Mega Man RPG Prototype Boss Database

Slur's Mugshot

Space Core

Space Type
Mega Man NT Warrior
Galactic Judge Robot
Space Freeze Flame
Water Electric

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Slur | Base Sprite Right
Slur | Base Sprite Left
Slur | Taunt Sprite Right
Slur | Taunt Sprite Left
Slur | Victory Sprite Right
Slur | Victory Sprite Left
Slur | Defeat Sprite Right
Slur | Defeat Sprite Left
Slur | Shoot Sprite Right
Slur | Shoot Sprite Left
Slur | Throw Sprite Right
Slur | Throw Sprite Left
Slur | Summon Sprite Right
Slur | Summon Sprite Left
Slur | Slide Sprite Right
Slur | Slide Sprite Left
Slur | Defend Sprite Right
Slur | Defend Sprite Left
Slur | Damage Sprite Right
Slur | Damage Sprite Left
Slur | Base2 Sprite Right
Slur | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by Adrian Marceau / Ageman20XX | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"Your efforts are futile, but I suppose I won't stop you from fighting..."
"Your efforts are pathetic! Giving in to the Master is your best option..."
"As I expected, you only delayed the inevitable."
"What? Perhaps we underestimated this planet's power...."

Ability Compatibility

Slur Aura IconSlur AuraLv 30Space Type100% Accuracy Slur Twister IconSlur TwisterLv 60Space Type66 Damage96% Accuracy Slur Supernova IconSlur SupernovaLv 90Space Type99 Damage100% Accuracy

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(!) Please note that the names, stats, types, and descriptions of any playable characters, robots, or abilities that appear in this database are not finalized and are subject to change without notice as development progresses on the game itself. That being said, the data on this page is pulled directly from the prototype's internal variables and will therefore always be in sync with the prototype itself. Database pages that do not have sprites represent incomplete but planned, future content and do not currently appear in-game.

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