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Tips and Tricks: Boss Strategy Guide

June 29th, 2014 at 10:39pm
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Hello guys! Did you guys notice a certain "new" section? Well, if you didn't, it's right here!

Note: This guide is more for you newer players out there, not the more "experienced" fellows.

dr-cossackAnyway, is it already time to start it off?

Ok, here we go!

Well, as you guys know, we start off at the intro field, more specifically Dr. Light's. Nothing here, except I would complete it 8 times for good measure......

Next is the Robot Master stages! Do NOT go after Elec Man first! Actually, do go fail against him! Perhaps you could get some support after that!

rollNice to be on the team! Fail 1 missions to get me!

If you need some help, perhaps these links could help?
Adrian Marceau's own Walkthrough series!

Once you get the Support from your new teammate, go after anyone you want!(besides Elec Man) Cut Man is a good start! But Time Man is an even better first!

Once you start the battle, use Roll against the mechas. They aren't too hard. Once the Robot Master comes out, switch Roll out. However, it's better if you keep her out for a while and damage the Robot Master. Once she's low health, switch with Mega Man. Spam Mega Buster and destroy your opponent!

Now keep to the Weakness chart! By the way, the scan button and database might provide some use......snake-man
This database sure is helpful!

You get Robot Masters from defeating them buster-only. However, it's better you DON'T get them yet! Much too hard with your puny robots!bass

Once you defeat them all, you will unlock the Rival Battle.

Bass and Disco will confront you here! Beware!

Not really, bring all the robots you've accumulated and make good use of weaknesses!

You should get Wily, but a better idea is to keep on training in the Rival Battle. It gives you a good amount of experience. Try to get everyone to level 20 or beyond.

Now you go on to Wily! Do the same strategy for Wily as you did Light! Weaknesses!

heat-manDon't go after me first.....

discoIf you want me, fail two different missions in Wily's story...

Now train in Rival Battles! You'll be after Proto Man and Rhythm! Try to get to level 30 or more!

And Dr. Cossack! Same strategy here, but do not go after Toad Man! His Rain Flush is killer!

rhythmIf you want me, fail three different missions in Cossack's story.

Rival Battles once again! Try Level 40! It'll help for....

Fusion Fields!wood-manbubble-man

Trade between the doctors through clicking on robots! Click the name of the owner and it should give you other options! Pick the one that you want to send it to! Weaknesses and trading are very important here! Mega Slide, Proto Strike, and Bass Baroque are also important, as well as Bass Crush, Proto Shield, and Mega Ball! Those moves will send you to victory!
Image Tooltip

Final Destination approaches..... Your signature moves will help you against the Killers!(Enker, Punk, Ballade)
Note that these robots can't be unlocked!

Also, remember to grab the other robot masters with your signature moves! Hope you didn't forget!

The Copy-bots shouldn't be a challenge due to the multipliers!

And the Final Battle is already here! Use weaknesses, items, signature moves, and use those multipliers to your advantage!

Do you want Level 100 robots? Bonus Field 2 should help! The extremely-high multipliers will help, use that to your advantage! Don't bring many robots! Less experience to share! If one is 100, points don't go to that bot, so use that advantage too!

Weaknesses will help! With a couple tries, most robots should have 100 levels under their belt! By the way, super-effective hits increase EXP!

"As for experience, here are a few pointer for raising robots:

1. Landing super effective attacks boosts the experience multiplier for the stage by 10% every time you do it, and the effect lasts until the end of battle. Critical hits also have this effect. You can easily increase to 2x or 3x in the right conditions.

2. Be picky and take fewer robots into battle with you. Experience points are divided among all teammates, so if you take fewer with you they will each get more at a time. This way you can raise only the ones you really need first, and then use those ones later to power-level your weaker robots faster.

3. Try to get overkill as much as possible, as its converted directly into experience points. If the target has 10 life energy remaining and you try to deal 100 points of damage, the target will be disabled and the difference (90) will be added to your experience point bonus. It might not seem like it's worth it to use a powerful ability when the enemy only has a few hit points left, but it is."

BossMan"s grind list
Intro Field: Not that great, but ok for starters. Don't replay too much!
Rival Battles: Inferior to other grinding areas(besides intro), but good for starter players.
Final Destination 1: Good, but there are better choices just ahead.
Final Destination 2: If you can't beat Final Destination 3, train here.
Final Destination 3: The best of the destinations, but what you unlock is much better.
Bonus Field 2: The best option, the insane multipliers will result in a lot of damage, meaning more experience points.....

How to get Mega Man 3?

Go to Bonus Field 2 and find bots from 3! Scan them!

When you beat the game, click on the new tab called "Shop" up top! Go to Kalinka's picture, and you can buy Mega Man 3 fields for 48,000!
Why Kalinka, how did you get here?

Too expensive? Find StarForce! Click "Players" up top and if you click on a field, it can be changed! Grab a bunch! Not only will your team grow stronger, robot cores can be sold for higher prices in Reggae's shop. Farm your money, young padawan....

petit-snakeyHow to get Robot Cores? It has a 50% chance of happening if you use super-effective moves on a Robot Master.

With this information, you can beat the game! Gain plenty of StarForce to challenge the top heads on the leaderboard in.......Player Battles!
Feel free to tell me if you've found better ways.

Tips and Tricks: Boss Strategy Guide
Posted by MegaBossMan on June 29th, 2014 at 10:39pm
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Posted on May 6th, 2016 at 3:47am Edited on 2016/05/06 at 4:01am
Posted 2016/05/06 at 3:47am Edited 2016/05/06 at 4:01am
flash-manThe new update wich made the Prototype whole lot better and sincely i started to use Flash man allot for one reason Flash Stopper does allot of griding bp i figured out but bewere of the robot master with tank def like this mister wood-man or any otheres robot but with Flash man you can gridn good amout of bp and climb up very fast in leadeboard high score or the amout of bp you collect in the field you are

Cough each time you use Flast Stopper is power will go up if you are in right field or the FInal Destination
One more then use strategy is like bulid on Pokemon glad the Prototype community is making allot of progres

ChoasSurikenGSX log out
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Posted on May 6th, 2016 at 9:29pm
Posted 2016/05/06 at 9:29pm
@ChaosShurikenGSX :
*points at guide and makes an angry child sound*
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Posted on May 7th, 2016 at 5:27am
Posted 2016/05/07 at 5:27am
@MusicalKitty : Well Musical Woodman haves tank def and is pretty taking to long to disable him i just pointed how things are going *dramatical*
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Posted on April 20th, 2019 at 10:05pm
Posted 2019/04/20 at 10:05pm
Here's a quick tip.

Once you get Guts Man, you can train quickly using the intro stage.

Helps to catch everyone else back to speed.
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