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Gyro Man's Mugshot

Gyro Man
Wind Core

Gyro Man
Wind Core
Mega Man 5
Aerial Strike Robot
Sky Ridge
Electric Nature
Earth Wind

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Gyro Man | Base Sprite Right
Gyro Man | Base Sprite Left
Gyro Man | Taunt Sprite Right
Gyro Man | Taunt Sprite Left
Gyro Man | Victory Sprite Right
Gyro Man | Victory Sprite Left
Gyro Man | Defeat Sprite Right
Gyro Man | Defeat Sprite Left
Gyro Man | Shoot Sprite Right
Gyro Man | Shoot Sprite Left
Gyro Man | Throw Sprite Right
Gyro Man | Throw Sprite Left
Gyro Man | Summon Sprite Right
Gyro Man | Summon Sprite Left
Gyro Man | Slide Sprite Right
Gyro Man | Slide Sprite Left
Gyro Man | Defend Sprite Right
Gyro Man | Defend Sprite Left
Gyro Man | Damage Sprite Right
Gyro Man | Damage Sprite Left
Gyro Man | Base2 Sprite Right
Gyro Man | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by MetalMarioX100 / EliteP1 | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"I feel the need... the need for speed!"
"I won't let you down, Doctor!"
"Nice job, Robot! You can be my wingman anytime!"
"Man, this kid is good!"

Description Text

Gyro Man was originally built for air-to-ground combat (But would later become the mascot for a hanging garden), becoming the first Robot Master capable of sustained flight. Initially, he was going to fly with rocket propulsion, but due to budget limitations, Dr. Wily was forced to abandon the idea and give him his iconic propeller instead. His signature weapon, the Gyro Attack, fires a rotating blade that can be redirected towards the opponent mid-flight. Despite not being built to his fullest capacity, he is very prideful, often looking down on others in more ways than one. Between his quick, tricky weapon and his insufferable attitude, Gyro Man ironically drags his opponents into the ground.

Ability Compatibility

Community Records

21 Players
3,483 Times
74 Times
3,049 Times
928 Times

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