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Explode / Water Core

Explode / Water Type
Mega Man V
Soapy Crustacean Stardroid
Missile Explode

Battle Quotes

"Worthless litter, always picking fights to ruin my mood!"
"Gah! Gah! I'll blow you to shreds to settle my nerves!"
"Your planet's hopeless... Well, maybe your shampoo's not half-bad."
"Ugh... A bath would really calm the nerves right now..."

Description Text

When the Stardroids led a conquest on Earth, Venus waited in his lair to face Mega Man in battle. He mainly focused on attacking with the Bubble Bomb, an explosive bomb that was covered in a water bubble, which proved to be a powerful and unexpected weapon and later inspired the creation of Burst Man. Leave it to the Stardroids to set trends with unique and strange weapons! He's also made out of a sturdy material designed to handle explosives, and can take what he can dish out. Much like a crab, Venus can only walk sideways, not forward, which honestly makes him look a bit hilarious when walking. Don't make fun of him for it though, as he's an extremely aggressive robot. This guy would probably kick a puppy if he had the chance! He also loves cleanliness, going so far to wash his head despite having a lack of hair. Despite being an alien robot, Venus is clearly a robot inspired by something crab-like....which could mean Crustaceans exist elsewhere in the universe too? With such a short temper and his plethora of explosives, Venus isn't a guy to tick off!

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