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Tundra Man *
Freeze Core

Tundra Man
Freeze Core
Mega Man 11
Subzero Skater Robot
Electric Crystal
Wind Cutter

Battle Quotes

"It's showtime! Cue the music, dim the lights... And let me dance!"
"Take my spotlight, ehh? BITTER! HEARTLESS! Yet... DRAMATIC!"
"I am but a rose, frozen in ice... You? You're just yellow snow!"
"My dreams, shattered.... But it was still a wondrous grand finale!"

Description Text

Out in the most desolate and algid areas of the arctic, a hulking surveillance robot catches a glance of the 20XX World Ice Skating Championship on the television. Inspired by the humans who could make the ice their dance floor, this robot challenged the notions of their creation and began to make modifications to become gracile and graceful, transforming into the Robot Master we now know as Tundra Man. Though designed by Dr. Cossack to monitor drastic environmental changes and develop land in the coldest climates of Earth, Tundra Man’s love of ice skating quickly took over and encouraged him to put on the skates, making him far faster than Cossack had ever originally intended! Tundra Man’s so fast, in fact, that his triple axel is capable of producing a numbing funnel of subzero winds! But, combat is never his first priority; skating is his raison d'être, and if he happens to bump into anyone while doing so, so be it. He’s flashy, dramatic, but most of all!.... He’s really rather lonely. With an audience of mainly huskies, polar bears, and seals, Tundra Man yearns for the day for when he can display his dazzling footwork to the same grand stage that had inspired him so many years ago! For now, styling on his opponents during combat will have to do.

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