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DaCrashBomber is an inactive player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 35,417,153 and a zenny total of 402,539. DaCrashBomber created his account on March 4th, 2015 and has since completed 99 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 38 robot fighters, 89 special abilities, and 65 field stars. DaCrashBomber's most-used playable character is Dr. Light, and his top 5 favourite robots appear to be Crash Man, Fire Man, Gemini Man, Time Man and Magnet Man. Prior to the game-changing battle point reboot of 2016, DaCrashBomber had amassed a grand total of 309,104,622 battle points and reached 52nd place.

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crash-man Hello World, I am Da Crash Bomber. In case you don't know already, I love the Crash Bomb. 10/10 Byoutiful deadly crashiness of death and destruction

Happy fourth of July!
And now...Crash Bomber is 13 BABY!!!

These are my goals:

enker All of the Robot Masters must be Lvl. 100! Gotta master them all!

mega-man Unlock All of the Robot Masters! We must have strength by numbers!

star-man Collect 1024 Starforce! Shoot for the Stars!

skull-man Beat the Demo without dying >:D

Current Rank:

Just to give you a good idea:
#1-5: God
#6-10: Demigod
#11-50: Champions
#51-100: Advanced
#101-200: Experienced
#201-400: Intermediate
#401-600: Beginner
#601-1883: Noob(sorry)

This where, starting from 5-10-15, will pay tribute to all of the other people's robot masters destroyed

R.I.P. Bruno's crash-man metal-man How did you... This is unacceptable!

R.I.P. Marisog123's disco quick-man What, you must've cheated... This is embarrasing...

R.I.P. MegaBoyX7's pharaoh-man bomb-man bright-man roll Has the sun forsaken me... What, but your supposed to explode... I guess your light was brighter... How could you!!

R.I.P. YoNathanDiaz's proto-man I don't understand...

BOSS BATTLE R.I.P. MarioCraft's wood-man air-man crash-man again... bass metal-man again... flash-man disco heat-man But who will think of the trees... Surely this cannot be...
How did you... Are you the strongest... This is unacceptable!... Alas, my light is fading... You still cheated...I wasn't paying much attention...

R.I.P. Rodrigo's bass Could you be the strongest?... P.S. LVL. 100!

R.I.P Protoneos's toad-man cut-man mega-man bass

R.I.P. The(Something)1980's mega-man roll

R.I.P. urchz555's spark-man oil-man

Alright! Lvl 100's already rolling in!
dive-man LVL. 100! bright-man LVL. 100! fire-man LVL. 100! flash-man LVL. 100! ice-man LVL. 100 bomb-man LVL. 100 mega-man LVL. 100! roll LVL. 100 time-man LVL. 100! oil-man LVL. 100! elec-man LVL. 100

Alright, time for some Mega Man Powered Up Dialogue! (Cause Wynaut?)

mega-man      buster-shot      crash-bomber crash-man

Mega vs. Crash Man
crash-man Hey, what are you doing here?
mega-man Crash, you know i'm stronger, just come home...

crash-man      crash-bomber      flash-stopper    buster-shot flash-man

Crash vs. Flash Man
flash-man Ah Crash Man, it seems you have come to the wrong place... Wily is about 10 miles away
flash-man Well then, let's make some, shall we? Flash, Camera, Action!

Crash vs. Quick Man
quick-man Uhoh! Slowpoke alert!
crash-man Quick Man? Prepare to be disassembled!
quick-man You can try...if you can catch me! Try and keep up!

Crash vs. Metal Man
metal-man Well, well, well. If it isn't Mr. Boom-boom.
crash-man Metal! This isn't right! Come join Doc Light!
metal-man Well then, i'm afraid I must cut your RIGHT arm off! Cut the act!

Crash vs. Wood Man
wood-man Crash Man? You bad. You destroy plants.
crash-man C'mon buddy, let's go get a sandwich...

Crash vs. Air Man
air-man What? Crash Man? What'd you come all the way up here for? You got over your fear of heights?
crash-man Man come home!
air-man A fall from this height will hurt. This will be over soon. UP AND OVER!

Crash Vs. Mega Man?
mega-man Crash Man! Come rejoin Wily! Theres things to blow up, and places to destroy!
crash-man HA! I know your not Rock! The only thing getting blown up is you!
mega-man Hmph. Seems like Bomb Brain isn't dumb after all. Too bad your going down. ON THE SCENE!

Crash Vs. Bubble Man
bubble-man Crash? You shouldn't be here! You'll rust!
crash-man I've come to tell you that Wily is evil! Come join Doc Light!
bubble-man You can tell that to Davy Jones Locker! YOU SWAM THE WRONG SEA!

Crash Vs. Heat Man
heat-man Gah! Mr. Crashy is SCARY! He gets angrwy super fast!
crash-man Hey...Heat! Let's go to Doc Light's! We have cookies!

...And fight dialogue for some fellow Prototypers..... or the PLN's: The Prototype Leaderboard Numbers! (NOTE: I'm making these PLNs based on leaderboard numbers on June 20th, 2015. I'll update eventually... ALSO: The higher the PLN number, the stronger the opponent.)

Crash vs. PLN-96: Dark Man!

shadow-man Crash Man? I'm sure Lord Slur would have disassembled you by now...
crash-man Dark Man! You're under Slur's mind control! Snap out of it!
shadow-man Hah! I simply see things his way! And so will you!

Crash vs. PLN-82: Adrian Macreau!

dr-cossack Crash Man! Don't tell me your part of this Slur business too!
crash-man No! I'm on a mission to FIND Slur!
dr-cossack Well then. Let's test that! If you can't beat me, then you'll NEVER beat Slur!

Crash vs. PLN-60: Shaman Rayman!
elec-man Yo yo yo! The name's Shaman Rayman!
crash-man Wait, who are y-
elec-man You're future seems to be a black void! That means you won't live very long!

Crash vs. PLN-HWN-02: Ninja Man
bass Hmph. Another resister...this will be a quick death.
crash-man Ninja Man? Surely Slur isn't controlling you too!
bass Resistance to Slur is futile...but I could kill you with or without Slur!

Crash vs. PLN-ASN-02: Sargent Man!
proto-man Target Sighted!
crash-man Sargent Man? Even a loyal robot like you...
proto-man Well...I...*Slur: Finish your mission.

BOSS BATTLE: Crash vs. PLN-ASN-01: Bt Man!
mega-man Crash?! No! Get away from me!
crash-man Bt?! What's wrong?
mega-man Slur! He's AH!!!.......I obey Lord Slur now...
crash-man Bt! Snap out of it!
mega-man Must...obey Lord Slur...

Crash vs. PLN-48: Nagaski!
shadow-man A Challenger approaches!
crash-man Who are you?
shadow-man I am Nagaski! Honorable warrior! And I have found a worth opponent!

Crash vs. PLN-45: Spy!
snake-man Huh? Looks like someone snuck up on ME this time!
crash-man What? A spy?
snake-man That's THE Spy, to you Explode Core!

Crash vs. PLN-45: MusicalKitty!
time-man Meow! Who's this weakling?
crash-man WHAT?! I'M NOT WEAK!!!
time-man Meow! If you lose, you have to clean my litter box for a month!

That's it for now... but there are many...bass bass snake-man quick-man bright-man pharaoh-man top-man proto-man ring-man gemini-man MANY more contenders! So stick around!

Oh, and I'm making a Mega Man fan-game! I'm not 100% sure about the name, but I'm thinking something along the lines Mega Man Overdrive. The robot masters will include:

Nova Man!
Hunt Man!
Spirit Man!
(Unfinished Sprite)
Swift Man!
(Unfinished Sprite)
Sky Man!
Virus Man!
Geyser Man!
Psychic Man!

The game will have a lot of content, enough so that it will meet up with a game of todays standards. Also, the game will feature a battle mode. Every Robot Master will be playable However, you can't just play as them from the start. Throughout the stages, you have to find Data Chips. The data chips will contain the data of a robot master. (Ex. Data get! Metal Data!) Once you receive the data, you have to finish the stage (without any continues) to receive it. Once you receive it, you have to send it to Dr. Light, where you have to fight the Robot Master, and if you win, you unlock him/her. The RMs included in the game include:

MM1-MM10 (Time Man and Oil Man included)
Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, Jam (OC), and Roll
Genesis Unit
...and a few characters from other timelines (so Megaman.exe, Geo Stelar/MegaMan(Starforce) X, Zero (Zero from MMZ is unlocked as a costume), and Mega Man Volnutt)

Costumes are another concept in the game. I'm not gonna tell you how to unlock them, thats something you'll have to find out yourself :). But, normally, the costumes are either the .exe form of the character (Ex. Metal Man -> MetalMan.exe), or the helmet less version (this version is much easier to find)

There are going to be MANY secrets in this game. So go find 'em! (as soon as I finish it...) I'll be putting beta versions of the game up on this profile, so come check often!

-Da Crash Bomber
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