13th, 2016 at 4:13am
25,026,400 BP
5 TP | 54 PP
The new 2k16 BP system is based on the total of the high scores from all missions. Because there's a limit both in the amount of missions and the how high the scores can be, there must be a limit to how much BP a single player can get. Recently, I've been doing an investigation on what that theoretical limit is. So with the help of my graphing calculator, let's do the math!
Current limit
For those who aren't bothered to read through all the calculations, here is the theoretical limit both of missions and BP so far:

Calculating how many missions can be completed
One may think that the number of missions in MMRPG is equal to the normal campaign missions, plus the star force missions. So we just look for the highest mission count in the leaderboards and call it a day. Wrong.

From recent investigations, there are two more factors that need to be considered. First of all, whether or not a mission awards you with a field/fusion star does not make it two missions. So that means the normal Cut Man mission from the campaign and the Cut Man field star mission that is playable after completing the campaign are one mission.

Second of all, because of the gimmick of swapping fields around all 3 players, all 1024 field missions, and fusion missions can be played 3 times across all three players.

Taking this into consideration, the total number of missions is equal to 3x all the field missions and fusion missions, plus all of the other campaign missions. This is numerically expressed as:

3*1024+15 = 3087
Calculating how many BP can be earned
If you thought the previous section was confusing, wait until you see this :D

To start things easy, let's start with the other campaign missions first.
Theoretical Limit of BP (2016)
Posted by Kirbologist on June 13th, 2016 at 4:13am
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24,410,900 BP
10 TP | 623 PP
Posted on June 13th, 2016 at 9:43am
Posted 2016/06/13 at 9:43am
Oh calculating the bp didn't know it till now I wondered why was bp grinding so hard

Guess it showed now Kirbilogist you are quite smart to figure this out for me it would take ages
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38,571,400 BP
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Posted on June 13th, 2016 at 11:58am
Posted 2016/06/13 at 11:58am
Good luck on the calucations. Here is some notes I thought about real quick about for this.

-Each one of the doctors chapter 4 missions (the starforce missions) have different levels, and thus give out a different about of base-bp.
-For Dr. Light, its Level 34, for Dr. Wily its 39, and for Dr. Cossack its 44.
-With the different levels, that's means each give out different base BP, although the exact base BP can vary.
-For Dr. Light, with his level 34 missions give a base BP of 69,000 to 71,000. This makes things problematic because of the varying base BPs. For Dr. Wily the base BP goes from 79,000 to 82,000. I'm not 100% sure about these scores though. For Dr. Cossack, it goes from 90,000 to 92,000.
-For the Main campaign missions (chapter 1's met battle, chapter 3, and chapter 5) the base bp also can change to due, once again, different levels for different docs.
-Everyone's chapter 1 battle is the same, but you can re do the met battle over and over to get more mets, and eventually 8 mets, for a base bp of 800.
-That met battle counts as only one mission, as I am aware of, no matter how many mets there is.
-Chapter 3 is a different battle entirely for each Doc.
-For Dr. Light, Chapter 3's base bp is 20,000 points, for Dr. Wily, its 40,000 and for Dr. Cossack, its 60,000.

I hope this helps, even just a little bit.
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