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ZeroDXZ is an active player of the Mega Man RPG Prototype with a current battle point total of 29,438,100 and a zenny total of 96,488,179. ZeroDXZ created his account on September 14th, 2014 and has since completed 390 different missions, unlocked 3 playable characters, 60 robot fighters, 128 special abilities, and 739 field stars. ZeroDXZ's most-used playable character is Dr. Cossack, and his top 5 favourite robots appear to be Proto Man, Bass, Pharaoh Man, Rhythm and Dust Man.

Prior to the battle point reboot of 2016, ZeroDXZ had amassed a grand total of 71,427,425,607 battle points and reached 14th place.

Prior to the battle point reboot of 2019, ZeroDXZ had amassed a grand total of 332,297,151 battle points and reached 53rd place.

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Hello everyone! I am the legend known as ZeroDXZ, a user that's been here since September of 2014. It is with great pleasure to welcome you to my profile! splash-woman: Hello, and Welcome!!splash-woman splash-woman splash-woman

bass - Strongest Copy Robot bass Stay out of my way, I AM THE STRONGEST ONE HERE!
metal-man - Strongest Cutter Robot metal-man I am the one who goes BOO in the night!
crash-man - Strongest Explode Robot crash-man LET'S GET TO BLOWIN' STUFF UP!
splash-woman - Strongest Water Robot splash-woman Don't let my song sink your feelings dear.
disco - Strongest Support Robot disco What a waste of space, at least you gave me some form of fun today.
quick-man - Strongest Swift Robot quick-man THE LAW!!
gemini-man - Strongest Laser Robot gemini-man My oh my, do i see such a beautiful robot here in the mirror?

and more to come.

Sakuya Izayoi edit of Rhythm_BCA's Disco!

Marissa Kirisimi edit of Rhythm_BCA's Rhythm!

Splash-Woman as Flame Core, Sprites by Rhythm_BCA, reworking done by SakuyaDXZ/ZeroDXZ

Bt-Man's old days

Sergeant-Man, a very old character that no one remembers but i.

A mirrored CP of Blade Man from Mega Man 10

A Shadow Core Metal Man, done by reworking Rhythm_BCA's Metal-Man

A Valentines Day Gravity-Man.

A meme made by Shadownnico, i do not regret mentioning Heavy's voice lines in the discord

splash-woman Discord is RoseBlackRiley #9116
splash-woman Youtube is "Vodka Brothers Gaming"
splash-woman Steam is "Terumeme"

splash-woman splash-woman: Yay for ME!!

I might as well start a friends list here.

proto-man:Retro Pikachu
mega-man:Beta Shadow/BT-Man
dr-light:Ageman20XX A.k.a Adrian Marceau

ABSOLUTELY SUBARASHII!beat Xenoverse 2 for Switch in relatively a DAY!
mega-man Beat Mega Man 2, relatively in 3 days, comparitively to one day if you count actually trying.
meh Beat Deltarunes 1st chapter in a day, Jevil fight was pretty tough, got him after my 3rd attempt though. Pacifism wins!

heh : geez, 500 Stars.. i'm getting closer!

My Achievements:

challenge-marker_gold Cleared "Dreams of Electric Sheep" Event Mission! ring-man

challenge-marker_gold Cleared "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies" Event Mission! gemini-man

challenge-marker_gold Cleared "Welcome to My Chemical Paradise!" Event Mission! ring-man

challenge-marker_gold Cleared "Pump's Agents of W.A.T.E.R. Shield" Event Mission! ring-man

challenge-marker_gold Cleared "Super Cool Water Balloon Fight!" Event Mission! bass

challenge-marker_gold Cleared "Fun-In-The-Sun Solar Workout Rerun!" Event Mission! roll

challenge-marker_gold Cleared "Hornet's Animal Kingdom" Event Mission! roll
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