Mega Man RPG Prototype Boss Database

Ballade's Mugshot

Explode Core

Explode Type
Mega Man IV
Elite Megaman Hunter
Final Destination
Cutter Earth

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Ballade | Base Sprite Right
Ballade | Base Sprite Left
Ballade | Taunt Sprite Right
Ballade | Taunt Sprite Left
Ballade | Victory Sprite Right
Ballade | Victory Sprite Left
Ballade | Defeat Sprite Right
Ballade | Defeat Sprite Left
Ballade | Shoot Sprite Right
Ballade | Shoot Sprite Left
Ballade | Throw Sprite Right
Ballade | Throw Sprite Left
Ballade | Summon Sprite Right
Ballade | Summon Sprite Left
Ballade | Slide Sprite Right
Ballade | Slide Sprite Left
Ballade | Defend Sprite Right
Ballade | Defend Sprite Left
Ballade | Damage Sprite Right
Ballade | Damage Sprite Left
Ballade | Base2 Sprite Right
Ballade | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by Sean Adamson / MetalMan | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"Come and fight me, if you think you stand a chance!"
"Hmph, your strength is pathetic! Call it quits!"
"And here I was, hoping you could've stood a chance..."
"...Maybe you're not as weak as I thought..."

Description Text

Ballade was made to be the last in the Mega Man Killer unit and are very powerful, having great speed and power. They are equipped with the Ballade Cracker, a very explosive bomb capable of taking out multiple robots. They also have a second form, boosting their abilities even more. They only fight strong robots and believe themselves to be the strongest. They follow orders better than the Punk unit but are still very reckless. Although they believe themselves to be the strongest, they have great reason to see it that way.

Ability Compatibility

Community Records

1,490 Times
0 Times
1,277 Times
501 Times

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