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Whether you just beat Final Destination III in one of your stories, or you beat all three missions a long time ago, congratulations on clearing the game! If you haven't beat the game yet and need some help, check out MegaBossMan's guide. His guide will give you the knowledge you need to beat those last missions, and after doing that, come back here to see what the post-game content is all about!

Clearing the game enables you to access content only available to those that beat the main game. If you were mainly interested in clearing the game, I'm afraid you've pretty much seen what this game has to offer, but if you like extra content in games and don't mind spending some time seeing what else you can do, you've come to the right guide! This will help prepare you for side quests such as making your robots as strong as possible, finding out what Starforce is all about, preparing to face your hardest battles in Player Battles, and much more! This guide is split up into multiple sections, so if you just want to read a particular section, you can use CTRL+F to get to the specific section you want. So, here's a table of contents of what this guide contains:

Proto1: What are the Bonus Stages?
Proto2: How can I raise my Level 100 robots' stats even more?
Proto3: What is Starforce and how do I get it?
Proto4: What do I need to know about Player Battles?
Proto5: How do I obtain Robot Cores and why should I grab them?
Proto6: How can I make my mechas stronger?/I see level 100 mechas, can mine be level 100 too?

Proto1: What are the Bonus Stages?

When you beat the game, you unlock a couple bonus missions in a new tab called the Bonus Chapter. These pit you against level 100 mechas and Robot Masters. The catch is that up to six different elements are greatly increased in the battles, making some otherwise weak abilities all of a sudden be lethal (I had a character die in one hit to Leaf Shield because Nature and Shield were so high)! The first mission is against three mechas, and the second one pits you against six Robot Masters. These are all randomly generated opponents, and the field modifiers change every battle, so each battle will be different. This is a great place to level up your robots and also can help you complete your Database since there are Robot Masters not found anywhere else in the game (with one exception, in the third section of this guide), and second and third generation mechas are encountered often here.

Proto2: How can I raise my Level 100 robots' stats even more?

So your robots have reached level 100 and can pretty much destroy the Final Destination robots, but when you look at other players' robots and notice something weird...why do their robots have more Attack, Defense, and/or Speed than mine do? You actually can increase your stats even more (Energy is maxed out at this point, though), by continuing to defeat opponents. Instead of getting experience, your robots will download stat data from defeated opponents and add them to their overall stats! Only the robot that disabled an opponent will get stat data, so keep that in mind.

If you want max stats, though, it will take a long time to do. You can get 100 stat points if you can defeat a robot with 9999 of that particular stat. How to max out the fastest if you don't want to constantly repeat Bonus Field 2? Bring an extra robot or six into your battle with other Robot Masters (not quite as effective against mechas since the cap there is 50), and make sure they are equipped with Attack, Defense, and/or Speed Swaps. Be very careful here when you decide to swap stats. If you give your opponent higher Attack, it will be more likely to take your robot out before you can disable it! Higher defense makes the robot more difficult to take out, and higher speed means your opponent will likely act sooner than you do. Place a robot you want to swap stats with as your active robot, and use a swap with your opponent. If you're not sure what you're doing, swap Speed so that you're not caught off-guard by a harder robot. Once you're more comfortable you can try swapping more than one stat per robot. Now switch to the robot you're training, and defeat the opponent with now higher stats. You will get more points for the stat you just swapped using your other robot.

The higher the stats of the disabled robot, the more stats you will be able to download. Disabling a robot with 9999 on one or more stats will give your robot 100 of their stat. Just rinse and repeat after that until you hit 9999 or your target goal. Remember to take breaks every now and then; this is very tedious work. Once your robot hits 9999 of every stat (except Energy), your robot will be maxed out, and will be quite formidable in battles!

Proto3: What is Starforce and how do I get it?

This is probably the biggest Side Quest in the game. Starforce is the way to go if you want your abilities to do more damage (if you haven't got all of your robots to level 100, raising Starforce also gives your robots more experience as well per disable!). The most basic form of Starforce is called a Field Star; you can earn these by defeating your opponents again in Chapter 2 of each story (if you got MM3 robots, you can get Field Stars from them too!. A more powerful Star exists called a Fusion Star, which increases your abilities even more than a Field Star. These are earned by defeating your opponents again in Chapter 4. This gets tedious, though, because you can only get up to 4 Stars at a time. When you defeat all of your opponents, you must exchange fields in order to get more missions. It's not that hard to do: go to your Players tab ingame and take a look at the Player fields for each doctor. You can click on them and select a field to replace it. When you do that, you will have a new mission and a new Fusion Star you can go grab.

This is tedious to do, though, but fortunately you have some help. Check out post #42 (by Adrian Marceau) in this thread. He explains what the Star count and Tool sections do. Keep track of what Stars you already got, because if you want ALL of the Starforce, you have to do many battles with the MM1, MM2, MM3, and MM4 Robot Masters. There's a total of 1024 Stars to collect, so you will be switching fields A LOT.

So why go to all of this trouble of getting Starforce? Your abilities get much stronger when you get Stars of particular elements. If you get a Star that boosts the Flame element, for example, all of your Flame abilities do a little more damage than without Starforce. Once you obtain a lot of Starforce, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

One last thing I forgot to mention earlier; when you begin a mission that has a Field/Fusion Star as the prize, you will notice the battle is quite different for two reasons:

1. Multiple robots of the same element as the Star will appear in the battle, including robots not found in the main story!
2. Your opponents have SLIGHTLY increased damage with their abilities.

At this point, though, you should have no trouble beating them, right? All of this side quest work leads to the real reason for all of this tedious work...the final section!

Proto4: What do I need to know about Player Battles?

When you beat the main game in a story, you unlock a Player Battle chapter. This is where you can find battle data of other Prototype players in the game! These battles are among the most difficult in the game because your opponent may have trained more than you did! Depending on where you are in the Leaderboard, you can decide among six different opponents. There are 2 on 2, 4 on 4, and 8 on 8 battles. You cannot have more robots on your team than what your opponent is showing. Before you get too excited/nervous, the robots you are facing are AI controlled like in the story battles, but these robots reflect the actual strength of the robots the players have! Your opponents' overall ratings are based on two factors:

1. The overall stats of their robots.
2. How much Starforce the player has.

The more of each the player has, the higher the points rating for that player. This is the amount of Battle Points you will earn if you defeat the player in the turn limit you got. You will earn more if you finish sooner, and less if you finish later, just like in the story missions. This is the best place to get BP in the game since the battles here usually reward more BP than the story missions if you can finish your opponents quickly. Unlike story battles, however, there are a few conditions that make these battles risky:

1. You cannot use items in Player Battles!
2. If you lose, your opponent will receive BP!
3. Your opponent's robots also are powered by Starforce, making them hit harder than normal!

If you manage to defeat an opponent, you cannot fight that same opponent again until you battle some other players first. This is just so it's harder to grind BP on an ideal opponent. As for the Fields you battle on, they are based on what Fields the player selected for that particular doctor. Dr. Light players will face Dr. Wily battle data, Dr. Wily against Dr. Cossack, and finally Cossack against Light.

One more topic left to cover for Player Battles. Your robot data can be fought by your opponents, too! So make sure to make your robots as strong as you can so your robots can better defend themselves against challengers! If you can, try to select Fields that will benefit your robots so they can do more damage as well, but be aware that your opponents could also use the Fields to their advantage as well! The abilities your robots use can also either help or hurt your chances of a successful defend. The most important stat for an ability is Attack Speed. Even if your robots have higher speed, abilities with higher attack speed will fire first, so you want to choose weapons that can attack quickly, like Search Snake and Oil Slider. One last tip I can provide is try to cover as many elements as you can with your robots, in case one of your active robots faces an opponent that has a weakness your robots have. If your team has multiple different elements in the same team, your opponent will have a harder time finding an effective ability!

Player Battles can be very challenging, but don't give up! If you can't beat an opponent, train your robots more or try a different strategy! The better prepared you are for battle, the higher you will climb up the Leaderboard. Try to go as high as you can on the Leaderboard and challenge the best players!

Proto5: How do I obtain Robot Cores and why should I grab them?

I know somewhere on the site there is some discussion about Robot Cores, but I figure I should talk about them more in detail. Robot Cores are basically sources of energy for robots, and Copy Core robots (Mega Man, Bass, and Proto Man), can use these to change their element in order for weapons of the same type to get the typical damage bonus robots of the same element enjoy. Cores also can be sold in the shop for quite a bit of money. Boost your Starforce and they can be sold for a lot more! The more Starforce you have of a particular element, the more Reggae will pay for a single Core!

To obtain Cores requires a bit of luck, but it's pretty easy to do. When you face an enemy robot in a story/bonus mission (items don't drop in Player Battles), just use a weapon that matches that robot's weakness and the Core will drop...most of the time. Sometimes you get a different item in return, but continuing to use the same weapon will result in Cores being dropped. Unlike what some people have said, though, the weapon does NOT have to be super effective to the robot. Just make sure the element(s) of the ability you are using is/are a weakness to the robot. Even if you use a weapon like Needle Cannon against a robot like Drill Man who is weak to the Missile element but strong to the Cutter element (and thus no special message like super effective will occur), the Earth Core will still drop because you hit Drill Man with the Missile element.

Proto6: How can I make my mechas stronger?/I see level 100 mechas, can mine be level 100 too?

You can think of mechas as like the "pet" variety here in the Prototype. When you use Mecha Support, they will fight for you while your robots are recovering WE. Each mecha has their own special attack, and some attacks are quite different from Robot Masters, like Mag Flies draining WE instead of LE from targets, and Battons restoring health every time they land a hit. Mecha attacks can also get boosted from Starforce. You can't grind stats on them like you can regular Robot Masters, though, and they will always be a bit weaker than a level 100 Robot Master.

To train a mecha, just keep summoning the same mecha over and over. Yeah, it gets tedious quickly. When a mecha is spawned, its level goes up by 1, gradually getting stronger, until you summon the same mecha for the 100th time, in which it stays as a level 100 mecha. The quickest strategy to get all three generations of a mecha to level 100 is to use Mecha Support three times in a battle, then restart the battle. This ensures all three generations show up at least once per battle. You can ignore this bit if you're spawning Mets, in which case spawn as many as you can and then restart the battle.

Mechas can't help much against strong opponents like the ones you encounter high up in the Player Battles, but they can work surprisingly well against even the Robot Masters in Bonus Field II. When a mecha defeats an opponent, they download data to increase their stats a bit, and the amount of data you can download actually DOUBLES if a mecha defeats a Robot Master. These stats don't carry over, though, unlike Robot Masters that keep all data they download. Still, training mechas at least lets you know how to use them. You might even find a few mechas you really like (I'm kind of attached to the Flea mecha myself).

That concludes this guide, so if you have any questions or want to suggest something to be added, feel free to do so. Otherwise, I hope this guide has helped you, or at least I hope you think I gave out some good information after reading this! Good luck with the Starforce hunting and Player Battles!
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