Mega Man RPG Prototype Boss Database

Quint's Mugshot

Swift Core

Swift Type
Mega Man II
Future Megaman Hunter
Time Space

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Quint | Base Sprite Right
Quint | Base Sprite Left
Quint | Taunt Sprite Right
Quint | Taunt Sprite Left
Quint | Victory Sprite Right
Quint | Victory Sprite Left
Quint | Defeat Sprite Right
Quint | Defeat Sprite Left
Quint | Shoot Sprite Right
Quint | Shoot Sprite Left
Quint | Throw Sprite Right
Quint | Throw Sprite Left
Quint | Summon Sprite Right
Quint | Summon Sprite Left
Quint | Slide Sprite Right
Quint | Slide Sprite Left
Quint | Defend Sprite Right
Quint | Defend Sprite Left
Quint | Damage Sprite Right
Quint | Damage Sprite Left
Quint | Base2 Sprite Right
Quint | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by Sean Adamson / MetalMan | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"I'm certain this battle will be the one to change my future!"
"If I scrap you, will I disappear from the timeline?"
"Exactly like history said you were! Disappointing..."
"This didn't happen originally! My visit must have screwed up the timeline!"

Description Text

The original Quint was Mega Man from the future reprogrammed but reproductions of this unit are only copies of this robot. They possess the same skills as Mega Man, but have a weapon called Sakugarne which functions as some sort of cross between a jackhammer and a pogo-stick. This unit's personality is very sadistic but enjoys fortunetelling but hates time-zone fatigue. They do not like the Mega Man unit, but are they really hating themselves?

Ability Compatibility

Community Records

60 Times
0 Times
50 Times
32 Times

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