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Torch Man *
Flame Core

Torch Man
Flame Core
Mega Man 11
Heated Shotokan Robot
Freeze Wind
Nature Shadow

Battle Quotes

"Here comes a new challenger... Now fall to the fist of flame! Torch-jutsu!"
"Torch-jutsu may not be enough... Do I resort to using the Hot-douken?!"
"You must defeat my flaming fist if you ever want to stand a chance."
"I cannot resist these flames... The Satsui no Hotty is too strong!"

Description Text

Within the murky expanse of the wilds of nature, a single beacon lights the way to safety… Torch Man! Working as an outdoors advisor as a product of Tsubakuro Precision Machining, Torch Man delights in teaching others on how only they can prevent forest fires. Though one would suspect Torch Man and his safety hazard shoulders would be ill-fitting in a densely shrubbed area, he actually undergoes a strict training regiment to keep his heat under self-control; yet in moments where he becomes especially emblazoned, he can unleash spiraling infernos that soar and crash into the ground below! While impressive, it has little use in camping circumstances, so Torch Man dedicates himself to practicing martial arts daily to keep the fire burning within him tempered. Aside from being adept in the Shotokan and Aikido styles, Torch Man also started his own form of martial arts, ‘Torch-jutsu’, centered around strong self-discipline and jumping kicks. But despite his regiments, he can’t help but afford to lapse when he emotionally flares up, like the time he crisped the camp dinner during a particularly invigorating turkey roast. As such, Torch Man still walks the long and harrowing road of self-improvement, never stopping, never faltering, until the day he can keep his searing spirit in check. His latest step in training, for example, was to stand under the calming pressure of a raging waterfall. The subsequent repairs took three months….

Ability Compatibility

Level Up
Blazing Torch IconBlazing TorchStartFlame Type10 Damage100% Accuracy
Core Match
Fire Storm IconFire Storm Flame Type12 Damage96% Accuracy Fire Chaser IconFire Chaser Flame / Swift25 Damage94% Accuracy Atomic Fire IconAtomic Fire Flame Type10 Damage96% Accuracy Atomic Crasher IconAtomic Crasher Flame / Impact28 Damage92% Accuracy Pharaoh Shot IconPharaoh Shot Flame Type30 Damage96% Accuracy Pharaoh Curse IconPharaoh Curse Flame / Shadow30 Damage98% Accuracy Flame Blast IconFlame Blast Flame Type10 Damage90% Accuracy Scorch Wheel IconScorch Wheel Flame / Swift10 Damage90% Accuracy Flame Sword IconFlame Sword Flame / Cutter10 Damage90% Accuracy Wave Burner IconWave Burner Flame Type10 Damage90% Accuracy Magma Bazooka IconMagma Bazooka Flame Type10 Damage90% Accuracy Solar Blaze IconSolar Blaze Flame / Explode26 Damage96% Accuracy Ballade Cracker IconBallade Cracker Explode / Flame10 Damage90% Accuracy Photon Missile IconPhoton Missile Missile / Flame10 Damage90% Accuracy Sunstar Supernova IconSunstar Supernova Flame / Time10 Damage90% Accuracy Comet Attack IconComet Attack Space / Flame28 Damage90% Accuracy Flame Shot IconFlame Shot Flame Type20 Damage100% Accuracy Flame Buster IconFlame Buster Flame Type30 Damage100% Accuracy Flame Overdrive IconFlame Overdrive Flame Type100% Accuracy
Player Only
Buster Shot IconBuster Shot 12 Damage100% Accuracy Buster Charge IconBuster Charge 100% Accuracy Buster Relay IconBuster Relay 100% Accuracy Light Buster IconLight Buster 34 Damage100% Accuracy Wily Buster IconWily Buster 32 Damage96% Accuracy Cossack Buster IconCossack Buster 36 Damage98% Accuracy Energy Boost IconEnergy Boost 20% Recovery100% Accuracy Attack Boost IconAttack Boost 100% Accuracy Defense Boost IconDefense Boost 100% Accuracy Speed Boost IconSpeed Boost 100% Accuracy Energy Break IconEnergy Break 20% Damage100% Accuracy Attack Break IconAttack Break 100% Accuracy Defense Break IconDefense Break 100% Accuracy Speed Break IconSpeed Break 100% Accuracy Energy Swap IconEnergy Swap 100% Accuracy Attack Swap IconAttack Swap 100% Accuracy Defense Swap IconDefense Swap 100% Accuracy Speed Swap IconSpeed Swap 100% Accuracy Energy Mode IconEnergy Mode 100% Accuracy Attack Mode IconAttack Mode 100% Accuracy Defense Mode IconDefense Mode 100% Accuracy Speed Mode IconSpeed Mode 100% Accuracy Field Support IconField Support 100% Accuracy Mecha Support IconMecha Support 100% Accuracy Core Shield IconCore Shield Shield Type100% Accuracy Core Laser IconCore Laser Laser Type36 Damage96% Accuracy Omega Pulse IconOmega Pulse 16 Damage100% Accuracy Omega Wave IconOmega Wave 32 Damage100% Accuracy

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