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ThatOneEnder is an active player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 4,279,483,687 and a zenny total of 394,881,604. ThatOneEnder created his account on May 23rd, 2014 and has since completed 1373 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 38 robot fighters, 97 special abilities, and 1024 field stars. ThatOneEnder's most-used playable character is Dr. Cossack, and his top 5 favourite robots appear to be Bomb Man, Toad Man, Gemini Man, Ring Man and Oil Man. Prior to the game-changing battle point reboot of 2016, ThatOneEnder had amassed a grand total of 396,319,847,522 battle points and reached 7th place.

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Just because I go by the nickname of Ender doesn't mean you should associate with that minecraft thing please and thank you. Here is a profile. Because intros are a thing I'm not good at

napalm-man ring-man elec-man I, as of 8/13/16, got to 1st place. skull-man heat-man napalm-man

~My "Dream" Team in prototype~

star-man plug-man wave-man yamato-man ring-man turbo-man jewel-man punk

cloud-man nitro-man I am the first one to scan and defeat Cloud Man and Nitro Man! cloud-man nitro-man
slash-man I am the 3rd person to find and scan slash man!
star-man I'm a 1024-Star Member! star-man

guts-man Mario Maker Levels: "Attack On Airships!" 2D16-0000-004B-39B8, "Super Shoot 'Em Up Castle!" C5E3-0000-004B-93FC "Needle Man's Stage!" 0B22-0000-0051-5CF8

~Random Dumb Pics/Screenshots~
i made art

Hall of quotes!

"Tobyjoey Man secretly was made using parts found in an Indian Pyramid (They are in India, right???)"
~TobyJoey's profile (Though boss quoted it.)

"Oh geez. If some people quote my 'Fan Character' and they don't have the context of the rest of my sarcastic posts, I am going to look like a complete imbecile... although I guess that means not much is new."
~TobyJoey (It needed to be quoted, for the sake of dumbness.)

"Unlike earlier Bladder models, the Lady Bladder series can be carried to safety by a short-distance jet engine if their propellers are damaged or detached.'
~Lady "Bladder"'s Database info :P
"Rhythm_BCA prances around in a diaper smoking cigars out of his ears"

"i just wanted to point out that constantly up Musical's ass is a really funny phrase to an immature child like me - Alto

YouTube Account Where I make Videos some times

Festive Names:
Christmas: ThatOneFrostMan
Halloween: ThatOneSlenderMan
April Fools: ThatOneHALFLIFE3
MURICA DAY: ThatOneMuricaMan
Turkey/Thanksgiving Day: ThatOneCranberry
Kirby Name: ThatOneHaltmann
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