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It seems the community is growing very quickly.
At this point there should be different guides from different people's perspective (Mainly the 1024 club)

Anyway here's my guide for this...
Let's start off from the you start in the intro field...
Your first level with give you nothing but the Buster Shot (A fast but weak attack however once you start progressing through the game you'll find better abilities)After one's defeat you get the Mega Buster(3 times stronger to compensate, it will take one turn to charge)

Chapter 2: Robot Master

After you defeat the intro field, You'll unlock Chapter 2 there are 8 stages to advance however I do have some advuce for you novices:

cut-manCut Man- A good starting-point especially for a robot master that will destroy Mega Man
guts-manGuts Man He's not the hardest but I would recommend, that you should save him for later
ice-manIce Man- Like Guts man but He's easier due to his Defense and attack (Unless if you use Roll)
bomb-manBomb Man- Just no. You're better off with someone...
fire-manFire Man Like Bomb Man however his mechas are worse for Guts Man and Cut Man
Also I have a hard time fighting the two so go for them as soon as possible
elec-manElec Man This was the one I was referring to. MM is weak to Electric and that's what's he has and he's the second strongest in the game (after Bomb Man by 3 points) and he's faster than him.
time-manTime Man- A good starting point however his weapon is kind of useless unless if he get's to Lv.10
oil-manOil Man Not much he's could be at the start or the end of the chapter

If you fail any mission then you'll be rewarded with rollRoll even though she's weak to Ice Man and lower than 100 in everything her HP is the highest in the game (150)
Also to unlock them you need to beat them with neutral core attacks (Mega Buster,Light Buster, Buster Shot)

Chapter 3
In this chapter you'll arrive at the Dr.'s place
In Dr.Wily's castle you'll bump into Bass and Disco
All you need is Cut Man and Guts Man

After they're beaten you'll unlock them accessing the MM2 robots and so on

Like Dr.Light but I don't think there's another Mettal in the Intro Field
Also you'll get access to the Dr.Light Program so you can transfer the previous abilities to Bass and the others
Making this easier

Like the original is the exact same here
Though Quick Man is not the hardest Wood Man
metal-manMetal Man- Due to the light program you should bring Rolling Cutter after that it is as easy as throwing a metal blade in his face
air-manAir Man- It's not like it's hard but there's easier options
bubble-manBubble Man- His weapon is almost Useless it's a copy and paste of Oil Shooter but Bubble Lead is surprisingly good
quick-manQuick Man- He's easy, the way he can win is luck and speed
crash-manCrash Man-I don't know Just watch out for Crash Bomb and use a quick but strong move
[flash-manFlash Man]}{time} Don't bring Quick Man, Just make sure you have all of your teammates
heat-manHeat Man- This guy used to be the hardest but now he's easier use Bubble Lead or Ice Slasher
wood-manWood Man- Due to high defense this will take a long while bring Disco and use Roll Buster to lower his defense

To Unlock Disco Fail 2 different missions, she has the highest defense stat of them (90)
Chapter 3
Rhythm- Take her down first or you'll have an annoying time
Proto Man- Crash Man and Crash Bomb

Circuits (Sponge and etc.)- It will grant the user an affinity(heal) to that core however they will be weak to something else like Nature For example
Guard Module- The user will be immune to all stat changes when this item is used

Each stage has two phase
Phase 1 is against the mechas
Phase 2 is against the robot Master itself
Health, EXP and Weapon Energy will carry over

I'll continue this once this once this gain views
Also I'm creating a new account for testing
A Mega Man RPG Guide: For Beginning and Novices
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Hmm...seems like this could be improved
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@NintendoPanda101 : Not being rude but I'm still working on it as I said on the second to last line
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Also really, If so can you explain how?
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