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StopMotion is an active player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 47,584,900 and a zenny total of 683,883,073. StopMotion created his account on August 4th, 2018 and has since completed 404 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 60 robot fighters, 96 special abilities, and 1024 field stars. StopMotion's most-used playable character is Dr. Cossack, and his top 5 favourite robots appear to be Cut Man, Bass, Crash Man, Quick Man and Galaxy Man.

Prior to the battle point reboot of 2019, StopMotion had amassed a grand total of 647,182,066 battle points and reached 38th place.

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bass Youtube

I'm Remix, Your lonely Veteran of this fan-game. I generally like Music, Youtube and VIDEOGAMES.
Here are some of my Favourites Franchises:
Splatoon (A Fast-Paced Shooter Game (4v4) There are many different modes to play)
Sonic (A Fast-Paced Platformer)
Mega Man (You know)
Mario (You Know)
Kirby (Like Mario But it's more for Novices/Beginners)
Bomberman (A Game where you need to place your bombs carefully to destroy Blocks or other Bombermen)
Littlebigplanet (A Game on playstation where you can create your own levels and things)
Super Smash Bros. (A fighting game where you need to get the opponent off the screen)

Some of my personal favorites

cut-man    guts-man time-man    crash-man   quick-man gemini-man magnet-man shadow-man   pharaoh-man tomahawk-man plant-man freeze-man    slash-man    grenade-man   tengu-man astro-man      

dynamo-man magic-man       concrete-mantornado-man    jewel-manmagma-man    galaxy-man       nitro-man chill-man fuse-man    bassstrike-man

My Dream Team/ The Team, Which will wreck you!

quick-man time-manbass fuse-man magnet-man cut-manchill-man tornado-man

Top 3 Mega Man Games (Never played M&B)

1. freeze-man Mega Man 7
2. chill-man Mega Man 10
3. fuse-man Mega Man 11

Top 12 Robot Masters (Per Game)
1. chill-man Chill Man
2. tornado-man Tornado Man
3. fuse-man Fuse Man
4. slash-man Slash Man
5. magnet-man Magnet Man
6. crash-man Crash Man
7. cut-man Cut Man
8. dynamo-man Dynamo Man
9. pharaoh-man Pharaoh Man
10.tengu-man Tengu Man
11.tomahawk-man Tomahawk Man
12.napalm-man Napalm Man

Top 3 Playable Characters
1.bass Bass
2.mega-man Mega Man
3.proto-man Proto Man

1024 Stars/ The 1024 Club star-man 9th April 2019 13:23 in Europe
All Robots and Maxed outcrash-man 14th April 2019
All Abilitiessheep-man
Every Challenge Event Beaten and Unlock All Robot Masters Included        hornet-man
First to Unlock Solar Mansolar-man
Become A Veteran in the Communityroll
Top 5/1st PAGEplant-man

Future Goals:
No.1/100% the game gemini-man
Become a contributorconcrete-man
Defeat Crasty Crabcut-man
Find A real life Friend block-man

Outside of this game I completed:
Mega Man 10 Helmetless Mega Man and Bass
Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion 75/80 or 81/87 levels completed No Secret final boss
World of Light Completed 74%
Mega Man 11 on Easy Mode Watch all of and there's one part am talking about
Little Big Planet 2 & 3

NSN-00A/ SDN-003 (Super Dr.Wily Number)
Core: Time and Space
Health: 120
Attack: 115
Speed: 170
Weakness: Missile and Electric
Resistance: Earth and Nature
Affinities: Space and Time
Weapons: Motion Blast- The User channels a lot of energy then releases all of it on the entire arena. Motion Speed- The user slows down times and making him look like he's moving fast. Quick Blade- The user strikes with his blade quickly, it also slows down them down if they're close. Time Stopping Barrier- The user summons a clock making him immune to projectiles, if they get close they will drastically get slower.

Motion was originally made to defeat Mega Man with Remix's Power since Remix was unable to be reprogrammed. Well, this is basically a
stronger version of him with slightly less intellect. Not only that he also has the same moves with some different (most likely sometime to do with Time). Overall, Motion as a Copy of Remix made to be stronger and assist Wily (but nowadays he goes for Remix himself).

Remix - Supernatural Galaxy Robot
NSN-000 (No Serial Number)
Core: Space
Attack: 105
Defense: 70
Speed: 150
Weaknesses: Missile And Nature
Resistances: Earth and Impact
Affinities: Space
Weapons: Giga Blast-The User channels a lot of energy then releases all of it on the entire arena Infinity BladeThe User Summons his Blade and Wave it in front of himself. It also Releases a Small Stars as he waves it. A Space-Based Shot that pierces through targets Black Hole Barrier- The User Summons a Black Hole protecting him from every projectile that comes near him it can also attack with minimum damage.

As the First Robot Made/First thing ever made, This was expected to be Strong so it enter slumber for over 20XX Years. And Still to this day is it one of the strongest things, As you can tell this robot is VERY Arrogant of his own abilities. He is also from space, Allowing him to use Space Core Moves or Alter Time itself. and compatible with the Variable Weapons System, allowing him to use any Weapon in his disposal (If he does one task). He isn't a Hero or Villain.

Remix Man: Musical-~Beat Prototype Robot
DLN-003 (Dr.Light Number)
Core: Swift
Health: 135
Attack: 80
Speed: 110
Weakness: Impact and Missile
Resistance:Time and Swift
Weapons: Melody Wave-Like the Mega Buster, when he starts charging his systems will temporarily upgrade, then unleashes a powerful wave attacking anything in it's path Melody Loop- The User raises his finger then he points at the target unleashing a black hole with a melody dealing massive damage and lowering their Attack Remix Dash- The user charges his propellers and tackles the opponent by rushing towards them at high speed!
Description: Built by Dr.Light in his free time this robot was originally going to be an assistant like Roll however Mega Man collect the 6 orbs and gave to Light... However it was put in the wrong capsule instead of a louder music chip his power surpasses Mega Man. He's only a back-up plan in case Rock doesn't do well on his quest. He was also introduce to Anime and Youtube recently...
Wanna hear these amazing Beats

Enka: - Robot Master Killer
Core: Laser
Energy: 120
Attack: 137
Defense: 190
Speed: 213
Weakness: Impact and Crystal
Resistance: Swift Shadow and Flame
Immunities: Earth
Affinities: Electric
Flash Barrier- A barrier which protects him until it's broken by a strong attack or Hard KnuckleRage Beam- By far, one of Enka's Strongest attack, he charges up a Bomb charges by using robots energy or sunlightElite Strike- Like Proto Strike however it takes longer to charge to compensate for it's power
Description: Made by Dr.Wily to combat Mega Man, after he found out that the three Mega Man killers were no match for him, he decided to make a copy of Enker secret do Bass didn't know and beat him up. He put even more bassnium than Zero... nowadays he out hunting Robot Masters for pure enjoyment.

Another easy target... Since you're that weak I will hold back

Tetra Man:- Time-Travelling Hero
SLN-000 (Super Light Number)
Core: Time
Energy: 113
Attack: 82
Defense: 65
Speed: 165

Weakness: Nature and Freeze
Resistance: Swift, Electric and Impact
Immunities: Shadow
Affinities: Time

Time Parodox- Warps behind the opponent then strike any attackTime Strike- He charges are buster shot unleashing a powerful energy shot Time Seed- ??? Places a seed on the ground slowing down anyone in the area but it will heal himTime Illusion- By Harnessing the Power Stone, ??? will copy himself and attackFlash Stop- Learnt from Flash Man, ??? moves so quick that he can move to any location he wants to

Created by Dr.Light after Mega Man recovered the four Parts. He is able to warp, accelerate time and rewind time thanks to all the Time Core Robots!

Wanna see my almighty power?!
Stats and others coming soon when I’m not on an iPad

Quotes for Characters:

bright-man No one is as bright as me!
bass I am the strongest, all you are, is a waste of my time!
dust-man *sighs* More bolts to clean up
gemini-man Ah!! A reflection of the Great Gemini Man
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