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Block Man's Mugshot

Block Man
Earth Core

Block Man
Earth Core
Mega Man 11
Sturdy Construction Robot
Mineral Quarry
Explode Impact
Flame Cutter

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Block Man | Base Sprite Right
Block Man | Base Sprite Left
Block Man | Taunt Sprite Right
Block Man | Taunt Sprite Left
Block Man | Victory Sprite Right
Block Man | Victory Sprite Left
Block Man | Defeat Sprite Right
Block Man | Defeat Sprite Left
Block Man | Shoot Sprite Right
Block Man | Shoot Sprite Left
Block Man | Throw Sprite Right
Block Man | Throw Sprite Left
Block Man | Summon Sprite Right
Block Man | Summon Sprite Left
Block Man | Slide Sprite Right
Block Man | Slide Sprite Left
Block Man | Defend Sprite Right
Block Man | Defend Sprite Left
Block Man | Damage Sprite Right
Block Man | Damage Sprite Left
Block Man | Base2 Sprite Right
Block Man | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by Jonathan Backstrom / Rhythm_BCA | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"Solid job gettin' here; too bad I've gotta knock your block off now!"
"Don't you mock me... I'm not just another brick in the wall!"
".. Say, Robot, you build a temple with my face on it and I'll forget this ever happened!"
"Hrrgh, it's just so mortifying... Nobody blocks Block Man!"

Description Text

Due to Dr. Light's lengthy and glowing history in the area of construction-oriented robots, Block Man was a robot specially contracted by Nakaume Heavy Machinery to assist in their urban development programs, specifically in circumventing the arduous work of wall architecture. This intent is nowhere else more highlighted than in Block Man's Block Dropper, which generates weighty stone blocks to be plunged straight down from the air. Despite it seeming amateurish and simplistic in motion, this technique does genuinely require quite a bit of care and precision to avoid any accidental aching head injuries. And on that front, Block Man is, well... he's not spotless. Nevertheless, despite his short and stout physique, Block Man's filled to the brim with energy, even if this is primarily to serve his own amibition. See, it's his dream to one day create a vast system of structures inspired by temples and pyramids of old, preferably with his face adorned somewhere to let people know the craftsman. In that sense, he's admittedly rather vain and thick as a brick, and even with his cement attire, insults can crumble his temperament with ease. Still, he's close friends with fellow Nakaume robot Impact Man, and really, there's not a work of architecture out there that can weather the elements better than a strong friendship! Well, not literally that is; then Block Man's handiwork prevails.

Ability Compatibility

Community Records

43 Players
202 Times
943 Times
168 Times
69 Times

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