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Beta Shadow

Beta Shadow is an active player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 36,847,900 and a zenny total of 6,132,749,342. Beta Shadow created his account on June 27th, 2014 and has since completed 2005 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 60 robot fighters, 125 special abilities, and 1024 field stars. Beta Shadow's most-used playable character is Dr. Wily, and his top 5 favourite robots appear to be Shadow Man, Gemini Man, Top Man, Snake Man and Skull Man.

Prior to the battle point reboot of 2016, Beta Shadow had amassed a grand total of 183,557,641 battle points and reached 63rd place.

Prior to the battle point reboot of 2019, Beta Shadow had amassed a grand total of 2,539,489,332 battle points and reached 8th place.

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  • +4668 Rating
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  • 60 Unlocked
  • 133 Scanned
  • 134 Encountered
Welcome to my profile description! Cookies are next to the door.

I joined June 27th, 2014, and I enjoyed the game a LOT. And I still do today. I hang around in the community and, since I obtained the Star of Immortality™, I'm basically playing for completion/fun at this point.

If you want to know more about me as a person, take a look at ThatBanishedGuyNamedMikey's 20 Qs about Me.
solar-man hornet-man

New month, new Rouge Star, new bots. Though, given certain things, this one is to be expected.
Username List:
Bt Man (Original Username, 2014-2015)
Beta Man (Previous, 2015-2018)
Beta Shadow (Current Username, 2019-)
Evil Man (Halloween 2014)
Gift Man (Holiday 2014/15)
Independence Man (4th of July 2015)
Nightmare Man (Halloween 2015)
Beta Blizzard (Holiday 2015/16)
Beta Firecracker (4th of July 2016)
Beta Shadow Kirby (Kirby User Trend of 2016, September 10/11)
Beta Reaper (Halloween 2016)
Beta Claus (Holiday 2016/17)
Alucard (April Fools 2017)
United Beta (4th of July 2017)
Holly Jolly Beta (Holiday 2017/18)
Full Release Man (April Fools 2018)
Beta Ghost (Halloween 2018
Beta Volt (4th PMMCT Nominations, November 9th - November 24th 2018)
Beta Miser (Holiday 2018/19)
Beta Resolution (New Years 2018/19)
Beta Birthday (Birthday 2019)
Orange Leaf (Some Random Joke I Made w/ Freeze Man's 2nd Alt, March 18th - 21st 2019)
Full Release Devil (April Fools 2019/Absurd Roleplay Event, April 6th-7th 2019)
ASN-001: Beta Man- Shadowy Hero Robot (ASN = All-Star Number)
Core: Shadow
One of the 2-3 Main Protagonists and the first of the All-Star Numbers. Likes to adventure, and does so alongside his brother Sergeant Man, his rival Ninja Man, and sometimes even Rotom (though not a whole lot. Rotom is Rotom, after all). Is annoyed by Ninja Man's constant attempts to fight and defeat him and is easily angered, especially when it comes down to his friends being in trouble or getting hurt... Or worse.
Weapons: Beta Blast Beta Swordplay
Forms: All-Star Form
Weakness: Electric and Crystal | Resistance: Flame | Immunity: None | Affinity: Shadow
Strong Point: Attack | Weak Point: Defense
ASN-002: Sergeant Man- Loyal Military Robot
Core: Missile
A soldier of Commando Man's Robot Military (asked of by the Government to Dr. Light) and the second of the All-Star Numbers, being Beta's closest brother and the only one- aside from Beta Man- who wasn't kidnapped by Wily many years ago. Is loyal to his work as well as his friends, but is more of a third wheel in most situations.
Weapons: Sergeant Missile Sergeant Rocket
Weakness: Freeze and Shield | Resistance: Missile and Swift | Immunity: None | Affinity: None
Strong Point: Defense | Weak Point: Speed
HWN-001: Ninja Man- Determined Warrior Robot (HWN = Hidden Wily Number)
Core: Swift
A robot created by Wily to counter the remaining two All-Star Numbers (Beta and Sergeant) after failing to capture the two back when the ASNs were created. Likes to challenge Beta to the point where it annoys Beta, but it annoys Ninja Man equally for Beta to ignore him. He also hates being called a hero.
Weapons: Ninja Katana Ninja Shuriken
Forms: Masked Form Omega Form Omega Form + Mask
Weakness: Shadow and Impact | Resistance: Cutter and Swift | Immunity: None | Affinity: None
Strong Point: Speed | Weak Point: Attack
ASN-000: Bt Ghost- Supernatural Glitch Robot
Core: Shadow and Phantom/Empty
Created through a glitch created by Corrupt Man, Bt was originally made to force Beta into a "battle against his former self". However, Bt, having the ability to break the 4th Wall, remembers the previous timeline, despite not being the Bt of that timeline. However, he decides to keep some events according to history, though also different. He later on becomes less of a fighter and more of a helping hand, but fights when he needs to.
Weapons: Bt Breaker Bt Lightning
Forms: Alpha Form
Weakness: Electric and Time | Resistance: Phantom/Empty | Immunity: None | Affinity: Shadow
Strong Point: Attack | Weak Point: Defense
ZHN-001: Beta Man Z- Shadow Adventurer Robot (ZHN = Z-Hero Number)
Core: Shadow and Space
One of the two main characters used for Forum RPs (unless they are Tournament Threads. Well, maybe. We'll see.). Originally from the long-lost Ajax Universe, Beta Z was mysteriously freed from the Void to help out during a Roboenza infestation. Since then, he has been meeting new friends and having new adventures with his rival, Ninja Man Z. Sure, he misses his home, but he has come to terms that he may never return there, but at least he's alive, and not alone.
Weapons: Beta Blast Beta Swordplay
Weakness: Time and Electric | Resistance: Flame and Space | Immunity: None | Affinity: Shadow
Strong Point: Attack | Weak Point: Defense
ZHN-002: Ninja Man Z- Shogun Warrior Robot
Core: Swift and Shadow
The version of Ninja Man I plan to use for Forum RPs. Originally from the Ajax Universe (same as Beta Z), Ninja Z was forced to help out alongside Beta Z during a Roboenza infestation. Recent events caused him to accept the role of "hero", and made him more of a "Robot with no owner" rather than a Wily-bot. This doesn't seem to have affected his pride, unfortunately, as he still shares a rivalry with Beta Man Z, though it has become less aggressive and hostile and more of a friendly competition.
Weapons: Ninja Katana Ninja Accelerate
Weakness: Time and Missile | Resistance: Shadow and Cutter | Immunity: Swift | Affinity: None
Strong Point: Speed | Weak Point: Defense
#716: Xerneas- Life Pokemon
Core: ???/Crystal
The representation of life from the Pokemon Universe in which is connected to the Discord Universe through a dimensional distortion known as the Ultra Wormhole for reasons unknown by someone equally unknown. Having traveled across dimensions upon gaining interest in a group of new heroes, Xerneas helps the group out from time to time by locating enemies for them. It is a gentle spirit towards those who he believes are good, but he hates evil to a tee.
Weapons: Geomancy Moonblast Megahorn Horn Leech Hyper Beam | Forms: Active Form
Weakness: ??? | Resistance: Impact, Nature, ???, and Shadow | Immunity: None | Resistance: None
Strong Point: Attack | Weak Point: Defense
ASN-01ϵ: Epsilon- Futuristic All-Star Robot
Core: Shadow and Time
A version of Beta Man from the future. In his timeline, Tone was killed by Yveltal, which made him want to be stronger for future foes. Epsilon ended up in the past due to finding Xerneas, who warns Epsilon of a mysterious robot altering the past. However, the problem kinda... Resolved itself. Epsilon ended up stuck in the past, and now he fights alongside our heroes... Well, sometimes. He's the "mysterious loner" type. (Due to the original Discorded Adventures being deleted and the character not being translated to the Absurd Roleplay, the character is currently discarded.)
Weapons: Epsilon Blast Epsilon Swordplay
Weakness: Electric and Crystal | Resistance: Flame | Immunity: None | Affinity: Shadow
Balanced Stats
HWN-000: Ninja Ghost- Insane Phantom Robot
Core: Swift and Phantom/Empty
A ghost created by glitch manipulation caused by the Bt Ghost of the other universe to mess with Rotom back when he was evil. However, after being sent to the void by Bt after having no use, Ninja Ghost became revenge-thirsty, eventually causing him to do his own plans after finding a way out. However, during his vengeance, the Ajax chatroom was deleted, causing time to freeze, and eventually be reset as the Discord Universe. However, Ninja Ghost somehow escaped the universe reset, but with the cost of being stuck between universes for a brief moment in time, further fueling his anger. He often helps other villains with their schemes, but only for his OWN benefits. He cares not for the world, and only wishes to destroy the heroes, no matter the cost.
Weapons: Ghost Crush Ghost Baroque
Forms: Omega Form
Weakness: Time and ???/Space | Resistance: Shadow and Swift | Immunity: None | Affinity: None
Strong Point: Speed | Weak Point: Defense
SNN-001: Jazz MKII
Created to be a copy of Proto Man (which that role was taken from him by Proto Man MKII), Jazz was originally created by Wily with a strong laser attack and a holographic version of the Proto Shield. Jazz is competitive and would join in any type of competition, but while he isn't much of a sore loser, he would be disappointed if a competition was cancelled or postponed or if someone were to be cheating. Eventually, Wily had him shut down... But Ninja Ghost stole and upgraded him, taking full control over Jazz and converting him into Jazz MKII. Jazz, however, is yet to be recreated in the Discord Universe, and will be given a new name.
Weapons: Jazz Laser Jazz Barrier
Weakness: ??? | Resistance: Laser | Immunity: ??? | Affinity: ???
Strong Point: ??? | Weak Point: ???
#491: Darkrai- Pitch-Black Pokemon
Core: Shadow
Is relatively known for sending people and Pokemon alike into a realm of nightmares known as the Nightmare Realm. Wants to overpower Giratina to become the Dark Lord of Pokemon, with his other goal being to cover the world in an eternal nightmare. Hates Rotom because of some "Legendary superiority" bullsh**.
Weapons: Dark Void Shadow Ball
Weakness: Impact, Nature and ???/Crystal | Resistance: Phantom/Empty and Shadow | Immunity: Crystal and Mind (or None) | Affinity: None
Strong Point: Attack | Weak Point: Defense
#772/3: Type: Null/Silvally- Synthetic Pokemon
Core: Multi-Core
A robot warrior that strives to become stronger, though can tend to be childish at times. Has a hatred of scientists, however, due to his past. He only shows his true strength in the face of a powerful foe, that being Silvally. Silvally is more serious, and shows off his warrior side... As well as his more untrustworthy side.
Weapons: Multi-Attack Iron Head
Weakness: Varies | Resistance: Varies | Immunity: Varies | Affinity: Varies
Balanced Stats
#150-S: Shadow Mewtwo- Genetic Destruction Pokemon
Core: Mind/Crystal and Shadow
An alternate version of a Pokemon known as Mewtwo. Calls himself the most powerful Pokemon, as well as the Destroyer of Worlds. Comes from the Pokken Tournament world, and thinks that all humans are worthless and greedy and feels that they deserve to be destroyed.
Weapons: Psycho Cut Shadow Ball
Forms: Mega Evolution
Weakness: Phantom/Empty, Nature, and Shadow | Resistance: Impact and Mind/Crystal | Immunity: None | Affinity: None
Strong Point: Attack | Defense: Defense
BETA-03A: Spiritomb-
I'll update this character profile when I feel like it. :/
BETA-001: Beta Shadow- Sidelines Observer Prototyper
A representation of the real-life Beta Man (beyond the character itself, that is). Has ultimate power that is limited to fighting, defense, and effects on his own characters (not others). However, this makes him overpowered, so Shadow usually prefers not to fight, and even if he does, he never uses his full power. In the end, however, he was erased, forcing Shadow to be stuck in the void... When in actuality, he is only unable to enter the Discord Roleplay Universe, and has access to a plane between dimensions where he can watch the show with the past universe version of Bt, who was also kicked out of his universe. He is also my main for the Absurd Roleplay.
Weapons: His Imagination
Forms: Full Release Man Full Release Devil (Inaccessible) |  100% Mastered Ultra Instinct
Weakness: None | Resistance: Controllable, Shadow | Immunity: None | Affinity: None
Strong Point: Controllable | Weak Point: Controllable
BETA-03A: Epsilon Snow- World Freezer Beta
I'll update this character profile when I feel like it. :/
BETA-03B: Alpha Fire- Burning Fighter Beta
I'll update this character profile when I feel like it. :/
BETA-004: Zeta Light- Void Searcher Beta
I'll update this character profile when I feel like it. :/
BETA-003: Delta Paradox- Time Recruiter Beta
I'll update this character profile when I feel like it. :/
BETA-005: Gamma Bolt- Energetic Technician Beta
I'll update this character profile when I feel like it. :/
BETA-002: Eta Cosmic- Egoistic Astral Beta
I'll update this character profile when I feel like it. :/
BETA-003: Bane-
I'll update this character profile when I feel like it. :/
BETA-002: Fortem-
I'll update this character profile when I feel like it. :/
ASN-00X: Sargent Ghost- Forgotten Soul Robot
I'll update this character profile when I feel like it. :/

KKN-001: King K. Rool- Kremling Krew Kaptain
I'll update this character profile when I feel like it. :/

Quote Collection
cut-man I'm okay! There's not even that big of a "cut".
bright-man Wonder if there's a name for the study of meteorites. SSNlogy.
I think the most appropriate and peaceful solution would be to KILL THE THING TO THE AFTERLIFE SO HARD THAT IT PERISHES TO DEATH!!
ring-man But let's be honest: You can never have too much power.
Ender: *Shows a video of sorts*
quick-man 25 seconds in and I'm already hearing you spin me round.
Where's Top Man when you need him?
bright-man'Starforce isn't that bad Mikey, you're just overreacting' well who's interacting when Starforce causes world wa- Oh, someone's here. Uh... Can I help you with

"Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Crash bandicoot has become dark souls.
It's a horrible shame."

"The real shame is that you didn't rhyme that."

"Roses are red.
Violets are lame.
Crash Bandicoot has become Dark Souls.
It`s a horrible shame."
SSN: "SSN did the extinction of dinosaurs confirmed"

snake-man Is that the man, no, the Myth, no, the LEGEND- eating my sandwich? C'mon Boss, I thought we agreed, left of the refrigerator is mine, right is yours.
Y-yeah I totally don't obsess over memes and have a Twitter that is literally called the memestorage
And now... MMRPG CONFESSIONSIn other words, a collection of things said in chat.
I Want Boss to Boss Fight
I Want Betaman to evolve into Full Release Man

I want NiceIce to melt

disco i want musical to star in a musical

I want Shiver in a room-temperature room

I Want Mikey to release Armageddon
Not that Armageddon.

disco i want there to be MORE than one ender. there cant possibly be just one ender

I Want Rhythm to play a Rhythm game
I want Rhythm to battle Rhythm in Rhythm Heaven to see who is the most musically inclined

I Want Stupid Studios to become Smart Studios

I want to see Mikey use pre-update Starforce and not cringe (bright-man Don't hold your breath. You might suffocate.)

I Want NiceIce to make ice cream out of his saliva
says himself
I Want Char to CHA R M AN D ER

I want TobyJoey to dress as a kangaroo

disco i want stupidstudios n to release the plan
snake-man Do you think beans feel scared to be trapped inside of a burrito?

"All's Well that ends well, RIGHT?" -N's thoughts on IceCap as Big. (SA1 Big Story Livestream)

time-man what masochist shares their pizza rolls

Another day in the life of Rotom (in Adrian's Mansion):
imade Contrary to what many people believe, that was NOT crossing the line. Let me repeat that. You didn't just cross the line.
What you did was cross
EVERY SINGLE LINE, MULTIPLE TIMES, and then arranged the lines into a racetrack, and then ran 108 laps around said track,
[ Well lemme tell you something, Genderbent Ring Man From Another Dimension...
(I have no idea what the hex or rgb is for the actual shade of green Rotom used, so if it's inaccurate, maybe he could tell me at some point.)
Meanwhile, in the Studios Discord...
Tell me. In your experiences in life, have you ever seen flaming coal fall from the sky?
Yeah. mega man 5, charge man
Oh crud. Forgot about him
Andd like, this one time in Texas? that was fun
Texas is the meteor state of the USA I mean, hey, we already call it the Lone Star State
texas killed the dinosaurs
StupidStudiosN summoned a storm of Texas
THE NUMBER 3 AND DIET COKE: Another usual Discord conversation
this video has only 11 thousand views and is on trending, nice
quick-man Ender I don't think you get it
quick-man He blocked him THREE TIMES
quick-man ONE TWO THREE
quick-man THAT'S ONE LESS THAN 4
of all the known numbers in the universe, three is such a strange number
quick-man Tesla reportedly has a fascination with the number 3 and he seemed like a guy who knew what was going on
its the first number of pi
using three :joy: emojis makes everything :joy: :joy: better
also something something illumanti
quick-man Bingo
quick-man YouTube is trying to reveal secrets and we just have to be listening to understand it
holds hands into a triangle position
diet coke
quick-man 3 syllables
quick-man It all matches up
wait, it gets deeper
matpat, host of game theory has a known obsession of diet coke
what if diet coke poisons our brains slowly and painfully
this explains everything
quick-man They're trying to make us into sheeple
quick-man Matpat's going to convince us all to send Undertale to the Pope so he has to play it
bass do i look like i have a tumblr?
Steamed Stars: Complete Edition by StupidStudiosN (Based on the popular "Steamed Hams" meme) (Updated 4/20/18: "SSN was too bored and said he would rather rewrite the entire script to Steamed Hams than watch The Emoji Movie". If you don't understand, then MegaBoy never PM'd you the entire Emoji Movie through Discord on this same day.)

(MBM rings the doorbell to Castle StupidStudios)
(SSN opens the door)
dr-wily (MBM) Well, Studios, I made it... -Despite your directions...
(SSN) Ah, Chat Admin, MegaBossMan. Welcome. I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon.
(SSN gestures for MBM to come inside, while he goes to check on the food cooking in the kitchen)
(MBM takes a seat at the table)
(SSN notices the food is burning)
Oh, egads! My roast is ruined!
(SSN looks out the window at the nearest MegaBurger)
But what if I were to purchase fast food and pass it off as my own cooking? Oh-ho-ho... Delightfully deceitful, N...
(SSN opens the window, about to get out of the house)
(MBM walks into the kitchen, noticing SSN on the windowsill)
dr-wily Ah-

♫Studios~ with his crazy incantations♫
♫MegaBossMan's gonna need his medication♫
♫When he hears N's lame~ narrations♫
♫They'll be trouble in chat tonight♫

dr-wily Studios~!
Ah, Chat Admin MegaBossMan, I was just, uh... stretching my calves on the old windowsill. -Isometric exercise. Care to join me?
dr-wily Why is there smoke coming out of your oven, Studios?
Oh, that isn't smoke. It's steam. Steam from the steamed lambs we're having. Mmm. Steamed lambs.
(MBM exits the kitchen)
(SSN runs over to the MegaBurger in the distance)
(15 minutes later, SSN exits the kitchen with a platter of hamburgers and fries)
I hope you're prepared for mouth-watering hamburgers.
dr-wily I thought we were having steamed lambs...
Oh, no. I said steamed hams. That's just what I call hamburgers.
dr-wily You call hamburgers "Steamed Hams"?
Yes. It's a uh... Regional dialect.
dr-wily Mhm... What region?
Downtown YouTube.
dr-wily Really? Well, Im from Sprites Inc., and I've never heard anyone use the phrase "Steamed Hams"?
Oh, no. It's a Chuggaaconroy expression.
dr-wily I see.
(MBM takes a bite out of the hamburger)
dr-wily Y'know, these hamburgers taste an awful lot like the ones they have at MegaBurger.
Oh-ho-ho-ho, no... Patented StupidStudios burgers. Old family recipe.
dr-wily F-For "Steamed Hams".
dr-wily Yes, and you call them "Steamed Hams" despite the fact that they are obviously grilled.
Ye- You know, the- One thing I should- -'scuse me for one second.
dr-wily Yes, of course...
(SSN enters the kitchen, only to realize it's on fire, then shortly returns to the table)
*Yawns* Well, I'm getting kinda tired. Fun was had by all, but you must be going...
dr-wily Mmm. Yes... I suppose I should be- Mother of Tesla, what is happening in there?
Meteor showers.
dr-wily M-M-M... Meteor showers? At this time of day? In this part of the chatroom? Localized entirely within your kitchen?
dr-wily ...
dr-wily ...May I see it?
(MBM and SSN exit the castle)
dr-wily Well, Studios, though you are an odd fellow... steam a good ham.
(SSW) Heeeeeelllllppp! The castle is on fire!
*Calling to SSW* No, W, it's just the shooting stars.
And now... Poetry with the MMRPG Discord.

Roses are red, old men cannot hear
guess who just got signed up to do AP European History next year

roses are red, my life is in a misery,
haikus are better than your rhyming stupidity

Roses are red, my memory's hazy,
Cut out that weeb shit, Haikus are lazy.

Roses are red
Shooting Stars are fast
Cut this rhyming out
This better be the last

Roses are red, where I am is kinda past noon
Why are we doing poems in the chatroom

Roses are red but I'm not really clear
Why members insist on rhyming in here

Roses are red, i'm going insane
blah, why is rhyming such a pain

The day of Valentines has already gone away
But our roses are still red and our poems are still...

Violets aren't actually blue, but one thing remains true...
I have made my Profile classy with these poems. Boom.

A conversation in the chat's Music section:
quick-man There ya go Ender you're not the only poster
gemini-man ey what about mikey
quick-man He doesn't count until he releases that interview
Mikey is exempt from existing until further notice

Another usual Studios Chat conversation:
gemini-man i sat here for like 20 minutes wondering what i'm supposed to do with my alleged british magic until i realised i can't do jack except summon meteors, which wouldn't even help
People complain about raining water. They never experienced raining flaming rocks
gemini-man that'll be a nice change of pace here at least
Nah, that sounds like normal Arizona to me
(Not to mention that one time in Pompeii...)

Was bored. Made a non-traditional pasta dish... ...with ghost peppers. N2 is currently dying and it's my fault. I couldn't be more proud of myself
'Twas the Update on Christmas by MegaBossMan

’Twas the night before Christmas, yes so dark a night,
That the only illumination found was in the Starforce’s light.
The users were stirring and stirring, with thoughts of Smash,
Awaiting that red-clad man with his oh-so iconic moustache.
Yet little did they know, and little did they see;
That there was a group sneaking presents under the Christmas tree.
“Go, Shiver! Go, Doc! Move as fast as a spear!”
“Go, Spinstrike! Go, Brorman--... wait these guys aren’t even here.”
“Rhythm, Boss, quickly, as gracefully as Flamingoes!
“...And, please promise to stop breaking everyone’s windows…”
What does this mean?! Who could it be?!
Seeing you’re on this site, it’s probably Adrian and the MMRPG team!
And so on the entirety of Prototype, they had this to bestow:
Blizzard Man, Freeze Man, and Frost Man, a quite season-appropriate trio.
There was also new Roll alts and mechanic changes, how all so swell,
When suddenly everyone could hear Adrian yell,
“I’ve given you all your Mega Man 5, no longer may you sneer;
Happy Christmas to all, expect the next update in like another year!!!”
This could also be in the random images selection below, but eh.

naturally, there are no quotes from me
And some random images because why not:

Air Man: The Dab Master Bork THE REGGAE-ING Mega Man X9 Looks great. Derp Beta will forever stare into your soul. Part of a balanced solar system Bass IRL Block Man doesn't want your trash opinions. Full Release Man v2.0.1, comes with Free Mastered Ultra Instinct DLC A leaked picture of a normal day at Studios HQ Meanwhile, at the Studios Casino... Broly drinking from a coffee mug... There's something about this that I find amusing. Bandanna Goomba is best character Accurate WHO NEEDS ARMS Get 'em, boys THE MAD MAN Kirb Box The Omega Meme
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