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ArcherMan234 is a legacy player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 973,400 and a zenny total of 7,894. ArcherMan234 created his account on July 9th, 2016 and has since completed 29 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 16 robot fighters, 59 special abilities, and 0 field stars. ArcherMan234's most-used playable character is Dr. Wily, and his top 5 most-used robots appear to be Proto Man, Pharaoh Man, Bass, Metal Man and Wood Man.

Prior to the battle point reboot of 2019, ArcherMan234 had amassed a grand total of 537,634 battle points and reached 799th place.

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Accuracy is my play, Projectiles are my game! I am an active player on MEGAMAN RPG PROTOTYPE and I'm humble fellow with my fellow players. Known for my choice of attack and defense, I am a force to be reckoned with for new players and hold my own against higher leveled players (I usually get destroyed by higher ranked players). Timeman is my favorite robot master so I chose him as my Robot Avatar, and my username comes from my first and favorite fan-made robot master, Archerman (Now Quiverman because, copyright). Thanks for reading my profile.

My most used type,so now you know my weaknesses and strengths.
My Powerhouse!
Flame thrower!
Best Healer

Be Fair!
Have fun!
And be a Robot Master!

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