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FemaleForte is a legacy player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 1,122,951,470 and a zenny total of 258,827,610. FemaleForte created her account on January 14th, 2014 and has since completed 1046 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 38 robot fighters, 101 special abilities, and 998 field stars. FemaleForte's most-used playable character is Dr. Cossack, and her top 5 favourite robots appear to be Bright Man, Snake Man, Cut Man, Elec Man and Quick Man. Prior to the game-changing battle point reboot of 2016, FemaleForte had amassed a grand total of 227,493,959,039 battle points and reached 9th place.

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This gamer girl has plenty of time on her hands and lots of patience for things she considers fun, so unless I'm busy I'll be here a LOT! Bass is awesome! Toad Man is my #1 RM!

Elec Man used Fan Base on the wild Tengu Man!

It's super effective!

Bass used Death Glare on the wild Tengu Man!

It's a critical hit! The wild Tengu Man has fainted!

Elec Man has gained 666 fan base points.

Elec Man has leveled up! 2+ Awesomeness!

Bass has gained 666 fan base points.

Bass has leveled up! 2+ Intimidation!

Yeah, I really don't like Tengu Man: he's pompous and arrogant and... GAH! He just rubs me the wrong way! Anyways, some of the robot masters have a more off-the-wall design *cough* Dust Man *cough* (seriously, who builds a vacuum cleaner robot?) while others are just plain weird *cough* Spring Man *cough* but there are some super-hated RMs that aren't so bad in my eyes. Here's a list of my favorite RMs, in no particular order aside from as I think of them.

Elec Man, Time Man, Quick Man, Crash Man, Magnet Man, Snake Man, Top Man, Gemini Man, Shadow Man, Toad Man, Skull Man, Pharaoh Man, Ring Man, Gyro Man, Star Man, Crystal Man, Centaur Man, Plant Man, Slash Man, Dynamo Man, Burner Man, Tornado Man, Splash Woman, Jewel Man, Galaxy Man, Chill Man, Solar Man, Bass, Enker, Quint, Jupiter, Pluto

Toad Man doesn't get enough love in my opinion and Quint has a reputation as the worst robot of all time (No pun intended)! Quint is cooler than his past self, at least to me he is.
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