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Plant Man's Mugshot

Plant Man
Nature Core

Plant Man
Nature Core
Mega Man 6
Flora Analysis Robot
Freeze Flame

Sprites Sheets RightLeft

Plant Man | Base Sprite Right
Plant Man | Base Sprite Left
Plant Man | Taunt Sprite Right
Plant Man | Taunt Sprite Left
Plant Man | Victory Sprite Right
Plant Man | Victory Sprite Left
Plant Man | Defeat Sprite Right
Plant Man | Defeat Sprite Left
Plant Man | Shoot Sprite Right
Plant Man | Shoot Sprite Left
Plant Man | Throw Sprite Right
Plant Man | Throw Sprite Left
Plant Man | Summon Sprite Right
Plant Man | Summon Sprite Left
Plant Man | Slide Sprite Right
Plant Man | Slide Sprite Left
Plant Man | Defend Sprite Right
Plant Man | Defend Sprite Left
Plant Man | Damage Sprite Right
Plant Man | Damage Sprite Left
Plant Man | Base2 Sprite Right
Plant Man | Base2 Sprite Left

Sprite Editing by Miki Bossman / MegaBossMan | Original Artwork by Capcom

Battle Quotes

"If I want to win, I'll have to sting like a bee!"
"Wake up and smell the roses! We don't have to fight!"
"Splendid! Now to start my sunbath..."
"I feel so dry! I need some water!"

Description Text

Plant Man was originally constructed by Dr. Pedro Astil to manage a botanical garden. As such, he was constructed in the image of a plant, with his head resembling a rafflesia flower and vines wrapped around his body. This design has proven itself as both a useful form of camoflauge and a symbol of his popularity. Plant Man later became the representative for Brazil in the First Annual Robot Tournament, and was equipped with the Plant Barrier, a shield weapon that produces orbiting flower petals that block incoming attacks. Like one might expect from a plant, Plant Man is quite prone to "wilting;" despite his self-confident demeanor, he's quite sensitive and is known to have bouts of depression. Despite his confidence issues, however, Plant Man's barrier can make him quite a difficult foe to dispatch.

Ability Compatibility

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