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Shadow / Impact Core

Shadow / Impact Type
Mega Man V
Void Creation Stardroid
Electric Wind

Battle Quotes

"Ring, ring! That shall be the call of your doom!"
"No matter what you may try, you cannot escape!"
"My victory, while tiring, was well-deserved!"
"My ring! I put so much money into it!"

Description Text

When Mega Man had defeated the four Stardroids attacking Earth, he led a sneak attack on the other four, one of them being Saturn. Saturn has the ability to manipulate both time and space with his Black Hole, and getting sucked in won't guarantee that you know where you'd end up. He also has a tame version of most time-stopping moves, which he will use to fire at his opponent. His most notable feature is the ring around him, the weapon that allows him to use Black Hole, and might even use to transport around the battlefield or even get a quick retreat. He's bad at spending money, and will constantly upgrade his ring in terms of aesthetics. He's also the laziest of the Stardroids, and will instead transport to get where he wants to go most of the time. He also heavily dislikes almost every form of game, physical or virtual. Keep your eye on the ring, because you could be fighting him one second, and ending up in an undiscovered world the next.

Ability Compatibility

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