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Salty is an active player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 20,214,639 and a zenny total of 7,649,007. Salty created their account on August 4th, 2018 and has since completed 394 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 50 robot fighters, 74 special abilities, and 454 field stars. Salty's most-used playable character is Dr. Cossack, and their top 5 favourite robots appear to be Cut Man, Bass, Crash Man, Quick Man and Metal Man.

Prior to the battle point reboot of 2019, Salty had amassed a grand total of 647,182,066 battle points and reached 38th place.

Salty's Leaderboard

Community Forum Stats
  • 21 Threads
  • 334 Posts
  • +658 Rating
Robot Database Stats
  • 50 Unlocked
  • 128 Scanned
  • 128 Encountered

mega-man bass proto-man toad-man   sword-man   time-man tornado-manchill-man nitro-man cut-man slash-man quick-manstone-mangemini-manmagnet-mantomahawk-man

All Robot Master Unlockedflash-man
No.1 Pagemagnet-man
All Main Abilities Unlocked       wave-man
All Robot Masters Level 100    gyro-man
Top 40burner-man
All Alts Unlocked  fire-man
Defeated P.Eontop-man

Future Goals:

Become No.1 on Leaderboardgemini-man
Collect 1024 Starsstar-man
Contribute to postsproto-man
Become the Strongestelec-man

Dream Party:

tornado-man  chill-man  enker  pump-man  galaxy-man  sword-man  clown-man  concrete-man

The World of Mega Man OC

Core: Impact
Name: Builder Man concrete-man
Designation: PRN-002
Weakness: Flame and Shadow Resistance: Earth Wind Explode and Swift
Strong Point: Defense
Weak Point: Speed
Abilities: Construction Block- Builder Man uses his almighty strength to lift a "Construction Block" from the Ground
Bio: W.I.P

Name: Chill wave-man
Designation: PRN-000
Strong Point:
Weak Point:
Bio: W.I.P

Core: Water
Name: Ink Man ring-man
Talented Artist Robot
Designation: PRN-001
Weakness: Space and Wind Resistance: Nature and Water
Strong Point: Speed
Weak Point: Attack
Abilities: Ink Brush- (OH WAIT SPLATOON) The user uses his ink brush to attack the opponent up to twenty time (94%)
Ink Splash- Ink Man sends a "Wave" of Ink dealing heavy damage
Bio: W.I.P

Core: Shadow and Swift
Name: Shinobi Man shadow-man
The Stealthy Assassin Robot
Designation: PRN-003
Weakness: Missile and Laser Resistance: Cutter Affinity: Shadow
Strong Point: Attack
Weak Point: Defense
Abilities: Shadow Strike- The user tackles the opponent at high speed
Shinobi Shuriken- The user throw three shurikens
Shinobi Katana- Shinobi Man uses his katana to slash the opponent multiple times
Bio: W.I.P
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