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FatihXX is an inactive player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 12,809,000 and a zenny total of 57,137,700. FatihXX created his account on July 24th, 2014 and has since completed 1076 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 38 robot fighters, 101 special abilities, and 1024 field stars. FatihXX's most-used playable character is Dr. Light, and his top 5 most-used robots appear to be Proto Man, Disco, Toad Man, Heat Man and Drill Man.

Prior to the battle point reboot of 2016, FatihXX had amassed a grand total of 53,067,658,919 battle points and reached 17th place.

Prior to the battle point reboot of 2019, FatihXX had amassed a grand total of 1,037,310,391 battle points and reached 26th place.

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hard-manFatihXX:When MM6 and MM5 robot masters added.Here is my new team
flame-manwave-man bright-manhard-manwind-mangemini-manring-mannapalm-man
hard-manFatihXX:Anyway...My name is Fatih.I'm from Turkey.I love MegaMan games but Turkish people generally don't know or don't like this game.
hard-manFatihXX:I love playing rom hacks.But they are generally very hard.Here is my congratulated rom hacks:
jewel-manMy Congratulated Rom Hacksknight-man
Byte's Adventure:Cut Man is changed in this rom hack.Now very strangecut-manWhat??
Mario vs Airman:I can beat Air Man with Mario evenair-man
Mega Man Reloaded:Stage Design very good.But when you reach wily stage 1 you see the bad stage designdr-wily
Mega Man Ultra:Emmm...Nothing...wood-man_
Rockman 2 AB Normality(Unfinished Rom Hack):I really want finish this hack but...It won't finish.This rom hack relased in 2008 and now year is 2014!!!heat-man
Rockman Claw:Tsukikuro always using improper enemies in stagesbomb-manpeng-2ice-manpicket-man-3cut-mantackle-fire-3We agree with you!!!
Rockman 2 Claw:metal-mansnapper-2quick-manfan-fiend-3air-manbatton-2We think so!
Rockman 2 Claw Wild Version Boss Only:No enemies...
Rockman 3 Claw:gemini-manspin-fiend-3hard-manelec-n-2needle-mannitronOh come on Tsukikuro!!
Rockman 3 Burst Chaser:shadow-manmonking-r-3magnet-manspin-fiend-2I get bore writing...
Rockman 4 Burst Chaser x Air Sliding:toad-manskullmetOk I stop writing
wind-man Stopover gyro-man
Rockman 2 Gray Zone:Very good rom hack but soo hard.Generally Flash Man.Flash Man is gushing!flash-man
Rockman 2 GX:I say only bad level design.First Bubble Manbubble-man
Rockman 2MIN:Improper enemies again -_-air-mandrill-moleLOL :D
Rockman TP:A boss rush by Tsukikuro.Well that no enemies -_-
Rockman 4 Minus Infinity(My Hero Score is 100):I only say...AWESOME!!!!ring-manFinally like a game...
Rockman 4 STH:Very good graphics.And...No...Not again!!Improper enemies Oo !!!!!dive-manLOL :D
Rockman 5 Wily's Dream Space:I love this rom hack.Using other games graphics(Generally Mario)But hard(Generally Gravity Man)gravity-manAnd this is the kicker Fatih!!!MUHAHAHAHAHAA!!!
Rockman 5 Air Sliding:Very creative game and very platformer.It is star gamestar-manHe speaking about me :)
Rockman Cross X(Unfinished Hack):You need good luck in this gamefire-man
Rockman Deus Ex Machina:Have simple graphics.But hard.And have a strange thing...metal-manI love singing lalalalaaa!!
Rockman Exile:I say only disgrace ;(
Rockman No Constancy:Very creative rom hack...Emm...Does not come to my mind something elsecrash-man
Rockman Exhaust:I'm very lazy to write last
hard-manFatihXX:Hehe...Japans always making the best rom hacks.But always using improper enemies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hard-manFatihXX:This game is not bad but need a lot of work.Sometimes I get bore.I have ideas to make this game better.Look at my ideas.
turbo-manMy MMRPG Ideasquick-man

1-You can fight another players online.You can chat with them.
2-Robot masters have 3 different mechas.For example
pharaoh-man1-Haehaey 2-Sasoreenu 3-Mummira
3-You can edit robots's chats.For Example
fire-manOriginal:"I reckon you cool down, or I'll fire you!" Edited:"(It's up to you)"
4-In Kalinka's shop you can buy new battle fields on it.But it's very bad system because new battle field levels very low and you can beat easily.In my opinion first finish this game and change new battle field system.My new battle field system is solves this problem.When you beat Dr.Light,Dr.Wily and Dr.Cossack stories new battle fields appear in this stories.For example:When you finished Dr.Light story MM3 battle fields will appear with "World 2"name and When you finished world 2 battle fields new battle fields will appear with "World 3"name.yamato-man
hard-manFatihXX:And Adrian please look this my ideas.If you like this ideas please do this.
hard-manFatihXX:Well...Continue speaking about MegaMan.Now I will show you the hardest robot masters on MegaMan Games.
elec-manwood-manhard-manHardest Robot Masters 1-6pharaoh-mancrystal-mantomahawk-man
NOTE:Blizzard Man is not hardest robot master on MegaMan 6.I put Blizzard Man because this game not created Tomahawk Man's sprite.
elec-manElec Man:Everyone know MM robot masters have beating tactics.Elec Man have too.It's very easy.When Elec Man's hands up you must jump and when you landed attack him.It's Elec Man's beating tactic.But it's not soo easy.Elec Man faster than all robots on MM.And he can beat you with five thunder beams.Ice Man too but he is not fast.You can escape the ice slashers easily.
wood-manWood Man:Maybe someone no agree with me of MM2's hardest robot masters.But now they will agree with me.Everyone thinks Quick Man the hardest robot master on MM2.But your buster shot takes 3 damage on Quick Man(In difficult mode 2 damage).If not...Yes Quick Man can be hardest robot master.In fact all robot master very easy on normal mode.So I will speak on difficult mode.Wood Man have(Expect for Metal Man,Bubble Man,Crash Man)more health than all robots.And his real weakness is atomic fire.Metal blade takes only 2 damage.But Wood Man takes a lot of damage with leaf shield.
hard-manHard Man:Only one hard thing on Hard Man.It's Hard Man's knuckle...Only his knuckle causes he become hard.When he attacked his knuckle you can escape first.But...When the knuckles back to Hard Man you will surprise and lose a lot of damage.If his knuckles not so fast.The new hardest robot will be Shadow Man.
pharaoh-manPharaoh Man:In fact I see equal Pharaoh Man and Bright Man about be hard.But I decide Pharaoh Man is hardest robot.Anyway...Pharaoh Man attacks very fast.He always jumping and surprising you.I can't beat Pharaoh Man without Flash Stopper.
crystal-manCrystal Man:No any Hard Robot Master in MM5.Expect for Crystal Man.I don't know why Crystal Man isn't easy.For some reason I'm very bad at beating Crystal Man.I alsways dying.Maybe I can't escape his little crystals.But I don't know the real reason about it.
tomahawk-manTomahawk Man:MM6 is easiest classic MegaMan game.But Tomahawk Man is not soo easy.When he compress you a corner.You trying jump to escape.But he is very smart :DHe jumps short and takes a lot of damage.His weapons not powerful.He always compress me and beats me.
And Result:
Waiting for all MM6 robots...
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